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Finish "World War III" with all 3 Factions on Hardcore.

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How to unlock the OpFor achievement

  • Commander MasonCommander Mason108,124
    27 Jul 2009 23 Jul 2009 23 Aug 2009
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    It's reasonably hard, but not impossible, to complete the game on Hardcore "normally" by using all your units etcetera because the enemy always knows which unit and what distance to stay and keep from you to ensure you come off worse. By "normally" I mean as in using different units, ground units, air units etcetera - battles are especially hard because you have to annihilate all enemy forces.

    Easiest way to get this on Hardcore below...

    Always play Conquest missions when given the option to do and always try and do the conquest missions where your front line will advance if you win. Don't bother playing the conquest ones where you are defending because there is no point because as this is on Hardcore and the enemy commanders will ALWAYS be two or three ranks above you, when you beat them your other forces will get a morale boost and will very rarely be defeated defending.

    Upgrade riflemen from the start to be able to have deep strike ability and, if European, upgrade them so they can capture uplinks faster. Now just deep strike to all the uplinks and capture them all quickly, you will lose units and sometimes lose uplinks but it's easy to get them back. I completed the American and European campaigns on Hardcore this way, and doing the Russian campaign this way as well (slightly harder with them because they're so stupidly slow) and have 25 territories so far.

    So basically, make sure your riflemen have deep strike ability and always deploy with Command Vehicle and the rest riflemen units. Don't ever both moving the CV, just move the riflemen to the nearest uplinks and then use the command points you get to deep strike riflemen behind enemy lines to capture more and start the victory timer. Enemy never uses their WMD because they wait for you have to more than two units in one position and you should only have one riflemen units at each uplinks at max, usually I just capture the uplink and move them off to a new uplink, I finish matches on Hardcore within 12 minutes usually, my max time has been 17 minutes.

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    ScottMacFreedomWoah Commander! When did you change your gamer pic?
    And I tried this method on multiple occasions. And it always failed.
    Tried again last night and I figured maybe I should just try only riflemen... Amazing!
    Posted by ScottMacFreedom on 15 Feb 13 at 21:23
    zxgreyDUDE please tell me u had to capture all three faction cause my trophy didn't pop yes I have it for the PS3 I just finish on hardcore & nothing happen
    Posted by zxgrey on 07 Jun 13 at 01:24
    Epsilon ThetaI am not sure what you mean. You have to complete the campaign on Hardcore with all three factions which means you need to to three playthroughs!
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 07 Jun 13 at 11:26
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  • SashamorningSashamorning1,871,076
    08 Sep 2011 08 Apr 2012
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    Edit: You *MUST* play through the Prelude to War to get this achievement, and you *MUST* replay the last mission of the prologue (Turning Point) every time you play through a campaign, because that's when you choose your faction. I saved before that mission and just replayed that mission when I did my second and third factions, but you have to play that in order to get the achievement. You cannot simply start at the beginning of WWIII.

    This is a daunting task and will take some understanding of how the game works, but it isn't impossible.

    I would modify the other solutions slightly. By far, the best way to get this is to spend two upgrades to enable your Riflemen to have Deep Strike. Don't upgrade any others. Why? Because your enemy will always be of higher rank, so whenever you level up, so do they. No use in making life more difficult for you.

    Always use Conquests whenever possible, and always be the Attacker. ONLY deploy Riflemen. CVs take up a space that you could be using to capture uplinks faster. Use your voice (or trigger) commands to move your units faster. I found that I was able to get by just fine without the SitRep during Conquest by using the map in the top right.

    To be clear about how to use Deep Strike without a CV: You need 10 CPs. You have to call the Deep Strike *WHEN* you call in the Riflemen. Say you want to bring in unit 3 and insert them at Sierra: the way to do it manually is to select your Riflemen to call them in (4 CPs) and then *IMMEDIATELY* select "Unit 3 Move To Sierra" (6 CPs). If you wait too long, that unit will automatically deploy at the LZ, and you'll miss the chance to Deep Strike. This is how voice commands can be really handy.

    Many of the maps have two uplinks nearby. Start by sending both units to uplinks, and by the time one of them has been captured, you should have the 10 CPs necessary to Deep Strike your next unit far across the battlefield. Take one close to your opponent, then work backwards. That way your initial units are moving forward, while your DS units are moving backward, attacking the battlefield from both sides. Don't bother with upgrading for the most part, just keep sending more Riflemen to uplinks to capture and defend, and recapture when necessary.

    Unfortunately, you won't be able to only use Conquests. However, Battles can be won with some preparation. Play it safe. Fortify your area and let them come to you.

    My personal strategy was to start with a CV, artillery, a transport, and a tank. Immediately after starting, call in a gunship; they enter the battlefield faster than other units since they fly. Your opponent will almost always send a gunship over to take a look. Move your artillery toward the center of your area, with your transport, tank, and gunship toward the front. Move your CV to the rear, but don't forget to use your Drones to attack. Don't cluster your vehicles. Later I would call in anything that was shot down, and I tried to keep two transports out at first to take down the fast-moving gunships. Don't bring out all your reserves early. Wait to see what they attack with so you can counter.

    I found that the gunship would make baiting moves, trying to lure your transports or other vehicles into artillery range. Don't fall for it. Keep your units back, and hit them when they come into range of your artillery. Depending on the map, you may want to garrison your infantry for better attack.

    Make sure you manage your save files. I suggest keeping your last save before you finish a faction. Also keep earlier saves from the campaign. If you aren't gaining territories (even if you're winning), go back to a previous save. Once you get past Turn 20 or so, your enemy will be leveling far enough above you that some missions may be over your head (and you still don't want to upgrade your units). In this case, drop back and try different battles.

    It took me 9 turns for the US, about 16 for Europe, and about 21 for Russia. My last battle was the first day of Paris; I didn't even need to take the capital. I had to back up a couple of times in both Europe and Russia. Don't be discouraged if you have to back up. Learn from your mistakes, and don't advance if you lose unless you just don't see a way around it.

    OpFor will pop in the final screen after the last battle on your last faction.
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    Shadow 00 FoxAlso, once your riflemen have captured a point, and they don't have another one to go too, have them attack random AI units, it'll distract the AI from your true purpose, as your riflemen normally are invisible with the deep strike upgrade(it grants them active camouflage). I was thinking about writing another solution, but it's better if I just add to these great solutions here with my tips.
    Don't forget to replay your saves for different conquest missions if you don't gain any territories, or more than 1 early on! I did that with my Ruskies and finished in 7 with a win.
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 09 Jan 14 at 07:39
    ENGINEER H4RR7What is wrong with the infantry, they they keep getting stuck at the uplinks doors and refuse to capture them every time I deep drop them. it so frustrating cause they can't capture uplinks this way!!!!
    Posted by ENGINEER H4RR7 on 17 Jul 18 at 19:16
    SashamorningPotentially obvious question, but are you ordering them to capture the uplink?

    There are times when the AI is frustratingly stupid. I completely agree.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 17 Jul 18 at 20:20
  • mzivtinsmzivtins257,048
    14 Jul 2010
    4 0 5
    I agree with both of the other solutions, utterly brilliant! by following these you should beat each hardcore war in 13-16 turns easily!

    Where battle is concerned i always use this for battle space deployment:
    (if you are doing battle early on you may not have such a large deployement to start with, so just be smart, use 1 of each type to begin with, maybe forgetting about the tanks as you have engineers and artillery etc)
    1: Command Vehicle
    2: APC
    3: Tank (this always did the least work so feel free to swap out)
    4: 2x Artillery (absolutely essential)
    5: 3x Engineers (in cover on your front line)
    6: 2x Choppers (use these to sniff out hostile artillery and find targets for your artillery)

    Check out this map of the strategic layout, it will help you understand what im trying to explain (its hard to explain non visually)
    External image

    Always position artillery at the rear of your force, try and put some distance between to two units, imagine a line between them being parrallel to the enemy, the green line in the picture represents the firing solution of the artillery, as you can see you are covered from all angles. However, you can not see right to the edge of the firing solution unless you have attack upgrade 4 on artillery, so this is where your choppers come in, just fly around and then when you get a visual have the artillery pound them!

    Your engineers are the ONLY thing that will keep hostile chopper unit away, the apc is quick at taking sheilds down but your engineers will always have them running away without even firing, what you will find is that the choppers will keep going back and forth and every time they will loose a little health.

    For paris (which the picture is based on) i took two uplinks that were within my forces area, you really only need one, but have two if you have the ability to airstrike as you will want air strike and electronic warfare upgrades on these.

    Use your choppers as scout vehicles (example is the blue lines in the map picture) and as emergency firepower if you find a tank encroaching on your position (again your engineers will more than likely scare these off!) if you do find your unit taking artillery fire scout around quick with your choppers, try not to engage directly as a hardcore AI is the master at getting the upper hand (you will soon find APC's on your ass!) insead use EMP followed by airstrike as emp lower sheilds and stopd them from firing.

    What you will find is that nearly all battles and seiges will be full of choppers, infantry and transports (APC's) this method works on every map type i have played and thus far in 48 hours from start to finish i have managed the JSF and RUSSIAN hardcore wins both in less than 16 turns (about 4hours each)

    As i said before you dont really need a tank at all, but it just feels more complete having it there, sometime did swap it out for another chopper or Transport (APC) depending on how heavy the opposision was.

    Remember to keep some distance between your units, on the map above this is fine apart from the centre point where your tank, apc and an engineer squad are, the AI will never use a nuke etc on your unless he can take out 2+ units at once, sometimes you just have to bite it but you will never loose more than 2-3 units in a nuke using this method, and these should be your first losses meaning you are left with the enemy out of reserves with only 5 or left units left on the battlefield whilst you have 7 on the battlefield and around 7 in reserve. He will crash an up link, but you have two so it doesnt matter... and if he did use the super-power, you have that bad boy to play with ;-)

    Thanks again to the other solutions that allowed me to get as far as i have, conquest is a doddle! check them out!!
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    I Ebon Hawk Ithe image is still broken :(
    Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 01 Jun 12 at 02:45
    ScottMacFreedomIf possible, please try and get that image again.
    Posted by ScottMacFreedom on 15 Feb 13 at 21:13
    ZZBroncosThe image is still down. You can now upload images directly to TA so you might try that
    Posted by ZZBroncos on 06 Sep 13 at 02:42
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