Minimalist achievement in Slay The Spire


Beat the game with a 5 card deck or smaller.

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How to unlock the Minimalist achievement

  • vSullyvSully1,060,448
    24 Aug 2019 24 Aug 2019 22 Sep 2019
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    This took me several tries and I finally got it done with the Ironclad, but any class should work. RNG is a huge factor since you need enough events to remove cards plus you need to be able to assemble a five card deck that's good enough to complete the game.

    This was the results screen from my successful run:
    External image
    You want to hit as many ? rooms and merchants as possible, hoping that ? rooms give you the option to remove cards and that you have enough gold to buy the card removal service from the merchant.

    Some notes on my run:
    I took an early Carnage thinking it would be strong at the end, but it turned out to not be a good choice and I was lucky that I was able to remove it and still get down to 5 total cards.

    I got Pandora's Box from the Act 1 boss which I used to transform all Blocks and Strikes (I had six left at this point) into Shrug it Off, Dual Wield, Clash, Metallicize, Anger, and Inflame. An event then transformed Metallicize into Brutality.

    I ended up adding three cards directly: Carnage, Shrug it Off, and Flex.

    I ended up removing eight cards: Defend, Strike, Defend, Brutality, Anger, Inflame, Carnage, and Flex.

    Carnage was a big help early. I removed it in Act 3 at an event that gave me the option to remove it specifically, so that was lucky as it would have been terrible against the Act 3 boss.

    You start with 10 cards so you need a net loss of five to end up with five or less. I added three, then removed eight (which was pretty lucky since most runs have far fewer removal events). Two of the eight that I removed were cards I added directly.

    I probably would have been better off with Flex than with Bash. I could never play Bash and Carnage together since I only had three energy for most of the run.

    You need some luck with Relics, too. I had two that were particularly helpful: one that reduced vendor prices 20% (from a ? floor) and one that gave me an extra energy each turn (from the Act 2 boss). With only three energy, I don't think I could have completed the game.

    Here's my Act 3 boss battle:
    I could have killed the boss before he recharged if I used the Energy Potion to play Bash on turn 1, but I still was able to beat him (with the help of other potions).

    Good luck. You'll need it.

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    SyncTheTempestI had the exact same set up as the guide suggested but ran into bosses that would constantly debuff me adding in curses into my deck making my Clashes unplayable. For me, I think this deck would be doable if you run into enemies that debuff you by adding in an upgraded True Grit (adds block and lets you exhaust a card of choice) and removing 1 Shrug It Off.

    On the other hand, I actually got the achievement today including a permanent curse in my deck so I really only had 4 usable cards. Don't know when I acquired the curse but as I hit up the last shop, I saw a Flash of Steel that would have tremendously boosted my deck but I had to forego it because of the curse. Ran into Deca and Donu as my final boss and my cards were:

    (1) Rampage+
    (2) Shrug It Off+
    (1) Parasite (Curse; lose max HP if removed from deck)
    (1) Feed+

    Since I needed the achievement to "Feed on Donu," I actually really only had 3 playable cards but it worked. Not an infinite deck but for those that had trouble getting the set up the OP stated, you can try this set up minus the Feed and Parasite and get more useful cards instead.

    Keep in mind, OP's solution isn't bad. There's many different ways to tackle this achievement and many of the others. It's all dependent on what you get for your runs but I feel these decks are much easier to build without having to rely on really difficult-to-get RNG cards.
    Posted by SyncTheTempest on 14 Dec 19 at 14:50
    Rafael D ArroyoThanks, I manage to get it with not that many tries with you basic layout, ended up changing shrug it off and dual wield for two clash and managed to get a relic that gets me a draw whenever my hand is empty
    Posted by Rafael D Arroyo on 19 Feb at 00:42
    LordSmorcI did this with:

    - double tap
    - shockwave
    - bash
    - dropkick x2

    I got both dropkicks on floor 1, and smiling mask (all card removals cost 50 gold) early on the 2nd floor, so I could visit every shop and remove a card every time and still have gold leftover for important potions/relics. I also got bottled lightning when I still had 6 cards so I had a guaranteed turn 1 kill for most of floor 3. My advice would be to just start over if you don't get anything towards your deck halfway through floor 1, otherwise you're wasting time in a run that likely won't get the achievement anyway. This requires A LOT of luck, getting my run took me ~10 hours of specifically going for this achievement.
    Posted by LordSmorc on 17 Apr at 00:23
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  • exactor itexactor it696,803
    12 Sep 2019 12 Sep 2019
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    There is no step by step guide for any achievement in this game as everything depends on the choices you make. The choices you get are randomly generated. The best you can get is people telling you stuff that you can think about and incorporate into your game.

    The way I went for this achievement was trying to set up an infinite deck when I got the chance. I was actually going for the 999 block achievement or the relic-less run depending on the choices I was given. It turned out differently as my I got 4 cards removed within the first 5 floors. Please note that I have around 40 failed run trying for stuff like this in around 120 hours played. It isn't just given to you if you follow a guide. You'll need to get lucky and be persistent.

    This guide is good to read through. I didn't really understand it though until I played a run which actually gave me an infinite loop. Read the guide then come back here:

    My final deck was madness+x2, bash, Dropkick and shrug it off. Standard combat against 1 enemy was like this: Bash (1 energy left). Madness, madness, (now both shrug it off and Dropkick are 0 energy. You now have 2 cards that draw. That means you are guaranteed to get both cards back. So it's a loop. That means any single enemy that doesn't have artifact is dead turn 1.

    Enemies with artifact are tricky. Buy all status potions you can find in the shops. If you can't remove the status with a potion you'll need to use bash to do so. That means spending turns (and thus getting damaged probably.)

    For card removal focus eavily on question marks inb act 1 and 3 (/' there aren't so many removal events in act 2.

    For survival in act 1 work out which card is most efficient to upgrade on your way up to the boss and which order you should play your cards to minimize fight times. Sometimes taking a hit at the start is good if means the fight ends quicker. Surviving act 1 is hard without upgrading damage output through extra cards so you have to think a bit and get lucky a bit.

    The hardest part of this achievement is getting through hallway fights. The smaller your deck the more you'll cycle back to your defends, bash and Dropkick. An early shrug is key. You'll want to balance removing strike and defends from your deck to be able to output enough damage without losing too much health. I went for act 1 elites but skipped elites in act 2. In act 3 I don't care as my infinite was set up roughly.

    Here's how a not quite infnite played out before I had madness: Bash (1 energy left), Dropkick (1 energy left due to vulnerable) Shrug it off, turn end with enemy damaged and 11 block. Next turn, Dropkick, shrug, Dropkick, shrug, Dropkick, shrug, turn end (42 damage from Dropkick and 33 defend from shrug) . Next turn same as last. Turn after same as first turn. So you have great block and decent damage due to tiny deck. Only time eater and certain elites can really mess you about when you have a Deck like this.

    Hopefully this read will help you grasp the concept. If you are thinking about voting negatively because it isn't a definitive guide please remember that this is a rng dependant game that you can influence by making the right choices. This guide is written to help you understand the choices you make a little better.
  • zavorkazavorka440,893
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    You need more luck than skill. I did it with simple solution with Ironclad. You need just obtain 2-3 "common" cards, + important one (already in deck) and remove soon as possible other remains. You don't need any relics or upgrades (but it is easier with them). So you need:

    1x Bash (or Thunderclap but bash i enough and it is already in package from start)
    1x Dropkick (in combination with bash or Thunderclap)

    And best way it is obtain 1x Dual Wield to "clone" drop kick. If you have enough small package you will have infinite dropkicks

    I did it with "Draw card" abbility card like Pommel Strike card in combination with Madness card. My deck was so small in the end than I can use Madness exactly for Dropkicks or Pommel Strike.

    Also there are other 2 cards which can be used:

    1x Finesse
    1x Flash of Steel

    It is up to you and also up to situaction and luck. Also with Final boss Time Eater I don't know if it is possible. Also I recomended plan you way through shops, Question marks and sometimes avoid elites.
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