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Coalition of Ordered Wins

Fully upgrade your Win Streak Gear Pack before opening it

Coalition of Ordered Wins-0.1
03 December 2019 - 4 guides

Achievement Guide for Coalition of Ordered Wins

  • OrbihtOrbiht363,690
    24 Aug 2019 24 Aug 2019
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    Cloud Expoilt Method

    I started this game on the iOS beta version and was already at around 600 tags when the launch occurred just a couple of days ago. This made is extremely difficult to get 5 wins in a row. Most I got was 4 and a whole bunch of draws before losing my streak on the last one. I tried losing a lot to get paired with lower level and still had no success. I debated resetting all of my progress but really didn’t want to lose anything. Here is what I did instead.

    This will require a second device. I used my iPhone and iPad.

    Also forgot to mention that every time you change the sign in or account on one device you are going to want the game to be closed on the other.

    1. I kept my main save on one device which for me was my phone.

    2. Downloaded the app on a second device

    3. On the second device you will get a prompt to sign in to Xbox live. Choose the option to not sign in and create a local save instead. (If you already have progress on the second device you can click on the the hamburger button in the top right corner of the homepage and sign out of Xbox live under the account tab. When it asks where to keep your save make sure you click cloud. Then you should be able to create a new save. If you still have the account on the second device at this point you can choose the delete account option which won’t effect your mean save since it is in the cloud and no longer linked to Xbox live)

    4. Once you have created a new save that has no Xbox live account linked you will have to replay the tutorial.

    5. Once you’ve done that hop right into battle and play until you get your 5 wins. If you’re lucky enough you can get it in one try. I would suggest not upgrading any pins and just using the ones you get normally so you don’t accidentally become a higher level and get paired with more experienced players.

    6. If you are successful and get all 5 wins DO NOT OPEN THE GEAR PACK YET proceed to next step. If you did not get all 5 wins and you end up getting too many tags you can simply delete the account and try again. You’ll just have to play the tutorial again and then you’ll have another fresh start.

    7. Go back to your main device and log out of Xbox live and this is the important step CHOOSE TO KEEP YOUR SAVE LOCAL THIS TIME by doing this you’re insuring you can get your main account back after you get the achievement. If you choose cloud for this step you will have to start this process all over.

    8. Go to the second device and sign into Xbox live and It should ask which save you would like to keep. This time choose the lower level on that has the 5 win streak on it. Once you do this and it is attached to Xbox live the achievement should unlock.

    9. Now to get your main account and data back. Go back to your main device again and sign into Xbox live. This time choose your original save to get back all the stuff you worked hard for. If you don’t do this step and keep the random account you used for the achievement you will keep the achievements you’ve unlocked but you will lose all progress for other achievements like Seriously Pop

    10. This step is optional if you like to play on multiple devices and you want your original account back on both devices. All you have to do Is choose your main save when you log back into the second device again and then you can play on both devices with your original account again.

    Hope this helps!
  • The lMlanThe lMlan951,702
    23 Aug 2019 22 Aug 2019 23 Aug 2019
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    When you are over the "Versus" tab on the main menu. At the top right of the window will be a little crate with either 5 little check boxes under it or a timer. This achievement is only obtainable if you have the 5 check boxes.

    Once you win a match it will light up 1 of the 5 check boxes until you lose or you win 5 matches in a row. A match ending in a draw will not end your streak (Thank you GameTagwastaken for comment).

    IF YOU LOSE BEFORE 5 WINS IN A ROW then your streak will end and you will need to wait a 4 hour period before it resets the crate and you can try for this achievement again.

    I strongly recommend that you do this achievement ASAP to make it easier. The game pairs you with an opponent around your ranking, roughly within +/- 100 of the tier points you have earned. If you don't get 5 wins in a row when you first start the game and continue to play the game during the 4 hour wait period for the next crate, you will be ranking yourself up and therefore increasing the rank of your competition.

    The higher the tier that you reach the more prevalent it is you will run into a person that has higher level characters or characters you don't have unlocked yet. Making this achievement much harder than it is in the early stages of the game when you are playing newcomers to the game.
  • reforc3reforc3719,940
    24 Aug 2019 24 Aug 2019 24 Aug 2019
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    As mentioned in the other guides if you didn't won your 5 in a row when the streak is active and continue playing at the end you'll increase your ranking and you will find new opponents with a more competitive level making it even harder.

    However, as you proceed, your chances to upgrade your pins will be higher.

    So the strategy is this:

    1. If you haven't won your streak in the early phase of your gameplay don't worry.
    2. Focus in upgrade your squad.
    3. Afterwards, lose matches in order to decrease your level for example -250 of your current rating (e.g. if you are at 900).
    4. when the streak is available outrun your ¨paired¨ enemies.

    Currently the game makes a matchmaking based on your 'Gears' amount and not the overall level of your squad, so use that as your advantage.
  • Oaawara2Oaawara2211,727
    22 Aug 2019 22 Aug 2019 23 Aug 2019
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    Win 5 versus battles in a row without losing and the achievement should unlock. Draws won't affect your progress.
    Edit Regorc3's tip: If you are having difficulty winning, try losing some games to reduce your gears and be matched with easier opponents.
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