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Heavy Boots achievement in RAGE 2

Heavy Boots

Completed the game in Ironman Mode

Heavy Boots+0.2
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How to unlock the Heavy Boots achievement

  • sjpsjpsjpsjpsjpsjp683,891
    04 Aug 2019 04 Aug 2019 30 Sep 2021
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    This is a permadeath mode - once you die, you start back from the beginning of the game. You can however use the defibrillator, and you can quit to the main menu if you feel like you're about to die - going back into Iron Man Mode from the main menu will return you to either the closest discovered Trade Town if you were in free roam, or the last checkpoint if you quit out during a mission.

    This is not an NG+ mode, so you are better off doing this on Easy difficulty, unless you are going for one of the other difficulty achievements from this Title Update (absolutely not recommended!) You will pick up the Assault Rifle and Shotgun along the way as part of the main story - between those and the grenades you won't need anything else if you're playing on Easy.

    You can pick up the defibrillator in the 'Canyon Cove' Ark in the south eastern part of Broken Tract, which is likely the second ark you will come across. I never needed to use the defibrillator but used Health Infusions many times. You may want to pick up 1-2 Health Infusion Upgrades (1 is found in each Trade Town, and the trader you will encounter on the roads also has one) and pick up the upgrades in Kvasir's upgrade tree which let you hold 6 (or 8 if you upgrade twice) infusions in your inventory.

    You need to get Marshall, Loosum and Kvasir to Level 5 in their respective projects to finish the game. Kvasir will likely happen naturally as you move through the map and come across data pads and any other icons with blue labels (such as fallen rangers.) Loosum requires you to complete orange locations, such as Automated Sentries, Gas Stations and Road Chokers. Marshall requires you to complete pink locations, which are mostly bandit dens. Level 5 for each person is 500 points, so you can pick harder targets for Marshall & Loosum to get to 500 with fewer locations that need to be explored.

    In the final mission you will be driving a tank through what is basically an auto-scroller, even on Easy you will be shot a lot, and dying in the tank gives you no defibrillator option. If your tank gets to half health, quit out and load the Iron Man Mode back up, where you'll be back in the tank at the previous checkpoint at full health, so you can try again. Targets in this long series of corridors (tanks, enemies, flammable barrels) spawn from fairly far away so you can shoot enemies from a distance to stay safe.

    Be careful when in free roam. At one point, driving (or falling by foot) off a cliff is an instant death. As of 2021 it appears that if you do fall off a cliff, you are taken back to a previous checkpoint and you don't die or lose your save.

    A fast run through this game mode without unnecessary exploration can be done in 5-6 hours. The achievement will pop after the credits are a brief cut scene with the major characters in the game.

    (H/T to Scotty x360a for some details provided in this solution, and Mack Stardust for the updated status of the risks driving/falling off cliffs.)

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    swenorThat's stupid. It's iron man. How you die is irrelevant. You die sits game over. I hate such modes, but ffs be consistent. It's like pussy permadeath mode from TloUII where you have checkpoints.
    Posted by swenor on 22 Aug at 17:26
    psybOltOnI'm not sure if you meant my comment was stupid, but here you go.
    I know it's permadeath. But they patched out dying from falling off the cliff. Still, if the game reloads because of that (or in my case, taking a shortcut was considered leaving the map - when I tried to turn around it respawned me back on the road) you can get glitched out of the achievement. This is a bug which is there in the other game modes as well, but it's not that annoying as you can just reload your save.
    Anyway, reading your previous comments, you need to tune down and work on your anger management.
    Posted by psybOltOn on 22 Aug at 19:30
    Falcon SVNJust want to add that if you power off your Xbox without exiting the game, you can lose your Ironman auto save. Happened to me during a sudden power outage.
    Posted by Falcon SVN on 30 Sep at 15:04
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  • PhillipWendellPhillipWendell680,928
    29 Feb 2020 09 Mar 2020 04 Apr 2020
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    Thanks to sjpsjpsjp for their guide - definitely helped me. I want to share a couple of tips to hopefully prevent someone from wasting a whole play-through like I did. Do not save your game at any point once you start this and until you complete it. It's fine, and potentially necessary, to quit the game and select continue. It's key, though, that you see the flaming heart icon next to Continue Game as in the screenshot below.

    External image

    If you don't see this, go to your saved games and look for an autosave that says "Ironman" next to it. If you don't see the flaming heart icon and you don't have an "Ironman" autosave you should start over because you're no longer in Ironman mode.

    While playing, you should see a flaming heart icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen denoting that you're in Ironman mode as in the screenshot below.

    External image

    Also good to note that you do not have to do the Sandworm or Mech Retrieval missions during your Ironman playthrough.
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    swenorGood tips.
    Posted by swenor on 24 Feb at 23:24
    psybOltOnYou cannot save in this game mode, you skip Save in the menus.
    Posted by psybOltOn on 15 Jul at 11:42
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