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  • Lord RazorbladeLord Razorblade811,734
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    In this video guide I will show you how to defeat Claviger. The first thing he is going to do is put up a shield. You will need to destroy the glowing rods that are by him. There will be one on your left and on the right. Make sure to stand behind the cover you have until its destroyed. Once his shields are down keep shooting him in the face as much as possible. Pretty soon he will start spawning minions, so make sure to take them out first. Grab any ammo they drop if it safe.

    One of his other moves he tends to use is a beam that he projects from his hands. Now he might also go from one side of the map to the other using this beam. Try to predict which way he will move the beam and head to the opposite side of the platform to avoid it.

    Now at this point he will more than likely spin the platform you are on and gain a shield again. Plus spawn more minions. Make sure to take out the minions first then focus on the shield rods once again.

    From this point it will just be a repeat of everything. Just keep killing the minions first. Then damage him while dogging his projectiles. He will get a shield for a third time as well. Just keep following these steps until he is finally dead.

    Also the mod I use a lot to help with bosses is the explosive shot for some good extra damage. The spitfire is also a great weapon for boss fights. Once he is dead the achievement will pop.

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