24 Aug 19

Endless Summer achievement in Gears POP!

Endless Summer

Clear 500 Horde Waves

Endless Summer-3.9
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How to unlock the Endless Summer achievement

  • CommanderCHCommanderCH61,118 61,118 GamerScore
    31 Aug 2019
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    This achievement requires you to be in a crew since you MUST be 2 players to play and finish Horde. If one leaves, the match is abandoned. If you're alone, you can't start the Horde match.

    You can either invite someone to Horde if you have a Thumper or you can join a Horde match. If you're in the menu, there will be a pop-up if someone searches for a Horde player in your crew, you can also just sit around in the chat of your crew by navigating to the "Social" tab.

    Thumpers can be dropped in any of the chests except the ones that can be bought (yes, Thumpers can not be bought in any way as of writing this guide).

    Coin Fortune Thumpers have a 1% drop chance by opening any chest of type Silver. They're a very simple 2 wave Horde run.
    RAAM Unleashed! Thumpers have a 3% drop chance by opening any chest of type Gold. They're a more difficult 3 wave Horde run. It's recommended you take out the middle Kryll swarm asap. For instance take Kait or Reyna to rush down to it at the spawn. They're very effective against Kryll.
    RAAM's Revenge! Thumpers can not be dropped. You initially obtain one by playing the game for the first time. They're a very simple 3 wave Horde run.
    Event Thumpers currently seem to drop randomly from chests and daily rewards. As of right now only the "Big Butcher" event is which is a 2 wave Horde run. It is recommended to run a Decoy so you can turn around the Butcher in the 2nd wave, giving you more time. The difficulty 5 one will have 110'000 health.

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    HexalinaGood luck ever completing these with this broken mess of a game.
    It's such a shame it's linked to xbox all it does is crash near the end of a match and does not give you the win and takes away your points for going up the ladder.
    & The horde mode .... a broken mess if it does not crash before it crashes just as about your to win ( Funny that ) and the need coins to upgrade and get XP = Pay to win.
    Posted by Hexalina on 02 Apr at 11:22
    planchetflawCoin thumper is no longer simple. Easily the hardest thumper in the game now. I've had the 2nd wave last over 15 minutes.
    Posted by planchetflaw on 20 May at 08:05
    chicken7613If anyone wants to boost, join horde group: tru achievement . I'm usually online late PST. Thanks.
    Posted by chicken7613 yesterday at 00:19
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  • Lambent LailLambent Lail447,961
    04 Sep 2019 18 Sep 2019 12 Nov 2019
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    This achievement is glitched in a positive way. While the exact conditions are unknown, you may be awarded several cleared Horde waves without actually completing them. Some gamers have even reported being credited Horde wave completions without even playing Horde first!

    As far as a solution, there are two methods is really only one method to go about clearing the required number of Horde waves; a co-op method and a solo method.

    For the co-op method, simply join an active Crew, where "active" means many different people are dropping Thumpers on a regular basis for you to join. If your current Crew becomes less active, or is not as active as you would like, simply "Crew shop" by joining different Crews in search of active members.

    You can also use the forums here on TA to look for active Crews, or create your own Crew and recruit members, though this will cost you 1000 silver coins.

    An update has caused this method to no longer be viable due to the game not granting new players enough coins to quickly reach level 2, thus being allowed to participate in Horde.

    Thanks to Rascalov USA for first pointing this out to me.

    Original solution below:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments and I will update the solution appropriately. If something in the game is updated and renders portions of this guide obsolete, then again, please comment or message me so I can update the solution.
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    KashThePriestAwesome solution, just did 50 straight doing this method and a ton of money which helps getting those 693billion pins
    Posted by KashThePriest on 22 Sep 19 at 22:26
    Rascalov USAThis method doesn't work as of November 12, 2019. The store currently only has pins for 4,000 and 800 coins that can be purchased by new accounts. After buying these pins, you won't have enough coins to get to level 2 and play horde on your local account.
    Posted by Rascalov USA on 12 Nov 19 at 17:50
    Lambent LailThanks Rascalov USA. I just confirmed your information myself. That stinks...
    Posted by Lambent Lail on 12 Nov 19 at 17:58
  • GtechApocalypseGtechApocalypse1,135,209
    03 Sep 2019 26 Aug 2019 28 Aug 2019
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    This will come naturally just playing horde. You get a horde token by at least making your win streak chest up to 2 wins. Aside from that you get a chance to get one out of a chest for a reward. When you start the game you get 1 horde token at level 2 and another 2 horde tokens for beating your first horde. So if you want you could make dummy accounts on Android IOS or Win10 and level them to level two. Don’t take long just buy the 200 and 800 items in the shop and upgrade. I haven't played with android but making them on the WIN10 is quicker than IOS. On iOS you have to sign out and will take you to the tutorial each time you sign out, making signing back into your main account a little annoying. This will also help your clan out by getting them to play with 20 allies if they wanna trade with you. My advice if you do this pay close attention. It has a local save and xbox one save when you switch accounts. Aside from that if there is no way to speed them up as of now. Happy hunting. Please let me know if there is anything I need to add or take away to improve.
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    TG Airborne 88I kind of got lucky with the horde matches, as it glitched on me in a positive way lol. From what I remember, I was at 382 waves done. About an hour or so later, I popped not only the achievement, but I just discovered that after the glitch was applied, it bumped me to a 1000 horde waves completed already! (I keep a spreadsheet and just figured this out with the count for defeated pins, wins, horde, league gold (attained in season 1 thank god!), basically the seriously pop cheevo).
    Still, if people want to do waves, you can look me up in the "Crimson Omen NL" crew
    Posted by TG Airborne 88 on 07 Nov 19 at 23:36
    ONE CEL JUGGALOAnyone have active crew that I could join. Will help and play for other achievements also. If so hmu, would be very nice to find active crew.
    Posted by ONE CEL JUGGALO on 11 Jan at 18:21
    BB I ScottYeah i need a crew all of them are full and cant join :/
    Posted by BB I Scott on 21 Jan at 03:04
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