The Lady and the Lord achievement in Legend of the Skyfish

The Lady and the Lord

Defeat the boss of the 3rd campaign.

The Lady and the Lord-0.2
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How to unlock the The Lady and the Lord achievement

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    This boss has a few different attacks and no set pattern, so you'll need to pay attention and react to each when it happens... sometimes he'll do the same attack back to back.
    - He will summon spikes from the ground - don't stand on the tiles and this shouldn't be a problem. Once summoned they'll remain until he either performs this attack again and summons a new set of spikes or you stun him (see below).
    - He summons 5 floating orbs around his head and then fires them at you, leaving a damaging cloud on the ground that dissipates quickly. This is pretty easy to avoid by running to one side and then moving toward the opposite side, letting his attacks land behind you.
    - He fires a fairly large energy beam while strafing sideways. You'll know this attack is coming because it's the only time the boss will move. When he starts moving, run in the direction he's headed to lure him to that side and then quickly run all the way across the screen to the opposite side and he should never hit you.
    - He summons a ball of light from his head and launches it at you. This is almost the same as the balls of light you've dealt with for the previous few islands, just hit it with your melee attack to bounce it back; you'll need to do this 3-5 times (4 was pretty standard but I died once because I thought it was always 4 and tried to attack).

    In order to defeat him, you'll need to avoid attacks until he summons the ball of light and then bounce it back at him 3-5 times until he's stunned. At this point he'll fall to the ground and you need to pull yourself to the hatch in front of him and attack as much as possible. Keep hitting him until he gets back up and then reel yourself away. At this point he'll do random attacks again until you stun him again, which you should only need to do 3-4 times if you're getting in there immediately and hitting him 10-12 times per stun.
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