Break the cycle achievement in Blair Witch

Break the cycle

Help Ellis to get his redemption.

Break the cycle+2.7
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How to unlock the Break the cycle achievement

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    After reading Leebbullough's solution and Surferhead20's solution, I started wondering what the actual minimum requirements were for this Achievement. So much so, that I gave it a try! I combined information found in both solutions to see what the MINIMUM requirements are for this Achievement, and this is what I came up with...


    - Do NOT break ANY totem

    - You need to have the "pacifist" playstyle, meaning you're not allowed to kill monsters
    with your flashlight

    - Do NOT kill the sheriff in Chapter 17, rather, walk off, through the door

    - Do NOT kill the lumberjack in Chapter 17, rather, walk off, through the door


    - Doesn't matter if you pick up dolls or not

    - Doesn't matter if you pick up pictures or not (excluding the ones in totems of course)

    - Doesn't matter if you make any phonecalls or not

    - Doesn't matter if you read any text message or not

    - Doesn't matter if you choose to leave Bullet or not (Chapter 14)

    - Doesn't matter whether you obey Carver when he gives you orders to stand still, crouch and stand up, or not

    - Doesn't matter whether or not you send Bullet under the tree

    The Achievement should pop after the final cutscene. This playthrough/playstyle should also give you the "Pacifist" Achievement if you haven't already unlocked it.

    Here's a video tutorial on how to get this Achievement:

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    Maiden Ty OneYou can pick up wooden dolls. I just got both this and Pacifist and I picked up a doll by accident at the start.
    Posted by Maiden Ty One on 17 Jan at 20:58
    Yoshi 360I did not kill any enemies, did not break any totems, did not kill the sheriff or the lumberjack in the last chapter, did not leave Bullet, and even patched things up with Jess. Still, I only got the pacifist achievement, not the “break the cycle”! Is there a way to see some kind of statistics within the game or anything to understand what might have gone wrong? Are you guys sure it’s okay to pick up (some) carved figurines?

    edit: It turned out I wasn’t allowed to kill the tree top monsters, either. I thought they were scripted, but they are not and you can finish that level without using your flash light by following the sign and just not bothering with the tree tops.
    Posted by Yoshi 360 on 28 Feb at 23:18
    exorrThe final red doll you MUST put in your backpack by pressing B. Do NOT break it and trigger “psycho mode”. If you trigger psycho mode you will kill people on your way to the basement, wether your trying to or not and fail this achievement. I’m guessing those that missed it, this was the mistake.
    Posted by exorr on 14 Apr at 00:24
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  • LeebbulloughLeebbullough883,757
    01 Sep 2019 01 Sep 2019 05 Sep 2019
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    Your relationship with bullet does not matter as this achievement unlocks with either dog version of the good ending.

    So the basics are don't break any totem things that you get victim photos from and don't destroy the cairn looking ones also. Don't kill any monsters avoid them with the night vision on the camera. Finally make sure to call Jess at every chance you have when you get a signal on your phone.

    I advise doing all the humane acts to guarantee getting the good ending.

    At the start of the game in the sheriffs truck grab the photo of the sheriffs wife and get the number from the back, that's all you gotta do for now.

    In chap 5 when you get to the sheriffs body call his wife right away.

    In chap 11 call the va office when you see the the dead lumberjack.

    In chap 13 when Carver tells you to stop and crouch after the fog part ignore him and keep going.

    In chap 14 just keep walking with the dog until you pass out.

    In chap 15 the monsters on the ceiling can't kill you just use your camera to find the exit ignoring the monsters.

    And in chap 17 ignore the voices instructions to kill the sheriff and lumberjack.

    After that if you did everything right the rage part after you pick up the idol of the woman Ellis killed will not happen you can just walk to the stairs and the remaining dialog will be slightly different.
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    mkdfanIf you’re going for this achievement and also the victim photo achievement on the same run you CAN break totems to get the pictures.
    Just quit to the main menu as soon as you get the photo.
    You will get the percentage towards the photo achievement but loading a previous checkpoint will still have the totem intact.
    You’ll need to replay a few minutes at parts but it’s better than having to do the whole game again.
    Posted by mkdfan on 05 Sep 19 at 10:35
    AnxiousAbejust did this and got pacifist but not break the cycle dont understand how i did all the good things and every thing the guide sez :( maybe the 12gb update messed it up cuz i was like half way thu the game from yesterday when it updated today :(
    Posted by AnxiousAbe on 12 Sep 19 at 14:50
    TharnCI somehow got Break the Cycle but not Pacifist, and the scene where he killed the woman so she wouldn't scream played.
    Posted by TharnC on 12 Nov 19 at 09:59
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    08 Sep 2019 17 Dec 2019
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    PeachCloud87115Thxs buddy this was great 😊💎🏆
    Posted by PeachCloud87115 on 03 Jul at 09:48
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