Unstoppable achievement in Torchlight II


Defeat the Nether King in hardcore mode

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How to unlock the Unstoppable achievement

  • Fatal RusHFatal RusH701,198
    13 Sep 2019 04 Sep 2019 23 Sep 2019
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    Not exactly a solution, but more of a heads up that you can actually die and continue your hardcore journey. For those familiar with the Van Helsing hardcore achievements, it works the same way.

    Furthermore, DO NOT NAVIGATE TO ANY OTHER APP, GAME OR SETTINGS. Access the local save game ONLY through manage game & add-ons through the thumbnail's game options (press start). Do anything else and the game WILL SAVE the HC death.
    It's imperative you don't quit or navigate to another app, not even system settings or the store. If you do, you force the game to save before shutting down and hence saving the death to the cloud.
    That is exactly the thing you're avoiding with this trick. Die, don't press anything or quit in any way and delete the save while the game is running.

    - Press the home button
    - Navigate to Torchlight II thumbnail
    - Press start (to the right of home button) to open Game options
    - Select 'Manage game & add-ons'
    - Navigate to 'saved data'
    - Select 'Delete all' (including reserved space, to be sure)
    - In case you would only delete the save game. DO NOT CHOOSE ' Delete everywhere'
    - Confirm deletion
    - If the game hasn't quit yet, do so by bringing up game options and choose 'Quit'
    - Start game

    The game will boot up and sync the cloud save game to your xbox. Lo and behold, there's your HC character again.

    Keep in mind that you do lose some progress... I got set back 3 levels, but it still beats starting over by a mile. You may want to make a habit of going into the menu and save to mitigate the potential progress loss.

    Hope this helps!

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    dersuedwandererJust to be sure - no need to disconnect from WLAN/LAN, if I follow your steps?
    Posted by dersuedwanderer on 11 Nov 20 at 07:09
    Fatal RusHNo, nothing of the sort. You wouldn't be able to sync the cloud save if you unplugged it. 🙂
    Posted by Fatal RusH on 11 Nov 20 at 19:05
    Fatal RusH@Hexa, you can't switch back to casual. You could continue playing on HC and keep using the trick when dying, but it's a bit tedious. I restarted after doing it like that for a bit.
    Posted by Fatal RusH on 11 Nov 20 at 19:06
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  • DigiTekhDigiTekh717,030
    09 Sep 2019 09 Sep 2019 09 Sep 2019
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    This can be obtained on Casual Difficulty with your hardcore character. I attempted my first playthrough as an Embermage but ran into issues of getting overwhelmed and lost that character. Second character I ran an Engineer. Early on Spiderbots and Flame hammer helped crowd control and did massive damage. Later in the game take advantage of Forcefield Skill from the Aegis skill tree, this prevented any health loss at the later stages of the game.

    Blitz Skills
    Flame Hammer (starting)
    Coup De Grace (if points can be spared)
    Construction Skills
    Healing Bot (starting)
    Spider Mines (level 14)
    Gun Bot
    Fire and Spark (if points can be spared)
    Aegis Skills
    Forcefield (level 7)

    Stat Points
    Pump most points in Vitality and Strength then about 2/3 of what you place in those two pump them into Dexterity. Lastly for put points in Focus as needed so you have enough to cast you skills

    Hope this helps those having issues. Always take it slow and sweep and clear areas as you move through the areas/dungeons.

    Note: Other solution provided did not work for me when my hardcore character died.

    Also after posting this i did some research and there is a more in-depth guide for solo hardcore via steam community guides. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=23785...

    Good luck
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    Fatal RusHAh, you can't quit the game. If you do, the game saves for you right before quitting.

    Home button -> manage game -> delete save locally.

    I added it to my solution. I'm really sorry my incomplete information made you lose your character.
    Posted by Fatal RusH on 09 Sep 19 at 22:21
    Pedle ZelnipI did engineer as well and yeah, spiderbots & forcefield are key. For me it was:

    Healing Bot
    Spider Mines

    early on, then as I progressed started adding in:

    Gun Bot
    Aegis of Fate

    And by the time I got to the point where I couldn't put points in those I started adding to:

    Fire and Spark
    Sword and Board

    The first 3 are key, spider mines decimate everything, and forcefield makes you near invincible. If you upgrade healing bot a bit, then you get your mana replenished regularly, so it all combos together well. Basically I went super defensive in my skills and stats (pumped most of my stats into vitality).
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 15 Sep 20 at 02:46
    TymanTheLongEngineer is definitely the class for this. The above guide is excellent but this game has been around since 2012 on PC, so you can search the net for no death engineer builds and get even more ideas.
    Posted by TymanTheLong on 14 Oct 20 at 18:20
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