War Chest 3 achievement in Gears POP!

War Chest 3

Earn 2,000,000 Coins

War Chest 3-9.3
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How to unlock the War Chest 3 achievement

  • AbsoIuteZero xAbsoIuteZero x677,281
    30 Dec 2019 27 Aug 2019 27 Aug 2019
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    Not really a detailed guide, but here is what it would cost you if you want to just get this out of the way:

    You can directly buy this amount by purchasing crystals which at the moment is 50 bucks for almost 7000 crystals. Another 5 bucks gets you 500 so you will have 7500 total.

    You can buy 1,250,000 coins for 4500 crystals, 360,000 coins for 1500 crystals, and another 360,000 coins for 1500 crystals which is why I calculated 7500 total crystals.

    In a nutshell, it will cost 55 USD to purchase this right off the bat.

    Now if you do not want to do this, well, you are in for a grind.

    Let's assume a few things here.
    First, lets say you get your 5 win streak 3 times a day (which is very hard), this will give a massive gold pack that will average around 20,000 coins each time. Adding in the few silver and bronze boxes you get from your vs match winnings, this adds another 8-10,000 coins a day, which, at best, is netting you 70,000 coins per day, making it a minimum of about 30 days to get this for free.

    Here is the caveat, you will probably not reach a 5 win streak unless you upgrade your pins, which is slow and time consuming to do without spending real money, so you are looking at closer to a max of 20,000 coins per day assuming you at least get one 5 win streak. This will bring your total days to 100 to reach this.

    Edit: The 5 win streak gold box is different from the one you purchase, so doing the math based on "achievable" coins for free each day nets:

    ~3,000 for daily win streaks
    ~500 on average per arena crate, so 10 a day nets about 5,000
    Horde twice a day may get you ~1,000
    Bounties do not really get you enough so it is negligible. Good for the crystals though.

    Free method you will net about 9-10,000 coins per day which equates to 200 days to achieve this. Thanks to bartlannoeye for the correction.

    Your best bet might be to drop 5 or 10 dollars if you enjoy the game and buy crystals so you can purchase the bundles. There is a starter bundle for 500 crystals (5 USD) and another bundle for each arena/league you get promoted in for the same price. These contain some epic/legendary pins as well as 5 massive gold boxes, so it may be worth it in the short and long run.

    Let me know if you think I should add anything, thanks!

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    Travius1990Just as an additional, the 3 round Horde Thumpers give you a green, blue and gold chest that auto open at the end. The gold one has at least 1000 coins every time. With a good partner you can farm some of the 3 wave ones in about 5 minutes giving you about 24000 an hour.
    Posted by Travius1990 on 16 Nov 20 at 11:33
    LeiChat@Travius1990 So only 84 hours of Horde then?! 😜
    Posted by LeiChat on 13 Feb at 23:37
    WyyvernIf anyone's still got crystals left, spam buy a load of the 'special offer' bundle still in the store for 10 crystals and you'll get this in a few minutes. Each bundle nets you around 150k coins
    Posted by Wyyvern on 15 Apr at 15:34
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  • Draxler Knight7Draxler Knight7343,665
    15 Apr 2021 25 Dec 2019
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    Here's mi recommendation for this achievement:

    If you own enough crystals you can buy a HUGE amount of coins which counts towards the achievement!!
    In order to buy the coins you have to go to:
    Store tab ---> Scroll down to the bottom and choose the amount of coins that you want to buy:

    500 crystals gives you 100 000 coins
    1500 crystals gives you 360 000 coins
    4500 crystals gives you 1 250 000 coins

    Personally I get my crystals from the Daily and the Crew bounties. The daily bounties gives you 30 crystals per day if you completed it and the crew ones gives you 120 crystals per week, so if you play every day and have an active crew you can gain up to 330 crystal per week!

    I know it will take a while but this game is a lot of grinding roll
    Spend your crystals wisely toast
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    FaSCoRPTook me 8 months to gather 4500 crystal and when exchanged for coins I got it
    Posted by FaSCoRP on 22 Aug 20 at 06:09
    Draxler Knight7Nice! Congrats toast
    Posted by Draxler Knight7 on 22 Aug 20 at 18:06
  • Fluke939Fluke939414,916
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    End of life update 15th April 2021

    With the game coming to an end, it has been updated to make a lot of these achievements a lot easier.

    Currently in the store, there is a special offer bundle, two loot boxes (a BUDD-e and a STU) and 25k coins. The loot boxes will give you a ton of coins and hundreds of pins. The bundle costs 10 crystal (coming back to an old save, didn't play it much, and that account had over 800 crystal)

    Each purchase of the bundle got me around 150k coin. Even from a new game, you'd only need around 140 crystal to unlock all the war chest achievements
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