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Break the cycle

Help Ellis to get his redemption.

Break the cycle-15.1
11 November 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

  • EzzIlIEzzIlI178,205
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    After reading Leebbullough's solution and Surferhead20's solution, I started wondering what the actual minimum requirements were for this Achievement. So much so, that I gave it a try! I combined information found in both solutions to see what the MINIMUM requirements are for this Achievement, and this is what I came up with...


    - Do NOT break ANY totem

    - You need to have the "pacifist" playstyle, meaning you're not allowed to kill monsters
    with your flashlight

    - Do NOT kill the sheriff in Chapter 17, rather, walk off, through the door

    - Do NOT kill the lumberjack in Chapter 17, rather, walk off, through the door


    - Doesn't matter if you pick up dolls or not

    - Doesn't matter if you pick up pictures or not (excluding the ones in totems of course)

    - Doesn't matter if you make any phonecalls or not

    - Doesn't matter if you read any text message or not

    - Doesn't matter if you choose to leave Bullet or not (Chapter 14)

    - Doesn't matter whether you obey Carver when he gives you orders to stand still, crouch and stand up, or not

    - Doesn't matter whether or not you send Bullet under the tree

    The Achievement should pop after the final cutscene. This playthrough/playstyle should also give you the "Pacifist" Achievement if you haven't already unlocked it.

    Here's a video tutorial on how to get this Achievement:

  • LeebbulloughLeebbullough746,547
    01 Sep 2019 01 Sep 2019 05 Sep 2019
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    Your relationship with bullet does not matter as this achievement unlocks with either dog version of the good ending.

    So the basics are don't break any totem things that you get victim photos from and don't destroy the cairn looking ones also. Don't kill any monsters avoid them with the night vision on the camera. Finally make sure to call Jess at every chance you have when you get a signal on your phone.

    I advise doing all the humane acts to guarantee getting the good ending.

    At the start of the game in the sheriffs truck grab the photo of the sheriffs wife and get the number from the back, that's all you gotta do for now.

    In chap 5 when you get to the sheriffs body call his wife right away.

    In chap 11 call the va office when you see the the dead lumberjack.

    In chap 13 when Carver tells you to stop and crouch after the fog part ignore him and keep going.

    In chap 14 just keep walking with the dog until you pass out.

    In chap 15 the monsters on the ceiling can't kill you just use your camera to find the exit ignoring the monsters.

    And in chap 17 ignore the voices instructions to kill the sheriff and lumberjack.

    After that if you did everything right the rage part after you pick up the idol of the woman Ellis killed will not happen you can just walk to the stairs and the remaining dialog will be slightly different.
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