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League Legend

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League Legend-31.7
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How to unlock the League Legend achievement

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    At the end of the final season on 24th April 23:59:59 we’ll be resetting you all to one shared PvP pool/tier to last for the final 1.5 days, just so you can all go crazy.

    ***Gears Pop will be closing on April 26 2021. Assuming they keep monthly seasons that means after the current one ends there is only 6 more seasons to do this!! Good luck.

    ***As of 1st March 2021 the league requirements have changed again.

    Bronze = 2800 cogs
    Silver = 3000 cogs
    Gold = 3200 cogs

    Which means you need 400 less cogs for the final 2 seasons. Good luck.

    Gears Pop uses cogs to measure MMR (Match Making Ranking)

    You are matched with someone with similar numbers of cogs for your fights.

    If you win you gain cogs and if you lose you lose cogs. This is usually plus or minus between 0 to 35 cogs.

    ABANDONED games cause issues however. Whether someone is disconnected or rage quits the game seems to attribute a loss to both people. But this only impacts the player on their next game. If you win your next game you can be awarded no cogs and if you lose you can lose up to 70-80 cogs. As the game is balancing out the loss it attributed to the disconnect.

    Scores related to abandoned games seem to be resolved.

    Each arena/league unlocks at an amount of cogs.

    Arena 1 - 0 cogs
    Arena 2 - 300 cogs
    Arena 3 - 600 cogs
    Arena 4 - 900 cogs
    Arena 5 - 1200 cogs
    Arena 6 - 1600 cogs (introduced season 2)
    Arena 7 - 2000 cogs (introduced season 4)
    Arena 8 - 2400 cogs (introduced season 9)
    Bronze - 2800 cogs
    Silver - 3200 cogs 3000
    Gold - 3600 cogs 3200 (The Magic Number!)

    Gears Pop has seasons which will reset everyone's cogs to 2399 cogs when the season is over.

    Season 1 will finish and reset on the 30th September 2019.
    Season 2 introduced a 6th arena and pushed all the leagues up by 400 points (as well as the reset point). It ends 31st October 2019.
    Season 3 maintains 2800 as gold league and ends 30th November 2019.
    Season 4 introduced a 7th arena and pushed all the leagues up by 400 points (as well as the reset point). It ends 31st December 2019
    Season 5 maintains 3200 as gold league and ends 31st Jan. There are now two rewards at the end of a season, a loot box for your league placement remains and now a ranking placement as well that most importantly awards crystals.
    Season 9 made gold 3600 cogs and ends on 31st May 2020.

    If you are below 2399 cogs at the reset you will be unaffected. Everyone in a league will find themselves back to 2399 and fighting to get back up to Gold.

    If you are striving for 3600 cogs to achieve Gold League for this achievement you will need to pay attention to when the reset is so you do not find yourself so close but so far!

    As of April 2020 a casual mode was introduced where you can’t lose cogs. You can still win chests and get Omen crates. I strongly suggest if you make gold you play casual to ensure gold rewards at the end of the season.


    1. Pay to win - I have not put a penny into the game so I do not know how expensive this is. There are plenty of threads to look at if you want to investigate. But clearly having very high unit levels makes it easier (at least initially)

    Edit 30/10/20 - no longer possible - purchases are disabled

    2. The Daily Grind and trying not to get annoyed by losing

    2a - Check the store every day.

    You can buy pins for in game coins. 200 coins nets you 50 bronze pins (1 of these per day). 800 coins nets you 10 silver pins. 4000 coins nets you 4 gold pins. (More options unlock at player level 10 and 15). The pins each day seem to be random. So some days you might not want any of them, but I think it is wise to throw 200 coins on the 50 bronze pins if you have one eye on your player rank which is increased by levelling up pins. Since late in season 2 slot 1 is a free gift and you should be getting this.

    The store is:
    Slot 1) free gift
    Slot 2) 50 Common for 200 Silver
    Slot 3) 50 Common for 200 Silver
    Slot 4) 10 Rare for 800 Silver
    Slot 5) 10 Rare for 800 Silver
    Slot 6) 4 Epic for 4000 Silver

    24/10/19 - the store has replaced slot 1&2 with a free gift and a Horde thumper paid for with crystals. This may just be for Halloween event.

    1/11/19 - slot 1 is a free gift and slot 2 50 common

    2b - Complete your daily bounties

    There will be 3 daily bounties every day. They are simple to complete and will net you 50 coins and 10 crystals each. The crystals are important as they can be exchanged for chests or money. It is a long grind but will help. e.g. 2250 crystals (75 days of daily challenges) is a Legendary Chest. It is worth noting buying money using this method still adds to the War Chest achievement. 4500 crystals (150 days of daily challenges) gets you 1.25 million coins - and their is an achievement for 2 million.

    1/12/19 - season 4 introduces crew bounties that also net you crystals so an active crew will be useful!

    Edit 30/10/20 - dailies are now 7500 coins each and no crystals. I won’t know what weeklies are till next week.

    2c - Win Streaks

    You can get one win streak crate every 4 hours. So you could log in first thing in the morning, at lunch time, at dinner time and just before bed for 4 crates every day. Purposely losing multiple games in a row to reduce your MMR increases the possibility of a better winning streak. A 5 win streak gets a gold chest.

    Omen Crates

    Win streaks were replaced by Omen Crates. You can only get one per calendar day. Score 10 points to earn one.

    Sometimes I get so fed up trying to beat people I put hammer of dawn on and literally just hammer one tower and try to survive long enough to knock it down.

    2d - Pay attention to your loot crate slots

    You can only have 4 loot crate slots at any one time. Each crate has a cool down before you can open it. Between 4 and 12 hours in my experience. If these slots are full, winning is not pushing your pins and money up. You can open them early using crystals, but this will slow your grind to item 2b above. But it is entirely up to you. I have had it suggested to me that initially all crystals should be spent on opening these early and playing often.

    2e - Find an active Crew

    Playing Horde is far more enjoyable (in my opinion) and rewards you with coins and pins. Which in turn help you level up. Horde Thumpers can always be found in any win streak of 2 or more and gold chests that you get from wins.

    Edit - now more important with the introduction of crew bounties in season 4 that award up to 120 crystals weekly.

    2f - Read up on the forums the many strategies to win

    This game actually has some very good strategy in it. Unfortunately it can be negated by pay to win mechanics. Understanding what your opponent is trying to do can help you counter it and win.

    2g - Do not search too long

    Savenal has rightly pointed out that the longer you search the more likely you will get an opponent a higher level than you. Rule of thumb is don’t let the circle go around more than twice. The longer you search the wider the search criteria. You might get someone multiple levels higher than you (or if you are lucky lower).


    I am not going to lie and say this is easy. In fact the opposite, this seems quite unfair and hard at times. I have played the game daily from launch and at this time (12 days from season 1 reset) I am on 1885 cogs. It does not seem likely I will make it to Gold and occasionally I am tempted to spend some money to try and go for it. But I will not, because I personally do not want to promote the pay to win mechanic. That does not mean I think people who do it are wrong. Everyone is entitled to spend money on what they want to.

    I would suggest you get used to losing as every now and then you will hit a wall. When I got to Arena 3, 4 and Bronze league I just bounced between promotion and relegation for a few days before pushing onward again. My overall win rate is probably no better than 50%.

    I managed Gold league 23 days into season 2 - hurray.

    Good Luck and thanks to everyone who commented on this solution. I would list you, but there is quite a lot at this point.

    As of 1st May 2020 - after 8 seasons I have managed gold league 3 times, spent no money on the game and almost broke my hand once from punching a solid object after one too many losses. Hope you are having fun and staying safe.

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    KungFuMonk3yI got this done finally so glad to have this game off my list. Read BIG Chromer's guide for this one and then I have comments on it of how I modified it to work for me. Good luck!
    Posted by KungFuMonk3y on 22 Apr at 17:41
    KungFuMonk3yDark Death 90 ... I upgraded all of my pins as much as I could and was able to grind out getting to level 20 fairly quickly. You get so many pins for GOLD pins now that that's what I started maxing out first. Only way to get GEMS is the daily chest for wins, and the monthly challenge they do. I used the rest of my gems for the special chests they offer at discount That's all they are good for. Chests earned from wins all unlock after like 4-5 minutes so really that is so super fast by the time you finish a match the previous ones are ready to unlock. If you want to level up quickly and earn enough PINS to do so... you gotta play HORDE like crazy. You can try getting into an active league to play horde with others...but the fastest way is to setup a 2nd device with an alternate account, and boost horde playing both at the same time. (that's what I did.)
    Posted by KungFuMonk3y on 22 Apr at 17:47
    Pazuzu98224I would sincerely suggest giving up on this and grind out your other achievements. I have been to 3100 about five times and cannot win at that point. There was one point I was even against someone with basically the exact same pin set as me but they were all five levels or more lower and still got absolutely destroyed. It's not just that once I hit 3100 I lose, it's that when I hit 3100, no matter what I do, I lose at least four in a row. There was even a situation when the other person sat there for the first 45 seconds and I had one of their turrets down and all of the sudden they just wiped the floor with me in about 30 seconds. Maybe I just have the worst luck in the world but it very seriously seems like this is rigged to be incredibly close to impossible. They probably give a boost to people that spent money.
    Posted by Pazuzu98224 on 22 Apr at 23:10
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  • BIG ChromerBIG Chromer404,030
    12 Apr 2021 12 Apr 2021 12 Apr 2021
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    Hey all -

    This is written in April 2021, after all the make easy updates. This is a little easier now but 99% of the people you face will be level20 with good level pins.

    This is my team and strats I used to go from Bronze to gold..

    Fahz, Grinder, Locust Drone, Onyx Guards, Kait, Savage Grenadier, Frag Grenade, Snub Soldiers.

    The basic strat is to place either onyx guards or snub as first pin, in the center so they capture both covers either side. Use other pins to capture the first 2 sets of cover.

    Fahz is useful to eliminate their big boy pins, then when they place a high value pin on one side, drop Grinder on the opposite side. Hopefully will take out a turret quick and give you time to get Fahz on to slow then.

    Kait is useful to support Grinder if you need a little boost on his push.

    Frags are great to deal with big clusters of them, or even a rogue Marcus slipping past your Fahz.

    The Drone, Grenadier are mainly there as extra low value, cover getters, in case snubs or onyx dont appear first off.

    Im no expert and I managed to wangle this one, so good luck all!!
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    MastergerweAwful, I can’t seem to get past silver league.
    Posted by Mastergerwe yesterday at 22:19
    BIG ChromerIm sorry it didn't work out for you Mastergerwe, anything I can do to assist? I imagine its gotten super competitive with everyone going for it now.
    Posted by BIG Chromer yesterday at 22:51
    MastergerweYeah, because I just played a tryhard who had all of his pins maxed, and it was impossible to do anything against him.
    Posted by Mastergerwe today at 00:08
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