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Unleash Your Potential

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    I will list the traits that I have found and where I got them. I am not sure if this list is definitive or exhaustive, as there could be more traits out there that I have not yet acquired. Be aware that some traits, such as the ones for killing certain bosses, could be earned from fighting the alternate boss for that world, e.g. I got Arcane Strike from Totem Father, but on another character I got it from The Ravager.
    Lastly, it took me three playthroughs to obtain at least 30 traits, but it could be more or less depending on what encounters turn up in your game. When you have beaten the final boss, or decide you want to "re-roll" the encounters for your playthrough, you can do so at the World Crystal in Ward 13.

    Arcane Strike - Melee Mod Power
    - Obtained by defeating Totem Father or The Ravager on Yaesha
    Bark Skin - Armor Efficiency
    - Obtained by speaking to The Evil Tree on Earth while wearing the Twisted Mask that is obtained from the Junk Town event, also on Earth
    Catalyst - Proc Chance
    - Defeat Thrall on Corsus
    Cold as Ice - Backstab Damage
    - Kill your teammates during the Brabus event on Earth (The character going for the trait should NOT have the pocketwatch. You can get rid of it by giving it to Brabus, but then you must repeat this event in a different playthrough.)
    Elder Knowledge - XP Bonus
    - Play the tape in the basement of Ward 13
    Endurance - Stamina
    - Starting Trait
    Executioner - Critical Hit Chance
    - Defeat Ixillis on Crosus
    Exploiter - Weak Spot Damage
    - Kill 150 enemies by shooting their weak spot
    Glutton - Consumable Speed
    - Defeat Unclean One on Corsus
    Guardian's Blessing - Melee Damage Reduction
    - Kill Root Horror on Yaesha (This event triggers if you open the dungeon on Yaesha with the Strange Curio found behind the Stuck Merchant's location. In the dungeon, fight the Root Horror until he has around half health and disappears. Travel to the waystone by the Stuck Merchant, pick up the item on the ground, then defeat the Root Horror who reappears. Not as complicated as it sounds.)
    Handling - Gun Speed and Recoil
    - Procure 10 weapons
    Keeper's Blessing - Elemental Resistance
    - Defend village on Yaesha
    Kingslayer - Critical Hit Damage
    - Refuse to hand over the Beast Heart and Defeat the Undying King on Rhom
    Mind's Eye - Ranged Damage Bonus
    - Defeat Dreamer
    Mother's Blessing - Ranged Damage Reduction
    - Protect Root Mother at Church on Earth
    Quick Hands
    - Procured after killing your second boss
    Rapid Strike - Melee Attack Speed
    - Upgrade any NON-boss obtained melee weapon to +20
    Recovery - Stamina Regen and Delay
    - Defeat Claviger or Shatter and Shade on Rhom
    Revivalist - Revive Speed
    - Revive teammates in multiplayer 10 times
    Scavenger - Scrap Boost
    - Give Reggie the Tarnished Ring on Earth
    Shadow Walker - Enemy Awareness
    - Complete Hunter's Hideout event on Earth
    **Credit to PseudoPsychoMan - Thanks!**
    Sleight of Hand - Weapon Swap Speed
    - 100 kills with 10 different weapons
    Spirit - Mod Power Generation
    - Complete the Supply Run event on Earth
    Swiftness - Movement Speed
    - Complete bell puzzle on Yaesha
    Suspicious - Friendly Damage Taken
    - Get downed by teammate fire 10 times
    Teamwork - Teamwork Range
    - Play a multiplayer game
    Triage - Health Regen Effectiveness
    - Speak to Navan on Yaesha
    Trigger Happy - Weapon Fire Rate
    - Upgrade any NON-boss ranged weapon to +20
    Vigor - Health Bonus
    - Starting Trait
    Warrior - Melee Damage Bonus
    - Complete Tale of the Two Lizes on Earth
    Will to Live - Wounded Health
    - Be revived by teammates 10 times
    World Walker - Stamina Cost
    - Enter Rhom for the first time

    For those solo players out there (I did these solo), the multiplayer traits can be easily boosted with one other player or another console. It takes about 10 minutes to get a dummy character through the tutorial and ready to join your game.
    If anyone finds any traits that I have missed, please add them in the comments and I will amend this solution and give credit where it is due.
    Happy Hunting!
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    BlueDixon For the Sleight of Hand trait, I've seen tons of different theories on how you get this. From killing 1000 enemies with 10 different guns (so 100 kills with each gun), to damage 20 enemies and then swap weapons to finish them off, etc.

    The trait popped for me a moment ago, after getting one kill with a weapon I'd never used before, and I'll tell you how it's actually earned.

    You need 100 kills with 10 different weapons. And what I mean by that, is you need a total of 100 kills - but in getting those 100 kills, you need to have used 10 different weapons.

    For example, you can kill 91 enemies with the Hunting Rifle and then just get 1 kill with 9 other weapons... 100 kills using 10 different weapons.

    Go online now and get a few kills with weapons you've NEVER used and it'll pop in seconds (provided you've killed near or more than 100 enemies in total throughout your playthrough).

    I hope that makes sense and makes things a lot easier for everyone!
    Posted by BlueDixon on 19 Feb at 22:18
    LV 1 Blue Slime I'm on my second playthrough so I have way more than 100 kills, I killed an enemy with 23 different weapons and did not get the trait, so I would guess there's more to it than BlueDixon says.
    Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 20 Feb at 10:44
    Anubseth Keeper's Blessing is received after entering the Labyrinth for the first time and not in Yaesha.
    Posted by Anubseth on 24 Feb at 08:28
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