Bullseye achievement in History Civil War: Secret Missions


Complete a mission with over 95% accurracy.

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This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

How to unlock the Bullseye achievement

  • styze2styze2911,628
    13 May 2009 13 May 2009
    14 1 0
    I had a hell of a time getting this achievement with any other weapon other than a pistol. I used the same level 'The Gray Ghost', ran up to the first guy i seen, popped him with the pistol in the head. Then for the rest of the level just melee'd them or tossed grenades. If your having trouble unlocking it like i did, try the pistol.
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  • BkLiveWireBkLiveWire295,411
    28 Apr 2009 28 Apr 2009 12 Oct 2010
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    The best mission to achieve over 95% accuracy is The Gray Ghost, which is the third mission in the campaign. Select Easy as the difficulty. From the start of the mission walk straight and then turn left through a white fence and two enemies will rush out. Use your Henry Rifle to shoot one of the enemies in the head, and make sure it's a head shot. Credit to Apple on Xbox360Achievements.org for the list.
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    jedimaster573your shot has to acutally kill the enemy, not just hit. I fired 2 shots with one kill and the other a definite hit and ended up with 50%.
    Posted by jedimaster573 on 08 Sep 11 at 16:39
    Myckel JayI've tried this level 7 times now. Tried 3 different guns, damage turned down to Level 0, one headshot per match and end up with 0% each time. Does anyone know a way around this?
    Posted by Myckel Jay on 08 Nov 18 at 17:23
  • Das KuhnenDas Kuhnen754,363
    22 Jan 2012 23 Jan 2012 23 Jan 2012
    2 1 0
    I tried "The Gray Ghost" mission several times, getting a one shot kill (presumably headshot) and kept winding up with 0% accuracy at the finish. Same result with both the Henry Rifle and Pistol. I started thinking about it and with your damage skill points maxed, most every gun is capable of a one hit kill. I decided to go with a sniper rifle, since it's actually a 1 hit kill whether you get a head shot or graze the enemies' big toe. If you're going to use one of the other guides, I'd suggest trying it without skill points towards damage, as it may be more telling of whether or not you actually got a headshot.

    I loaded up "Sabotage at Lynchburg" (on easy). In the first area, I only targeted the enemies on the ridge above your troops, as those are the kills that progress the level. After 6 or so kills, the campaign moves on. (you could also snipe one or two, get below the ridge and toss grenades up there) At this point, just melee and throw grenades while moving down the path. The first 2 areas of "clearing artillery teams" can also be dealt with grenades and melee. In the area where there's a gatling gun in the middle of the path to your right and enemy soldiers spawn to your left on the other side of a fence, toss a couple grenades towards the troops manning the gatling gun and continue that way. You'll clear your objective before any soldiers spawn behind the fence. In the last area, you can snipe the 2 soldiers manning another gatling gun. DO NOT USE THE CANNON. (not sure if it counts towards your accuracy) The nearest cannon teams (up and to your left) you can probably hit with grenades. Use your sniper rifle on whomever you cannot blow up.

    This unlocked for me on my first try and I know absolutely none of my hits were even headshots.
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