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Optimal Coroutine achievement in RAD

Optimal Coroutine

Complete Vestigial Tasks

Optimal Coroutine0
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How to unlock the Optimal Coroutine achievement

  • uhKillswitchuhKillswitch
    03 Sep 2019 03 Sep 2019 04 Sep 2019
    The Vestigial lifeforms are the floating robot/jellyfish like creatures that can be found in level 3-1 and 3-2.
    Sometime you find two of them on one of the flying islands.
    One of them has a shop the other one has a task for you.
    If I'm not mistaken there are 3 possible tasks:
    - kill all the enemies
    - do a 2160 jump;
    I was only able to do this having Pump High Tops item enabling
    a triple jump. I start rotating the right stick with my right palm and
    using A to jump with my left thumb.
    I jumped from the pyramid thing
    - find something for them; this mission only popped up once in
    more than 15 runs
    I needed to find a teleporter and interact with the Obelisque at
    the end of them room.
    The achievement popped as soon as I interacted with it
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    PromoteViolenceJust a little extra info to make this easier for anyone reading. The pump high tops aren’t needed for the 2160 if there is a jump teleporter thing near the Vestigial. Spin while in the air and when you land it will still count (you can easily get over 5,000 this way), but only if it’s close enough. Or if you teleport way up in the air on one of the high platforms, you can jump all the way down while spinning and try landing near the Vestigial. If neither of those options are available due to bad RNG and you happen to have the gas bag Exo mutation, you get a passive float effect making the spinning easier. You’ll probably still need at the least the regular high tops tho.

    I got this task multiple times already and did it every way I mentioned and can confirm it does work. High top pumps triple jump 2160 is doable without even jumping off anything but starting on the top of the pyramid is easier of course as OP mentioned. NO Trickmaster artifact is needed as I read elsewhere.

    Also, you can quit out and reload the level which will re roll the task given, but it only works once. This works on Worlds 1 and 2 as well.
    Posted by PromoteViolence on 19 Aug 20 at 03:25
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