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Perfectionist achievement in WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship


Complete 15 objectives of any type during the same season

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How to unlock the Perfectionist achievement

  • Zipfel 86Zipfel 86489,962
    11 Apr 2020 11 Apr 2020
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    This is a luck-based achievement and you're not the only one if you struggling on this.

    In my case, i have completed all objectives in one season - and no achievement. But the achievement tracker stucks at 93%. I think, the tracker has a problem, when you complete two objectives at once. This happens at the end of the season after finishing Spain.

    Be sure, that you keep an eye on the tire-related objectives. These can be done very quickly. Objectives like "Rest within six weeks" or something like that, are time wasting. But remember, you can change an objective only once.

    Now some tips:
    If you have forget to change the tires, you can quit the game to the dashboard. After loading your safegame you're back in the service area.
    The German Rally is the hardest event in the calendar, even on easy. The weather conditions are very frustrating. Driving with dry tires in wet conditions are really bad. But driving with rain tires on dry streets are better. My experience was, if you equipped dry tires, the following stage was rainy. If you equipped rain tires, the following stage was dry. And yes, its annoying.

    Hope this little guide helps.
    Thaughts are welcome.
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    Capt PoopeyHi Zipfel, I'm having lots of fun with this achievement at the moment. Last night I finished the German rally (you weren't kidding about those dry tyres!) and was given a 'perform 3 training events within 6 weeks' medium-term objective. The next two weeks on the calendar did not contain any training events so I ran a maintenance event to repair my car, then a rest event to revive my crew members. Thinking there was no chance of achieving enough training events I then decided to change the medium-term objective. It gave me a 'do not let your vehicle condition drop below 30' that insta-failed, despite my car having a full bar of repaired goodness. There are several things that shit me about this game (no co-driver for the maintenance events, puddles that flip your car, the fact that the developers hired Biggles to be your co-driver, and many many more) but this particular achievement is currently my pet favourite.
    Posted by Capt Poopey on 14 Apr at 21:17
    Zipfel 86Meanwhile i finished my 5th season in WRC championship with completing all objectives and, of course no achievement. Its ridiciulous.
    But, there are some more things, that i don't understand.
    At the beginning of the season, i got two objectives to complete. Three weeks later (before starting the Monte Carlo Rally) these two objectives are gone. And i got two new ones. Why?
    Furthermore, why is the Australian Rally after the end of the objective deadline?
    This career is a total mess.
    Posted by Zipfel 86 on 15 Apr at 12:31
    Capt PoopeyAs sadistic as this may sound, I'd be happy to do some free play testing for Kyloton, if only to improve this series of games. Do they actually play test their games? There's potential here if only the career mode and menus were improved. And perhaps adding a knockabout team manager to keep you motivated between races, a-la the TOCA games? Guess I should have bought Dirt Rally instead!
    Posted by Capt Poopey on 15 Apr at 21:19
    ClassyWingsYeah I was doing good all season with the objectives and was doing my last challenge (do not use specific tires for two races) did 1/2 on Spain and when I completed that rally I went to check the challenges and it said I wasn't in a WRC season.... When I still had to do the Australian rally... There's something very wrong there!angry
    Posted by ClassyWings on 18 Apr at 12:02
    Capt PoopeyI have to concur, as an Australian myself I cannot quite understand why the Aussie rally does not seem to count in the championship! I'd rage about racism but Ozzie is not a race! (no racing pun intended toast)
    Posted by Capt Poopey on 19 Apr at 08:26
    Capt PoopeyJust one little tip for anyone who is just starting out on this, when you're given an objective that says 'do not incur more than 1 minute penalty for the next rally', this seems to mean do not go overtime on your repairs (more than 45 minutes at each rest period between two stages) - the penalties imposed for going off road or getting up close and personal with the spectators do not affect this objective.
    Posted by Capt Poopey on 19 Apr at 08:32
    Capt PoopeyFinally popped this last night, my tracker was at 87% and I had two objectives left when I got to Spain. Short term objective was a simple 'no penalties' requirement, the medium term objective was keeping morale level up for six weeks. I was not getting my hopes up but the rally gods smiled and it counted both objectives at the same time. I found some horrible champagne and did a shoey, boy the wife was pissed about her new rug.
    Posted by Capt Poopey on 04 May at 21:35
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