O.M.G. Seriously? achievement in River City Girls

O.M.G. Seriously?

K.O. the secret boss.

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How to unlock the O.M.G. Seriously? achievement

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    To unlock the secret boss fight you need two items, the Hasabe Charm and the Mami Charm.

    The Hasabe Charm is unlocked after beating Sabuko when you finish the game, the Mami Charm is unlocked after you destroy all 25 statues.

    Once you have both items, equip them, and return to the room where you fought Sabuko. This will trigger the secret boss fight to start. It's not too difficult, just have some food on you in case you get into trouble. Just be ready for a fourth phase just like the Sabuko fight, and make sure you attack the Mami angel during this phase to get through it quickly.
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    jrod39Just to clarify--the angel will be of whichever character (Hasebe or Mami) you hit to empty the third health bar. I've run through it multiple times and there's no advantage to specifically targeting one or the other--just attack the angel as quickly as you can. The 2D nature of the game makes it a little tough to line it up.

    When they go into their spin attack, just dodge from left to right and vice versa using the double-press of LS to run faster. They'll alternate sides four times and then return to the center where they'll end up dizzy and stunned for a moment. I haven't worked out a good way to deal with the roller ball attack.

    It's also worth noting that you don't have to keep the charms active once the fight starts. If you have other items which you'd like to enable--like, perhaps, the items from the secret shop? :)--just pause once the fight starts and switch to them. With those items the fight takes about 45 seconds (three Y attacks and one jumping X attack on the angel).
    Posted by jrod39 on 23 Dec 20 at 18:10
    TheOnlyMattofor the roller ball attack, they do a figure 8. Found it easiest to stay in the bottom right and jump to the top right as she rolls down towards you. Then just dodge the hearts. Only got hit once.

    For lining up the angel, use their shadow. Jump and hit them. If you can't see the shadow, jump from the lower portion of the screen where you also can't see your shadow.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 13 Jan at 00:19
    KashThePriestIs it just me or are these guys hard? I’ve beaten the original boss on hard barely taking a hit but these guys... am I doing something wrong?
    Posted by KashThePriest on 18 Feb at 14:54
    DubstepEdgelordI want to say if you somehow kill the boss without hitting the ghost for the last hit that the game softlocks and you have to fight the boss again. That was my experience anyway.
    Posted by DubstepEdgelord on 10 Mar at 03:56
    MasterCrafty77I am Glitched too.... Got all 25 statues - Achievement Popped but no Mami statue pops up in inventory.... any ideas?
    Posted by MasterCrafty77 on 20 Mar at 07:07
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