Seriously POP! achievement in Gears POP!

Seriously POP!

Defeat 100,000 pins, win 1000 Versus Battles, reach highest Versus League and clear 1000 Horde Waves

Seriously POP!-11.4
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How to unlock the Seriously POP! achievement

  • Lambent LailLambent Lail457,680
    08 Sep 2019 10 Sep 2019 03 Mar 2020
    39 5 15
    Seriously POP! has four separate objectives that must be completed. I would recommend going for each objective in the order listed in this guide for efficiency.

    Because each objective's individual solution has so much detail which makes the overall achievement solution very long, I have put each objective solution in a spoiler tag.

    Also, the achievement is glitched in a positive way, as confirmed by myself and several commenters, as the in-game tracker seems to award partial credit for certain objectives randomly without needing to actually perform the required task.

    Unfortunately, the in-game tracker does not do a good job of breaking down the individual requirements. Instead, it displays you needing 102,001 "points" to unlock. Theoretically, 100,000 of those is for Pins defeated, 1000 is for Versus wins, 1000 is for Horde waves cleared, and 1 is for reaching Gold League. However, you may not need a full 1000 Versus wins or Horde waves, since these are the two objectives that seem to be positively glitched (see the comments for reported incidents).

    Therefore, I would recommend you to check your in-game tracker for progress as best you can to avoid wasting time grinding for Versus or Horde waves, though it will be very difficult to parse out wins/cleared waves registering/not registering with the current tracker.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    4. DEFEAT 100,000 PINS
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know in the comments and I will update the solution appropriately. If something in the game is updated and renders portions of this guide obsolete, then again, please comment or message me so I can update the solution.

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    brent12213600 cogs for gold now @Lambent! Guide is great!
    Posted by brent1221 on 01 May at 14:56
    TwobbyI figured I'd share how I grinded the 100,000 pin kills. I paired up with someone in Horde and did the old Horde-O-Ween event. When I did this I had a very high level JD and Del so it may not work as well for lower level pins. The goal is to keep the third barricade. We both picked sides and placed JD and Del on that third barricade. Use other pins to help keep cover like Lancer Gear or Snubs if you lose one or frags/nyms to help weaken a group. You could also try Baird or Sniper. But those pins that stay a long time are key because the enemies keep spawning and you can kill them without much effort. This goes without saying but this should be the last part of the achievement that you go for because the other objectives toward the achievement will help toward this one.
    Posted by Twobby on 04 Jul at 02:07
    Cr4shPl4yzYTWhy is there a seriously achievement in every gears of war game
    Posted by Cr4shPl4yzYT on 19 Aug at 06:30
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  • AbsoIuteZero xAbsoIuteZero x628,827
    26 Aug 2019 12 Sep 2019
    17 2 18
    This achievement will be a long, long grind so here is what to expect regarding this:

    100,000 pins: Each game of versus at 4.0 average power cost I was using about 25 pins per match. Note, that multiple character pins do count as defeating multiple pins (thanks to ChrisD0811 for the confirmation. Although the achievement states to defeat pins, it will roughly be about the same as what you play so for raw numbers, we will go with 25-30/match ymmv. For Horde, it is a little different because of two things: 1. what percent of the horde you kill vs your partner and 2. what type thumper you use. So far I have had 50% 2 wave thumpers and 50% 3 wave thumpers. Maybe I am not high enough level but those are the only two I have seen (Bronze League level 10). For this guide we will use a 2.5 wave average which equates to about 30-40 pins defeated per match which is about 12-20 pins per wave (we will use 20 to be optimistic) but once again ymmv. Since you have to win 1000 versus matches and clear 1000 horde waves you are looking at:

    1000 x 30 = 30,000 for wins
    1000 x 20 = 20,000 for cleared waves

    Assuming a 80% wave clear rate and a 50% win rate:

    1000 x 30 = 30,000 for losses
    200 x 20 = 4,000 for uncleared waves

    This totals to be about 84,000 pins so there is still a little ways to go so if by now you have not reached it just continue playing as you see fit.

    Edit: Also, you will get more pins than the suggested above because wretches, snub soldiers, lancer crew, gnasher gang, etc count as multiple enemies. This will add probably close to 5-10 (we will use 8 as an average) more each match than the above suggestions so:

    2000 games at 8 more pins =16,000.

    Coincidentally, that 84,000 and 16,000 totals the 100,000 needed.

    The next phase of this will be reaching Gold in versus. This will be a pain, because you cannot just grind this out, you actually have to be very skilled at the game. Gold league requires 2400 cogs and once you hit Bronze you will lose roughly about the same amount of cogs as if you were to win. This means you will have to win ~25 more games than you lose (starting at Bronze) to reach this league. Each season (so far) looks like they will last over a month, so there is plenty of time to reach it if you are persistent and skilled. Note that if you are in a Bronze or higher league you will not go below 1599 cogs once the season resets, so it will not be a complete loss.

    Edit: Keep in mind that you will possibly have to drop serious cash to reach this league. I am having trouble getting to Silver league and I spent $15 (Luckily I had some google play money) and have hit a plateau. Also, over time the f2p people will start to cap out their pins so as long as you are persistent you will eventually be high enough ranked to perhaps reach this league. Who knows, maybe TC will adjust the cogs needed each season. We will find out end of September.

    You can track this by going to Missions -> Achievements -> Seriously POP! at the very bottom.

    You can track the versus matches won by going to your player profile and looking under your statistics to see how many matches you have won.
    You can see if you have reached the highest league by the League Legend achievement.
    Horde waves cleared can only be tracked up to 500 by the Endless Summer achievement.
    As of now there is no separate way to track the defeated pins count except for the Seriously POP! achievement tracker in game.

    I would appreciate comments that show what builds you are having success with. I know that depending on your level some pins will be better than others, but right now this is what I am running with their level beside them:

    Dom - 4
    Grinder - 3
    Reyna - 4
    Old Man Marcus - 1
    Marcus - 3
    Ink Grenade - 9
    Gnasher Gang - 5 (I swap this out occasionally maybe for Kait, JD, or Longshot)
    Snub Soldiers - 10 (I swap these out often for something else to try out)

    EDIT Sep 12, 2019: Almost all pins have been either nerfed or buffed so this loadout is not the best at the current state of the game. I am experimenting to find out the best combination for the new pin stats.

    Hopefully this guide gives you a little insight so please leave me a comment for something that would be beneficial to add to this solution. Good Luck!!!
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    Lambent LailI can confirm you do NOT have to currently be in Gold Arena to pop this achievement. I had deranked all the way down to Arena 1 when it popped.
    Posted by Lambent Lail on 08 Sep 19 at 22:27
    The SCHWARTZ 00This doesn't all have to be done in one season, right? The season ends in 7 days and I just hit Gold but Im waaaay behind in wins and Horde waves.
    Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 23 Sep 19 at 00:50
    JuicyjamsThis is the crew i made it with recently and it was aweful. There are bot teams here that will hold you and push you back in certain levels until you realign your team or level them up. You will catch on to which are real and not if you've been playing a while. So the crew I have that is damn near unstoppable currently is this -
    reyna Diaz level 4,
    kait Diaz level 6,
    Drone division level 10,
    Savage grenader level 11,
    Locust drone level 14
    Hammer of dawn level 3,
    Snubb soldiers level 12,
    Sentinel level 9.
    My ultimate has always been the seeder. Level 7.

    The max when ingot this was 2800. It was horrible getting there. Absolutely the worst. As soon as I got there everything was a breeze I win with no trouble now. Its painful and expensive to do. If your not going to pay I wouldn't even think about completing this... ever.
    Posted by Juicyjams on 29 Oct 19 at 02:48
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