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Speed Climber

Beat the game in under 20 minutes.

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How to unlock the Speed Climber achievement

  • PJBPJB482,597
    28 Aug 2019 04 Sep 2019 12 Dec 2019
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    This is a difficult, RNG heavy achievement that will take reasonable knowledge of the game - as cards and relics needs to be picked and played at a glance- but I'll offer some advice that helped me.

    There is an option in the settings menu for fast mode. This should be turned on before going for this achievement as it will help combats go faster

    The best character to use is definitely Ironclad, as they are best suited to an all out offence. In the end I had removed all my defends and only taken 6 new cards (one of which was a mistake to take and wasn't useful - Dual Wield). The key to winning like this is maximizing energy, AoE attacks and Strength whilst maintaining a small deck size.

    I used a deck built around Strength and Whirlwind+ as the Strength bonus is applied to each of Whirlwind's hits which leads to massive damage.

    Useful cards to look out for (in loose priority order):
    - Whirlwind+ (X cost, High AoE damage, play after Thunderclap)
    - Demon Form+ (Gives +3 Strength each turn)
    - Thunderclap (AoE damage + AoE Vulnerability)
    - Double Tap (Plays next attack twice, powerful before a Whirlwind+)
    - Cleave+ (AoE Damage)
    - Clash+ (0 cost, high damage, requires all cards in hand are attacks)

    Useful relics to look out for (in loose priority order):
    - Bag of Marbles (Enemies start with 1 Vulnerable)
    - Velvet Choker (+1 energy, max 6 cards played per turn)
    - Philosopher's Stone (+1 energy, enemies +1 Strength)
    - Busted Crown (+1 energy, 2 fewer card choices at reward screens)
    - Lantern (+1 energy first turn)
    - Vajra (+1 Strength)
    - Girya (Train up to +3 Strength from rest sites)
    - Paper Phrog (Vulnerable enemies take 75% more damage not 50%)
    - Happy Flower (+1 energy, every 3rd turn)
    - Ancient Tea Set (After a rest site, +2 energy first turn)
    - Pen Nib (Double damage, every 10th attack)

    Here's a screenshot of a 15 minute run I got:
    External image

    I want to try and replay the seed when I get a chance to get footage, but I'm not sure how feasible/useful this will be.

    Please help me improve this guide by leaving a comment smile

    Edit: I replayed the same seed to give an example of a full sub-20 minute run. I got it down to 12 minutes this time:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

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    JORAXGreat guide, and matches what I expected was a good strategy for this! Probably won't get a ton of +1s due to no fault of your own as people don't seem to vote on RNG heavy achievements much here, but you got my vote :).
    Posted by JORAX on 05 Sep 19 at 05:57
    Armstrong x360aThanks for the guide. This looks super risky without any block, but can understand why it is necessary for this achievement. Seems very dependent on relic RNG.

    What kind of pathing did you take? Did you aim for or avoid elites in act 1 and/or 2 for the relics or buy them all at stores/events? Thanks!
    Posted by Armstrong x360a on 28 Sep 19 at 06:04
    SyncTheTempestVery solid guide PJB. All the information in this guide is very helpful. I did this on my second try (I'm not even that good; I'm still struggling to beat the Corrupt Heart on Silent and Defect). I also started with Neow's Lament (first 3 enemy encounters have 1 HP). I cleared Act 1 in 3 minutes with this.

    There is some leeway with what's allowed. For example, I never had Whirlwind, Double Tap, and Clash (they never showed up for me on the run). Instead I substituted for more energy such as Flex and Seeing Red.

    Panic Button was a godsend against enemies that had huge bursts of damage.

    Only relics I had listed on the guide were Pen Nib, Happy Flower and Ancient Tea Set. I think my saving grace was Runic Pyramid (cards don't get discarded after your turn), Orihalcum (automatic 6 damage block at the end of every turn; every bit helps) and one relic not listed on the guide which I think is extremely helpful is Red Skull (if HP < 50%, gain 3 strength).

    The last boss I encountered was Time Eater (easy if you plan out your moves and end your turn right on the Time Eater's 12 turn mark) too which I think is easier than The Awakened One and should be just as easy as The Shapes too.

    Finally, thanks again. Great guide PJB. This was the one achievement I feared I was going to have trouble with. Friend on PC said it took him 60 hours of tries to get this. Also, my time was 15:47.
    Posted by SyncTheTempest on 12 Dec 19 at 20:23
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  • Like A Bob RossLike A Bob Ross217,733
    06 May 2020 06 May 2020 06 May 2020
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    Most guides I saw focused on Ironclad, so I wanted to offer a different perspective. I got this after five tries using Silent, and I think you can do the same with any character.

    Focus first on completing the Ascend 20 achievement with your favorite character. This will force you to get extremely familiar with cards, relics, and the most efficient way to clear floors. Then come back and go for Speed Climber on ascension 0. When you return, you'll find that you can clear floors like a warm knife through butter.

    A few things to keep in mind:

    - If possible, choose the Neow option that the "first 3 fights have 1 health." Then try to target an Elite within this limit. This will get you a quick relic and save you several minutes.
    -Take a few extra seconds to choose your path at the beginning of each act. It will pay off in terms of several minutes in the long run.
    - In general, try for as many ?, campfire, and store floors possible. The only exception is to make sure you get two elites in Act I, as you will need the relics and rare/uncommon cards. Other than that, choose the fastest path possible.
    - Grab frontloaded damage and AOE cards. Remove weak defensive cards when possible.
    - Smith your frontloaded damage and AOE cards early and often.
    - Don't sweat small mistakes. Ascension 0 is very forgiving after slogging through A20. So focus on quick thinking rather than perfect choices.

    I also found watching this glitchless 8 minute Silent speedrun by Forgotten Arbiter to be super helpful. I wasn't nearly as lucky or skilled and still finished just under 20 minutes.

    Here was my very sloppy run that squeaked in just until 20 minutes.

    External image

  • ProvableSage74ProvableSage74126,587
    17 Nov 2020 13 Nov 2020 13 Nov 2020
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    Series X loads instantly, which can shave seconds off of each transition.
    I managed 20:20 on One X, so I would have got this if I had used a Series X.
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