Completionist achievement in River City Girls


Reach 100% completion.

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How to unlock the Completionist achievement

  • TheQuagnothTheQuagnoth97,348
    11 Sep 2019 11 Sep 2019 12 Sep 2019
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    Ok just a simple run down of everything you will need to get this.
    So quick change thanks to not needing the cats accessory to get this achievement if you just need to beat the game 1 time to get this and then you can just grind the money for all the moves on all the character and all shop items minus the secret shop to get this.Thanks again to Avalon HK for pointing out you don't need the cats to get this

    Shop's - Everything you can buy other then the secret shop the 2 pendents in the secret shop do not count for 100%

    LVL's- Everyone to at least 12 and go through and buy everyone skills this includes buying them on the 2 Secret Characters. (this is was slowed me down had no clue had to buy on all character so if your sitting at 88% and don't have this yet go buy all the skills from the dojo what got it for me)

    Quests- As long as you complete all side missions at least once you will be fine

    Accessory- All Other then the 2 in the secret shop and 1 from the cats in NG+(meaning you need all statues) (Thanks to Avalon HK for pointin out you dont need the NG+ cats for the 100%)

    Recruits- I believe you only need one of each witch you can get just playing through the game normal you do not need to get them all for this achievement or the 100%

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    WarMachine9494I can confirm that the secret shop items and NG+ cats are Not required for this achievement. I obtained it without collecting any cats or buying the secret items.
    Posted by WarMachine9494 on 09 Oct at 19:23
    WarMachine9494I can confirm that the secret shop items and NG+ cats are Not required for this achievement. I obtained it without collecting any cats or buying the secret items.
    Posted by WarMachine9494 on 09 Oct at 19:25
    nightw0lfThis achievement is either glitchy or has some inconsistent requirements that haven't truly been determined yet. I know others have been able to unlock it without the cats and secret shop items, but I had to collect those to get it to unlock.
    Posted by nightw0lf on 17 Oct at 07:07
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  • PinskiPinski793,334
    20 Nov 2020 30 Nov 2020 18 Jan 2021
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    TheOnlyMattohaving all the shops marked is super useful. TY
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 13 Jan at 02:02
  • BananathorBananathor211,413
    23 Dec 2020 23 Dec 2020 23 Dec 2020
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    ok so, for this one i highly recomend you to do a NG+ i will list the things that you need to get it

    1.-all the sabu statues. (this will give you an accesory that you need for the secret boss

    2.-all Goudai misions, there are 4 of them.
    2.1 get him a hamburger
    2.2 destroy the mayor's golden statue
    2.3 destroy all cars on of the rich people
    2.4 beat the yakuza informant.

    3.- get all the items at shops. (for this one i'm reffering to healing items and accessories)

    4.- all the cats location (only NG+, this will give you an accesory that gives you infinite sp)

    5.- buy all the move set for all the characters: for this one is mostly easy when you finish the game there is to male playable chars that will be unloked after defeating the last boss (sabu; this one also give you the second pice accesory related to the sabu statues for the secret boss) so just afther finishing the game play the NG+ and buy all the moves for this tow and the girl is mising in my case was kioko

    6.- get all the henchman you can see this one on the telephone the basicaly beg you to stop this is indicated whit a pray sing over the enemys heads

    7.- get an item from the secret shop: for this one you need to get 5k of money after the second run on NG+ you should get enoght money to do it i did it whit kyoko since i have 8k at the end of the second play of course these are the most powerful accesories on the game but by the time you got them you will be almost done.


    8.-engridients side mision: there is a side misione that will be unlocked after you exit the school and get the key to unlock all the rooms, this one is on the kitchen of the school, there the chef whill ask you to get 4 ingridients get all of them this will give you acces to an accesory.

    disclaimer: all the videos that i show are from other ppl so if you like them and help you in some way consider suscribe here are the channels.

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