Dog Day Psycho

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Dog Day Psycho
Dog Day Psycho


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Fragile Alliance

Make Roman Khabko kill Vitaly Reznikov and subsequently try to run away on his own.

Fragile Alliance+5.8
05 December 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

  • UntilTammaroYTUntilTammaroYT153,151
    07 Aug 2019 13 Aug 2019
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    This is completed in the Siberia - Crime and Punishment. Start by shooting the flagpole to get Khabko to go get dressed and prepare to meet with Reznikov. You will need to eliminate all the guards around the main building, including the non-target guards. Then open the main gate to start the prison riot and spread it through the different areas, without causing any fires. Finally, keep Reznikov distracted by shooting near him while he tends to the prison riot. This will cause Khabko to get annoyed and call Reznikov. At this point, and without any guards around, Khabko will kill Reznikov when they meet.
  • PacifistycuffsPacifistycuffs18,611
    30 Jul 2019 30 Jul 2019
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    To trigger this you need to make Khabko meet Reznikov without any security present.

    Firstly, shoot the flag winch to set Khabko into his leaving routine. Then shoot the release for the main exit to the prison (in the bottom floor of the building nearest it, just through the door window) - this will bring Reznikov down to check on the riots.

    Meanwhile, there are two guards stationed outside the main building (with the star on it). Lure them away and hide them in the snow banks one by one. Then lure away and silently take out the security following Khabko and Reznikov (one each).

    Reznikov will be checking on the riots and giving instructions, shoot each gate opening mechanism for the pen he's currently looking at (he'll look at 3 in turn), this will cause him to return to the main building, where Khabko is waiting.

    Khabko will then assault Reznikov. If there are guards present he will start choking Reznikov then stop when they raise their guns. Without the guards however, Khabko will kill Reznikov and then begin to escape, at which point the challenge will pop.
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