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Commune Contributor achievement in RAD

Commune Contributor

Complete Transfigured Tasks

Commune Contributor0
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How to unlock the Commune Contributor achievement

  • uhKillswitchuhKillswitch
    01 Oct 2019 02 Oct 2019 05 Oct 2019
    list of all the available tasks:

    - find the hatch (open a bunker)
    - do a 1080
    - kill the fire creatures that destroy the crops
    - open the chest with a ground slam
    - make the Boom Berry outside bloom
    - find a deceased person in a cave
    - find a treasure in a cave (you need 3 Floppies to open it)

    In countless runs until level 2-2 the last task only showed up once.
    I'm talking about 50-60 hours (more than 50 runs) doing only those runs until this final task showed up once!!! It took me so long since I still needed to get the last mutations and artifacts.
    The RNG in this game is terrible. The last tasks of every faction that I still needed all only showed up once in dozens of runs, whereas other tasks countless times.
    Good luck to anyone trying.
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    PromoteViolenceThere’s also a task to retrieve the SAT Phone. I found this achievement slightly easier than Honorary Disciple because none of these are specific to world 2-1 or 2-2. I know the Boom Berry, Missing person, and possibly Hatch seems dependent on getting the Tree House base to spawn, as opposed to the smaller outdoor location. However, I’ve seen the tree house on 2-1 and 2-2 making things a little easier. Still a very annoying achievement.

    Make sure to write down what you already did so you know what to look for. And you can save and quit once per level to re roll the task the NPC will give - only works one time though.
    Posted by PromoteViolence on 24 Aug 20 at 22:05
    Rennikzman... you see that find a treasure in a cave? would you believe i met the requirements as in
    1. had enough floopies
    2. a cave with the chest that requires 3 floopies

    i ran up on the guy and he ask me to kill the fire creatures, so i exit and hit continue to start the level from the beginning, this time i killed the fire creatures before speaking to the npc the guy ask me to ground slam the chest...

    So i exit and continue again THIS TIME!! i kill the fire creatures and ground slam before speaking to him... the guy sends me to get the sat phone(JFC).. so i did the above again but this time he asked me to do a 1080 and i kept exiting and returning but the only tasked he asked for was the 1080.

    this is driving me INSANE!! besides that one mission i am at 96% Artifacts, 90% consumables and 94% Endo Mutations and that's ALL but the game RNG GOD DAMN IT MAN!!
    Posted by Rennikz on 15 Apr 21 at 00:22
    uhKillswitchThis is exactly how this game is, unfortunately. I have no other suggestions than to keep trying.
    Good luck!
    Posted by uhKillswitch on 15 Apr 21 at 06:24
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