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Complete 15 objectives of any type during the same season

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How to unlock the Perfectionist achievement

  • xoGORILLEoxxoGORILLEox428,248
    08 Aug 2020 08 Aug 2020 13 Feb 2021
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    This isn't a luck-based achievement...there is a technical for more than 15 objectives during the same season(18 exactly).

    -Play WRC mode in carreer mode...big calendar,big opportunities(all of 13 rallies)AUSTRALIAN DON'T COUNT...SPAIN RALLY IS THE LAST!!!
    -Season objective not count.
    -When you change objectives and it's not good don't push the B button->Autosavecry...go to the
    dashboard,quit the game,reload and retry until it's good.
    - You need at least 2 weeks to get new objectives after completing them.
    -Don't forget the event "maintenance" to do every 2 rallies maximum...for me I used the skill involved
    in crew(yellow part)...5 events for week.
    -Play with no damage(just visual)...important for small objectives.
    -Don't use objectives "don't use soft/hard tyres" dependent on the climate is not good
    -For small objectives use "Don´t get more than x minutes repair penalty" (call A)
    "Don´t get more than a minute penalty in a rally" (call B)
    " Do not spend more than $x on repairs in the next rally"(call C)...on damage just visual,it's easy!!
    -And the most important for medium objective just only use "Perform at least 2 rest events in 6 weeks" (call D) no need to do objective with 2 rallies,it's fasterrock

    Week 1 -change small objective for A,B or C
    -change medium objective for D (insist,sometimes it can be long)
    -launch rest event(always popwink)
    Week 2 -launch rest event(first objective)
    Week 3 -like you want...for me rest event
    Week 4 -Monte-Carlo(2nd)
    Week 1 -change medium objective for D
    -launch rest event
    Week 2 -launch rest event(3rd)
    Week 3 -change small objective for A,B or C
    Week 4 -Maintenance
    Week 1 -change medium objective for D
    -launch rest event
    Week 2 -change small objective for A,B or C
    Week 3 -launch rest event(6th)
    Week 4 -Corsica no objectives
    Week 1 -change small objective for A,B or C
    Week 2 -change medium objective for D
    -launch rest event
    Week 3 -launch rest event(7th)
    Week 4 -Argentina(8th)...........................and again and again and again

    Unlocked on the 11th Rally(Turkey-September Week 3)...if you are wrong,you have
    5 weeks left including 2 rallies(Wales and Spain)

    Sorry for my english and good luck everyone!!

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    The WRC Championship finish at Spain Rally...Australian Rally don't count!!!
    Posted by xoGORILLEox On 13 Feb 21 at 18:30
    CerberustormGot mine just before I started the Turkey rally using Toyota team as they only want you to finish 5th or better. I skipped over half my rally events to focus on the 15 objectives. Keep a close eye on number of points and where you stand on the table otherwise you may get fired and have to start over again. I was always in first as I only completed 5 or 6 full rally events and skipped the full day on the others.

    I focused on getting 2 rests in 6 weeks for medium challenges by constantly rebooting the game till i got what I needed and for the short ones I kept going for time spent on repairs or money spent on repairs.

    I stayed well clear of the morale at 6 (failed when I used a rest) and money earned as it seems to take into consideration deductions or tyres unless they are for 1 rally only.
    Posted by Cerberustorm On 28 Feb 22 at 17:22
    UnfurledEmu75On spainish rally you only get the option to get soft or hard tyres for medium objective... So as australia doesnt count I ended with 14 objectives and one missing rally for soft tyres, fml
    Posted by UnfurledEmu75 On 18 Oct 22 at 10:10
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  • Zipfel 86Zipfel 86620,163
    Locked 11 Apr 2020 11 Apr 2020
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    This is a luck-based achievement and you're not the only one if you struggling on this.

    In my case, i have completed all objectives in one season - and no achievement. But the achievement tracker stucks at 93%. I think, the tracker has a problem, when you complete two objectives at once. This happens at the end of the season after finishing Spain.

    Be sure, that you keep an eye on the tire-related objectives. These can be done very quickly. Objectives like "Rest within six weeks" or something like that, are time wasting. But remember, you can change an objective only once.

    Now some tips:
    If you have forget to change the tires, you can quit the game to the dashboard. After loading your safegame you're back in the service area.
    The German Rally is the hardest event in the calendar, even on easy. The weather conditions are very frustrating. Driving with dry tires in wet conditions are really bad. But driving with rain tires on dry streets are better. My experience was, if you equipped dry tires, the following stage was rainy. If you equipped rain tires, the following stage was dry. And yes, its annoying.

    Hope this little guide helps.
    Thaughts are welcome.
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    Richada41I've literally just got this achievement in my third WRC season, but I've been tracking my Objectives throughout and thought people might find the list useful. Everything that's been said above is true about the things to avoid and the things to go for. Although to summarise the arguable glitches I faced:

    1 - You don't get an objectives after Spain, so you need this done by then. My final objective I achieved in the Spain rally and was glad to hear the ding
    2 - The game doesn't know when objectives clash. Medium don't use soft tyres, short don't use hard tyres. So what, rims? You can roll for a new objective and if you don't like it dashboard and roll again
    3 - The game doesn't know its own calendar. In an early season I was given the objective to do 3 extreme weather events in 6 weeks, but then the game didn't give me 3 to pick
    4 - The objectives regarding not letting morale dropping, or car condition dropping seem to be negatively affected by rest events. My car was at 100% but I failed the objective for keeping it above 20 during a rest event. I assume I was supposed to do a challenge event which even though would degrade my car would maybe track it better as being above 0
    5 - You need at least 2 weeks to get new objectives after completing them. This is important because in the calendar are 2 sets of 2 rallies which are only 1 week apart, for example Turkey & Wales. So unfortunately you can't assume you'll get 13 short term objectives complete, you'll need some mediums
    6 - The game doesn't scale achievements to your season. The 'stay above $80k for 4 weeks' objective is tough in season 1, but in season 3 you'll have amassed a small fortune and it'll be easy. The game doesn't reset it to 'stay above $200k' for example

    All the other advice about picking objectives remains true. 8 week objectives are a waste. Medium term objectives are usually either timed for 6 weeks, or set to 2 rallies. Often these amount to the same thing, but sometimes the rallies are bunched up and you're better off with a 2 rally objective

    Anyway, below is the list of objectives I did and the rallies they covered. Hopefully it's useful to someone looking to get this. You won't necessarily need the exact same objectives, but the count relative to the number of rallies is important

    1. Short: do not drop below $80k for 4 weeks (Monte Carlo)

    2. Medium: do not use hard tyres in 2 rallies (Monte Carlo & Sweden - Sweden is snow tyres so hard/soft doesn't matter)

    3. Short: do not receive more than one penalty minutes in the next rally (Sweden)

    4. Short: Do not drop below $80k for 4 weeks (Mexico & Corsica - They are bunched together so you can't get 2 short term here)

    5. Medium: Do not use hard tyres in 2 rallies (Mexico & Corsica)

    6. Short: Do not receive more than 1 penalty minutes in the next rally (Argentina)

    7. Medium: Do not use soft tyres for the next 2 rallies (Argentina & Chile)

    8. Short: Do not earn a penalty during repairs in the next rally (Portugal)

    9. Medium: Do not use soft tyres in 2 rallies (Portugal & Italy - I think this was another bunch-up point so didn't get a short term for Italy)

    10. Short: Do not receive more than 1 penalty minutes in the next rally (Finland)

    11. Medium: Perform at least 2 rest events in 6 weeks (I managed to get this between Italy & Finland)

    12. Short: Do not spend more than $42k on repairs in the next rally (Germany - I averaged about $10k, so these are easy wins)

    13. Medium: Do not use soft tyres in the next 2 rallies (Germany & Turkey)

    14. Short: Do not receive more than 1 Penalty minutes in the next rally (Turkey)

    Wales is only 2 weeks after Turkey, so I had no time to get a new short term objective. Different configuration above and I might have, but my mix felt pretty optimized time wise

    15. Short: Do not receive more than 1 penalty minutes in the next rally (Spain)

    Here I also had a Medium term objective for not using soft tyres in 2 rallies which would have been Spain and Australia. However see past conversation about objectives just wiping after Spain
    Posted by Richada41 On 05 Aug 20 at 18:32
    HumidTube35This was a lot easier than I thought, got it on my first WRC season
    Posted by HumidTube35 On 06 Aug 20 at 19:16
    GottleI finally got it. It took about 11 seasons to me.
    Just to inform you, I skipped some rally, failed some seasonal goal, and even a medium term one.
    WARNING: if you have a "Do not use hard/soft tires" goal, DO NOT REST before next rally.
    I did, saved and exited just to upload cloud save, and once I reloaded the game that goal was failed, even if the rally wasn't even started.

    Unlocked at the Cataluna RallyRACC final screen, 4th week of October.
    Posted by Gottle On 07 Aug 20 at 10:03
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