Who Needs Relics? achievement in Slay The Spire

Who Needs Relics?

Beat the game with a single relic.

Who Needs Relics?-0.8
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How to unlock the Who Needs Relics? achievement

  • PJBPJB482,582
    06 Sep 2019 09 Sep 2019
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    I found it much easier to play as the Ironclad, keep the starting relic and build a basic Block / Body Slam deck. I was trying for ages to get lucky losing the starting relic and hoping for something better but I got it on my first try doing it like this.

    This type of deck revolves around building Block and using Body Slam to deal damage equal to your Block and is a really easy deck to build.

    Useful cards are:
    - Body Slam+ (Cost 0, deal damage equal to Block)
    - Barricade+ (Block isn't removed)
    - Entrench+ (Double your Block)
    - Juggernaut+ (Deal damage when you add Block)
    - Rage+ (Gain Block when you attack)
    - Shrug It Off (Gain Block and draw 1)
    - Iron Wave (Deal damage and gain Block, amazing with Rage+Juggernaut)

    Here's a screenshot of my run and a clip of me beating the final boss:

    External image

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    SuperDuperLiamDefect with any +1 energy item, I had Velvet choker, then aim for Blizzard deck build
    Posted by SuperDuperLiam on 04 Jul 20 at 06:03
    snikefriendI did it with defect second try. Go for a power deck with static discharge and storms.
    Posted by snikefriend on 20 Jul 20 at 21:33
    XpovosAn additional note. There's an event in Act 3 called Mindbloom. Normally this is one of the best events. For single relic runs, probably not. I got it and forgot that the second option, upgrade all cards, can no longer heal, gives you a "relic," which is basically just a placeholder for that event.


    No achievement.

    If you get Mindbloom when going for this, fighting the Act 1 boss is definitely the right choice and you can just skip the relic, like usual.
    Posted by Xpovos on 26 Jul 20 at 21:13
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  • oaksproutoaksprout480,719
    12 Jul 2020 12 Jul 2020 12 Jul 2020
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    I waited until I had gotten all characters to A20 before attempting this. After having learned all of characters pretty in depth it became painfully obvious to me that Watcher is significantly stronger than the other 3 characters (although prior to watcher's existence I'd agree that Ironclad was the best for this achievement).

    To put this into perspective a little bit, here's how many runs it took me to get each character to A20:

    Ironclad: 54 runs
    Silent: 66 runs
    Defect: 87 runs
    Watcher: 27 runs!

    So with knowing this I figured Watcher was definitely the best character to get this achievement, so I went for it and got it on the first try (albeit with some luck).

    Some things to take note of when going for this achievement:

    Watcher is a great candidate for Boss Relic swap from Neow. You're hoping to get any energy relic, as you're trading an extra energy on 1 turn per combat for an extra energy for every turn per combat. On my run I got velvet choker which isn't necessarily the best for watcher, but I made it work.

    You will want to try to path out as many campfires as possible so you can upgrade cards early as Watcher destroys act 1 with 4 energy. I did not have to heal once in act 1. One thing to note is I got offered an early Lesson Learned, which is great to get early as it is easy to draw out some fights and get even more upgrades. I'd recommend upgrading Eruption so it becomes 1 cost making it easier to get in big damage turns or to get extra energy from using it while in calm.

    My general thought process when playing watcher is to get a lot of cards that help do a lot of damage in a few turns but also have quite a few cards that let you exit wrath when you need to.

    Some Watcher cards that will get you out of wrath are:
    Vigilance (starter card)
    Empty Body
    Empty Fist
    Empty Mind
    Fear No Evil
    Inner Peace
    Meditate (premium option, especially upgraded)

    Some Watcher cards to look out for that when I see I almost always take without question:
    Talk to the Hand
    Third Eye
    Cut Through Fate
    Spirit Shield

    Some Watcher cards that I'll take often depending on how the current deck is looking and what I'm missing to make the deck stronger:
    Bowling Bash
    Crush Joints
    Sash Whip
    Battle Hymn
    Carve Reality
    Deceive Reality
    Reach Heaven
    Sands of Time
    Wave of the Hand
    Wheel Kick
    Windmill Strike
    Deva Form
    Lesson Learned

    I realize I've listed a lot of cards here but the intent is to help people who are not as versed in Watcher identify cards that can help take their decks to the next level.

    Even with the luck that I had on my attempt at this achievement I still made plenty of mistakes that almost cost me the run which will show you that there is quite some wiggle room to getting a winning run. For instance taking Alpha almost cost me my run as it clogged my starting hand and I rarely got to play Omega so it just gave me dead draws. Master Reality and Battle Hymn are usually a good combo but my deck was too big to utilize them more often than not so again, wasted draws. Another big problem I had was accidentally winning a second Eruption from the matching card event as it never got upgraded and I already had several cards to get into wrath. My deck overall would have been much stronger if I had kept it closer to 30 cards instead and also would have benefited from more strike removes.

    All in all this achievement is very doable with Watcher with Boss Relic swap, just expect it to likely take several attempts for the stars to align. Last thing to note is to not accidentally take relics from chests/events/elites as its very easy to autopilot and take them by accident.

    I'll post a screenshot below of my run and if anyone has any questions about the run or even for just general watcher advice, feel free to leave a comment.

    External image
  • CheshireMulishaCheshireMulisha1,310,538
    13 Feb 2021 14 Feb 2021 14 Feb 2021
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    Obviously you can do this with any class and there are already 2 great guides for the Ironclad and Watcher, but I did this with the Silent.

    I did it with the starting relic and +7HP. Swapping your starting relic for a boss relic with the hope of getting a +1 energy relic is also a great option. On 1 of my unsuccessful runs I managed to get to the Act 3 boss using the relic where you can't rest before just coming short due to a lack of hp at the end.
    My previous run gave me the double epic relic drop relic which is useless for this run so I quit and restarted with the bonus HP which worked great.

    You only need to beat the Act 3 boss, no need to fight the heart. So plan your route carefully avoiding epic fights and visiting as many Bonfires and Shops as possible. Obviously don't pick up any other relics!

    My strategy is to stack poison in fights and hide behind block until the enemies die.

    The 3 main cards that you need are:

    Deadly Poison (Common - 2 copies upgraded)
    Catalyst (Uncommon - 1 copy upgraded)
    Nightmare (Rare - 1 copy preferably upgraded)

    A copy of Noxious Fumes is also great for normal fights.
    If your act 3 boss is Deca & Donu then Corpse Explosion is also extremely helpful as this means you can kill 1 and the other will die instantly as well!

    Other cards to look out for are: Piercing Wail, Adrenaline, Escape Plan, Well Laid Plans and Footwork.
    Crippling Poison and Bouncing Flask are options if you have 4 energy but not essential.
    The block cards I target are Backflip, Blur and Leg Sweep.

    Don't pick up any other attacks (Not even Poison stab), powers (Envenom not worth it) or skills like Terror as you won't be attacking much after Act 1.

    During shops and random events try to get rid of as many Strikes as you can (Keep and upgrade Neutralize) If you get the event to remove a card or upgrade all strikes/defends then always take the upgrade as the upgraded block is a lot more beneficial than losing 1 strike.
    Ideally you want to keep your deck at around 20 cards.

    Battle Strategy

    As I previously mentioned the main strategy is to stack poison on enemies.
    If you play nightmare on Catalyst that will give you 3 extra copies meaning that you can increase the poison damage by 81 times if you cast all 4.
    So you would only need 4 poison on an enemy to deal 300 damage with all 4 copies!
    Thats probably not going to happen during normal fights but against end of act bosses where you're going to get a free heal at the end it's huge and can end fights in 2 or 3 turns!
    This even works great against the troublesome Time Eater.
    In fact the worst bosses are Slime Boss (Loses poison when it splits but its an Act 1 boss that gives you 2 free turns of setup so is easy to deal with). The Champ (Loses all debuffs at 50% health so you have to restack poison. Only use all 4 Catalysts if you can cover the majority of his 420 health, if not hold 1 back) and the Awakened One (Revives with 300 health, slightly tricky but still beatable as long as you hold back at least 1 Catalyst) Deca and Donu hit hard but with Corpse Explosion they're a joke.

    During normal fights control the enemies strength with Neutralize and Piercing Wail and try to conserve as much health as you can whilst the poison builds up. Noxious Fumes will probably be more helpful here especially against non scaling enemies where you can hide behind your block and increase the poison when you get an opening. Try to conserve your HP throughout the act so you can use Bonfires for upgrading.

    Obviously like most things in this game it'll still take a bit of luck and the normal enemies in Act 3 will probably be the toughest challenge but I found the Silent a lot more fun to play compared to the Ironclad and not as risky compared to the Watcher.
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