Overachiever achievement in History Civil War: Secret Missions


Complete a mission below the target time and completed all the bonus objectives.

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How to unlock the Overachiever achievement

  • BkLiveWireBkLiveWire295,909
    29 Apr 2009 28 Apr 2009
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  • Myckel JayMyckel Jay310,229
    18 Jul 2018 18 Jul 2018 22 Aug 2021
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    Difficulty: Easy
    Level: Infiltration of Jackson (Level 7)
    Bonus objectives: 1
    Time to beat: 7:30

    Press the start button to skip the conversation at the start of the mission, then run forward and jump over some sandbags to spawn the first wave of enemies. Grenades are your best friend here. As Smeds recommended in a previous solution, throw a grenade at the farthest building to take out the first and second waves of enemies; kill any remaining enemies with your primary.

    Continue through the level to encounter and kill some more enemies, then follow the road to the right, then the left where you will find a Gatling gun. Kill as many enemies as you can with the gun -- I had trouble reaching the enemies on both sides of the gun, so I used my primary to kill them. -- Once the area is clear of all enemies, walk through the yard and press cn_Y on each of the 3 barrels to blow up the cannons (the barrels are touchy, so make sure that once you press cn_Y the barrel is no longer red before continuing to the next). Once the final cannon explodes, a fence by the left-most buildings will do the same.

    Continue through the fence around some corners to find yourself in front of a warehouse with some enemies. Chuck a few grenades if you still have any and make your way into the warehouse. Once you're in, the enemies will stop shooting at you. Run through the warehouse and out the back door to find three more cannons to blow up. Before placing the explosives, run around to the left of the building (or right if you're looking at it from the back fence) and you will see a red barrel. Simply walk into the barrel, then return to the cannons to place the explosives.

    Once the final cannon blows up, enemies will start attacking you from both sides of the warehouse, as well as from within. Finding cover at this part is tricky, so what I did was I went around to where we picked up the bonus objective and I killed the 3 enemies there, using the little alley for cover. More enemies spawned, then I killed them and made my way back to where we blew up the cannons. Then I balanced my gunfire between the left and middle of the building. A few more enemies will pop up on the right side too, so just be cautious.

    Once the area is clear, the level will end and if you did it under par time, the achievement will pop. I hope this more detailed solution helps out.
  • SmedsSmeds318,130
    10 Feb 2010 10 Feb 2010
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    I used the eighth mission in the campaign. To start, jump the little wall at the start. Right after you jump, toss a grenade down at the farthest building. If done correctly, it should bounce off the building right next to several Rebs and kill them. While still running toss another in the same spot. This will hopefully kill the second wave. If not, get the one or two who are left. Continue through the mission. At the gatling part, hold down the trigger and unleash lead on the enemy soldiers. Once they are all dead, go place the explosives on the cannons. Find your guys, who are stacked on a shed, and go through the small gate that blows up. Continue through the level, and if you get bogged down by enemies, chuck a frag. Keep going, and at the final warehouse you will encounter quite a bit of resistance. Just toss frags and get into the warehouse ASAP. This will stop them from shooting you. Before you exit the warehouse, find the door that faces the cannons. Go out this door and turn left, then turn left again the the corner of the building and go up the small alley. Walk up to the red glowing barrel and your bonus objective will complete. Go back to the cannons, plant the explosives and kill the Confederates that attack you. After they are all dead, you should receive the achievement if you hit the target time!
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