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Superiority Complex

Win 100 Versus Battles without losing any of your Outposts

Superiority Complex-0.3
19 October 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Superiority Complex

  • TCrash55TCrash55234,541
    28 Aug 2019 24 Aug 2019 27 Aug 2019
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    Your Outposts are the 2 guns in the back next to your pop. In order to unlock the achievement you need to win the match without either of your outposts being blown up. They can take damage they just can't be destroyed.

    If you want to ensure you keep your outposts intact, try keeping a fortification ready to use just in case a enemy makes it to them. This will draw attention away from the outpost and allow the guns to attack the enemy.

    As mentioned in the comments and I also can verify, Horde mode does count towards the achievement progress also. I recommend the coin hoard, it is only 2 waves but extremely easy even for new players that don't have a lot of high leveled pins.

    Win the match by any means (You don't have to get all 3 points) with both Outposts/Turrets still standing and you will increase your progress bar which you can check at any time by going to the MISSIONS tab and clicking/tapping on ACHIEVEMENTS which is located next to BOUNTIES
  • FlymyprettiesFlymypretties368,200
    10 Sep 2019 12 Nov 2019
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    For this achievement you have to win 100 battles without losing your own outposts(the turrets).

    Given that PvP opponnents get harder as you rank up your cog level you can derank to make it easier on yourself.

    Deranking is simple - start a match and let the opponent win.

    As to the moral implications of deranking as it potentially ruins the game for other players - the game sort of encourages it by how it incentivises win streaks for the gold boxes. And if you refuse to pay-to-win it's hard to string together these wins and earn good rewards.

    Good luck.
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