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Score a goal from a Free Kick

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Achievement Guide for Sharpshooter

  • Trip0dT0mTrip0dT0m227,039
    29 Sep 2019 29 Sep 2019
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    hey guys :)

    this achievement is really easy if you use a second controller so i managed to get this achievement and 3 others in 1 game :)

    check out the video guide below

    but to get this achievement on its own you can just go to kick off , get your second controller to foul you, move the gk out the way with the select button and you will then have an open goal to shoot into :)
  • Cheevo GuidesCheevo Guides64,731
    22 Sep 2019 03 Oct 2019 03 Oct 2019
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    I recommend Combing this with the "Natural Talent" Achievement.
    -Start a Quick Play game against your 2nd controller
    -You want foul p1 with p2. You can do this by sliding into them with cn_X
    *make sure you are outside of the shooting box. If you get fouled inside of the box then that is a penalty kick and not a free kick.
    -Once the Free Kick Starts. Press cn_back with P2 to gain control of the Goalkeeper. Move the player all the way left. Out of the way. For a clear and easy shot
    -Target the wide open space and Shoot the Easy Free Kick with P1.
    -Next we need to let P2 score a goal so we tie the game
    -Once its tied, wait until time runs out.
    -Choose Penalties
    -Now we need to win in Penalties without missing. So just make sure you move the goalie with P2. And then aim in the wide open space with P1.
    *To use the shooting meter. You DO NOT hold the shot button. You have to PRESS the shot button TWICE. Once to start the shot, and then once again when its GREEN in the shot meter
    -After you Win in Penalties with no Misses you will Unlock:
    🏆Natural Talent🏆
    20 Sep 2019 20 Sep 2019 20 Sep 2019
  • HyperZoanoid81HyperZoanoid81282,192
    21 Oct 2019 22 Oct 2019 22 Oct 2019
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    This Achievemnet may be glitched!

    I was playing a game as normal when I hit the post it bounced back and went in off my opponents defender. OG Happy Days. I would add my initial shot wasnt from a free kick either.

    Even better the achievement popped randomly a few seconds later?
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