For England, James? achievement in Quantum of Solace

For England, James?

Earn over 100,000 in credits.

For England, James?0
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How to unlock the For England, James? achievement

  • GTPBigDogGTPBigDog263,202
    03 Jan 2009 04 Jan 2009
    43 1 10
    After buying all the weapons, gadgets, golden guns, etc. you will still need 9700 more credits.

    I always had an easier time playing conflict, using the automatic shotgun with the extra damage and rapid fire perks on. I would typically get 20-30 kills per match, which equates to 800-1200 credits per match.

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    Bag of TaytosRemember, when lobby goes down to 6 people total, if you aren't far into the game, back out. It isn't worth playing a game if you are only getting 500 credits. Find a full match and play it until it gets low on people.
    Posted by Bag of Taytos on 15 Aug 12 at 17:05
    Flynn423Can confirm it's exactly 9700 more credits.
    Posted by Flynn423 on 02 Aug 13 at 01:11
    CicadaconIf anybody wants to get a group of 3 for doing multiplayer achievements hit me up. GT- Cicadacon
    Posted by Cicadacon on 20 Oct 20 at 04:55
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  • zTwo7onezTwo7one126,361
    24 Dec 2008 26 Dec 2008 05 Jan 2009
    31 2 2
    NOTE: Only do this method if you wanna boost!!!!
    Set up a Golden Gun match with eight people that are willing to trade off kills. Let each person take the gun and get 15-16 kills, while the rest run to the guy with the gun and let him kill you. Do this until everyone has 15-16. Then stay in the lobby and you can do it over and over until you get all 100,000 credits. Each match lasts 8 minutes and each person get 910-970 credits a match.
    Note: If you buy all the weapons, grenades, gadgets, attachments, and golden weapons you will still not have 100,000. You have to play like 10-12 more games and the achievements will unlock. The fastest way is to boost and Golden Gun nets you the most points
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    I've been using this method along with some legit playing of Team Conflict. I'm about 400 credits away as I type this.
    Posted on 19 May 10 at 02:22
    TEL1981When boosting each person takes it in turns to get the gun last. Then at the end of the round when everybody is at 97 points all the people dying get together for a 'Group Photo', Then the person with the gun kills them all with 1 shot to finish the match. This gets you around 460-480 additional credits on top of the 970. Around 1450 in total when its your turn to go last.
    Posted by TEL1981 on 26 Sep 11 at 09:47
  • TheSkullmasherTheSkullmasher345,865
    07 Feb 2009 26 May 2009
    19 1 0
    The fastest way to get this is to first save up to purchase the Hutchinson A4 automatic shotgun.
    Once you have the automatic shotgun, play Golden Gun mode. It is a very easy mode to win with the shotgun, just rush in and kill everyone and get the magnum, once you get it, camp around and no-scope with the magnum (Aiming down sights is useless, and is much easier to kill without)
    Once you get used to playing it, you should be able to win each time, making you only have to win 100 golden gun modes before getting all the money you need. (I got this achievement only 4 days after buying Quantum of Solace using this guide)
  • lucas1987lucas19873,434,485
    08 Sep 2010 07 Sep 2010
    20 4 1
    This is NOT the quickest way by any means, its just the lazy way. You can either use Territories or Bond Evasion and just join a game and leave your Xbox on all night. if it lasts all night, you will likely get 10-15k credits, maybe more, maybe less. I've done this 2 nights in a row and it works great.

    P.S. of course, it doesn't help u get 1k kills tho, so get that first
  • BulgyDragonZordBulgyDragonZord622,380
    02 Jan 2015 20 Dec 2014 03 Apr 2019
    12 0 0
    The easiest method in getting this achievement is to do the Golden Gun Boosting Method. You will need at least 4 players to start a Golden Gun Match. However if you want to prevent randoms from joining your game, the maximum amount of players you will need is 8. Having dummy accounts as well might be useful since not many people own or boost this game.

    Boosting Method: Everyone searches for Golden Gun via the XBox Live Menu and then you should all be placed in the same lobby. If you don't all get linked up, have one player open the cn_guide guide and get them to send an invite to the missing players.

    Tip: Whoever is the first person at the top of the lobby menu is the host of the game. They will run the connection under their own server, and they have the power to control and stop the game as they please.

    Originally you would have to wait around 45 seconds before the match starts. A faster way into getting the game to begin is to get everyone to press cn_X to veto the map you are playing on. By doing this you will vote for a new map and the match will begin much faster compared to waiting.

    Note: There are some maps in this game which are considered the best, and it's recommended you keep these maps rather than voting because you may be given a poor map to boost on as an alternative choice.

    When the match starts use your radar at the top right of your screen and you should see a Yellow Box. This is where the Golden Gun is. Get everyone to meet up here, and have 1 person pick-up the gun. The person who has the gun needs to get a total of 16 Kills. Once that person has 16 Kills, they need to kill themselves by running into a wall and then shooting the gun on the floor to explode themselves. They will drop the weapon and then another player can grab the gun and continue the process. Rinse and repeat this method for everyone in the match.

    Note: The gun is explosive and will perform a chain reaction if there are multiple people standing around together. Do not kill yourself whilst a group of boosters are around you. Doing so will kill the boosters and you will end up finishing the match early.

    Tip: When your around 13 - 15 Kills, you can melee kill your opponent as that will count the same as shooting the Golden Gun. To melee kill an opponent simply run up to them and press cn_RS. Melee's are one-hit kills.

    This game mode only has a total of 8 minutes per match so you must act pretty swiftly if you want yourself and the group of boosters to get 16 Kills each. There are some maps though which are fairly large and a handful of players may not achieve 16 Kills easily. Be considerate to the team and make sure everyone get's their fair share.

    Tip: If you are using a dummy account, you do not have to move the dummy in the game mode whilst everyone is going for kills. It is more easier if the dummy stays idle so that you can save time and effort. In this game anyone who stays idle, player or dummy will not get kicked in the game. This also includes lobbies, so if someone needs to go away from their controller for a short moment, they can do so. However if there is some spare time and everyone has had a turn, I suggest the player who owns the dummy brings in themselves and the dummy to the group so that the player who is going for the bonus will get extra points.

    Bonus: When everyone gets a total of 16 Kills each and there's enough time in the match, you can get one person to obtain a bonus. Have the person who wants the bonus to pick-up the Golden Gun and then get the remaining players to group up like a sponge. When everyone's in position, get the person who has the Golden Gun to shoot one opponent, the explosion will perform a chain reaction and kill everyone. This will give the person who has the gun an extra bonus depending upon how many kills they've got.

    Points = Credits: The amount of points you've earned will be the amount of credits you get with an extra 0 added at the end. Traditionally if you have got 16 Kills in a Golden Gun Match, you will get 97 Points. Add another 0 and you will have the amount of Credits which will be 970. If you are the player who has done a Kill Bonus, you will get roughly 128 - 139 Points, depending upon how many people are in the match. This would equal 1280 - 1390 Points.

    Best Maps To Boost Golden Gun On...

    Chemical Plant (Best Map Of The Lot): It is a remake of the classic map from Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64
    Construction Site
    Docks (4th Best Map)
    Eco Hotel (2nd Best Map)
    Science Center (5th Best Map)
    Spa (3rd Best Map)

    Worst Maps To Boost Golden Gun On...


    Tip: You can get the host to end a game automatically if you have one of the worst maps or a random in the same game mode as you. To do this the host simply needs to press cn_start whilst you are playing a match and then choose End Game. The game will end for everyone automatically. If the random is still in the same game as you, keep on rinsing and repeating this method until they leave.

    It will roughly take you around 10 - 15 Hours to get this achievement. However in order for you to buy all the weapons in the game, you will need some extra credits. Therefore it is recommended you have a total of 110,000 Credits. You can check how much credits you've got by clicking Customize Equipment and then clicking Weapon Store.

    This is the longest achievement in the game and I hope this helps.

    Good Luck!
  • Budlightyear34Budlightyear34288,948
    27 May 2009 27 May 2009
    12 2 0
    I agree with TheSkullmasher the A4 is the best way to go and attatch the double tap perk you will soon get the hang of being first to the trigger. As for the best game to play for the most credits i thought team conflict was the best you can easily get between 500-1000 credits per game. Your credits add up as you play so you can spend them on new guns and attatchments and you wont have to worry about starting from the beginning again,altogether your weapons,attatchments,grenades and scopes cost 90300 so another 10000 and your home and dry.
  • ll sider inc llll sider inc ll233,829
    06 Mar 2011 06 Mar 2011
    7 1 1
    if using the golden gun method, it will take you about 6 boosting session that last 3 hours. If nobody screws it all up ofcourse.. by that time you can also have the other online achievements so work those in in 1 session
  • Skullys33Skullys33503,226
    24 Dec 2018 24 Dec 2018
    2 0 0
    I found by far the quickest solution yesterday. Too bad I’m about 8 years too late.
    This solution works best with 2 people double boxing, but can be organized with a group of people.

    Instead of one person getting 16 kills and then passing the golden gun on to the next person, have each person kill the golden gun carrier and then pick the gun up themselves. You earn 1 point for picking up the gun and 6 points per kill.

    The reason this method is better is:

    1) the person killing the golden gun carrier can find and kill them much faster than the carrier killing them

    2) you only need 13 kills per match (winner gets 14)

    3) the extra point from picking up the gun each time nets everyone a minimum of 990 credits per round (14 kills gets 1060)

    4) each round takes close to half the time of the other methods

    Hopefully the 4-5 remaining boosters will find this helpful
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