Around the Globe achievement in GRID

Around the Globe

Drive a total distance equal to the circumference of the Earth

Around the Globe-5.3
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How to unlock the Around the Globe achievement

  • laserbearnsharklaserbearnshark455,288
    28 Jan 2021 27 Jan 2021 12 Jul 2021
    19 3 5
    My fellow completionists, don’t worry because there IS a way to do this without going crazy. I guess.

    Ok so what you need:
    -used xbox controller
    -rubber band or your girlfriend’s hair tie thingy
    -something to watch/do

    Once you have all of the above, here’s what you need to do:
    -free play
    -indianapolis oval circuit
    -99 laps
    -bugatti veyron SS
    -rubber band cn_RT and start race
    -grab some snacks, find something to watch/do for the next 142 mins because that’s how long one race takes, but don’t go too far because you have to
    -move cn_RS every 14 mins so your controller doesn’t turn off
    -repeat 85 times (considering you have somewhat finished story mode)

    Yep, EZ. Hope this makes it more fun.

    This is a controller-friendly method. No cn_RS were harmed during boost. Requires your attention instead.

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    CagyCrownCZI am doing this with F1000 (formula) - time 154 min, but in Vehicle Class you must change in first menu to Invitational to be able to choose this formula. Edit: Bcs of following comment, I was doing this with makro keyboard (but I think throttle should be the same, dont see reason why not). Edit2: Test it with rubber band, the same result
    Posted by CagyCrownCZ On 22 Oct 22 at 10:18
    mcnuggestsDoes this really work? If I rubberband RT I keep going off the track and spin, going in the wrong direction and disqualify.
    Posted by mcnuggests On 22 Nov 22 at 12:23
    DaporixHmm… i thought about this cheevo, but i definitely don’t go for it.
    Posted by Daporix On 12 Dec 22 at 22:47
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  • Dr MartyDr Marty1,067,184
    16 Jun 2021 16 May 2021 24 Jul 2022
    28 13 21
    If you don't have a Cronus or similar gadget, this is not for you.

    Here is a totally hands-off AFK Cronus script for this achievement. You just need to press one button!

    Activate it by pressing cn_X. Use it on the Indianapolis Oval Circuit (not the reverse one). I think you should be able to use any car with this macro, but I used the Porsche 917/30. (TheIcemanCometh used the Bugatti Veyron and seems to have better success with it. According to him you can change the throttle from "set_val(XB1_RT, 80)" to 100 in the script below)

    The set up should be as follows:

    Game Mode: Free Play
    Vehicle Category: Invitational
    Vehicle Class: Group 7 Specials
    Grid Size: 1
    Laps: 99
    Make all 5 Events the same.

    I have added some lines to the script that will auto-start the next round for you after each 99 lap race. So, if you set up 5 events, the script will go through all 5 of them for you. It takes 3.6h per 99 laps and around 18h for all 5 events. You can entirely AFK the whole thing. (go to sleep, go to work, hell... go on vacation)

    If you start the script before you go to bed and let it run through your workday, you'll get around 4-5% of your total achievement distance finished every day with the push of only one button.

    The script will pull you to the right every few seconds so that you'll keep grinding the outside wall and don't end up crashing on the inside of the track. Speed is reduced to 80%, since at 100% you would end up bouncing off the wall weirdly after about 2 hours on the track.

    int turbo = 0;
    main {
    if (event_press(XB1_X)) {
    turbo = !turbo;
    if (turbo) {
    } else {

    combo Turbo_1 {
    set_val(XB1_RT, 80);
    set_val(XB1_RT, 0);
    set_val(XB1_LX, 80);
    set_val(XB1_LX, 0);
    set_val(XB1_A, 100);
    set_val(XB1_A, 0);
    If anyone has suggestions on how to improve the macro, I will gladly include them. According to the Xbox Live stats, this took me 350h.
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    Dr MartyLol MagmaticNevada8, like you even care about completions with your 63%. And thanks for the down vote, just because you think the achievement sucks.
    Posted by Dr Marty On 14 Sep 22 at 11:19
    Shaadum59The script works perfectly, it is very easy to use. I bought a Cronus for the occasion (30e) that I will surely sell. The script is quickly imported on the Cronus, the game is set up and it's off for long hours. The console should run day and night for the next 15 days and the success should unlock.
    Thanks a million for sharing the code
    Posted by Shaadum59 On 04 Oct 22 at 09:46
    Shaadum59It's done, thank for the job compute
    Posted by Shaadum59 On 21 Oct 22 at 07:15
  • FireWheels58FireWheels58350,034
    Locked 16 Oct 2019
    24 13 27
    Adding to Riled Wolf's guide

    There are a few ways to do this.

    If you want to do the most distance per race, you can do Okutama GP Grand Circuit or Grand Circuit B being 3.92mi/6.21km long. This will require 64 99 lap races plus a further 17 laps to complete max, with no distance travelled.

    If you want to complete races as quickly as possible, you can do either:
    • Indianapolis Oval Circuit or Reversed - 2.54mi/4.09km (99 99 lap races plus 3 extra laps maximum), or
    • Crescent Valley Oval Circuit - 2.52mi/4.06km (99 99 lap races plus 81 extra laps maximum)

    However the number of 99 lap races to complete will be much less as you play through Career, making some progress towards the achievement as you go.
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    Yeah I'm finding the Bugatti AFK method hard to believe since I'm also slowed down to a crawl when going along the wall. Mind messaging me too please Racer?
    Posted on 13 May 20 at 07:21
    BenjiBurnWhy messaging people? Could you please give the solution in comment so everybody can understand the "trick"
    Posted by BenjiBurn On 02 Sep 20 at 15:02
    Dr MartyI added a solution with a Cronus macro that you guys can use to AFK this achievement.

    It auto-starts all 5 events. So while you sleep and go to work you can get up to 4-5% added to the achievement every day.
    Posted by Dr Marty On 16 May 21 at 18:05
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