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Club Legend

Reach 200 club appearances with a player in FIFA Ultimate Team

Club Legend-107.4
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  • MaurickShepherdMaurickShepherd267,934
    08 Oct 2019 13 Oct 2019
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    This achievement requires one player to play 200 times for you in FIFA Ultimate Team, or FUT.

    I don't have this achievement yet, but have reached ~ 600 appearances for several players in every FIFA since 13, so I speak from experience.

    Most people know about this mode, but for those that don't, it's essentially a mode where every player in the game has a card, one you must either obtain via a pack (earned through squad building challenges, season objectives, Squad Battles, Rivals, FUT Champions or just buying them directly) or buying them directly on the transfer market (run entirely by players).

    Essentially, there are two ways to obtain this achievement: use one player/squad for 200 games or by subbing in a player 200 times. The best way to play for more casual players or even just those that don't want stress from online is Squad Battles.

    If you play Squad Battles, that's 46 games a week. How it works is you play against AI, you choose the difficulty, and you get 44 standard player squads to play against, as well as the featured squad of the week (usually a celebrity) and a Team of the Week (highest performing players across the world that week EA reward an upgraded card over their original card).

    You don't have to win or lose, the player just has to make an appearance on the pitch. Like I said earlier, you can either try to use one squad consistently or play whatever starting XI you'd like but have a player on the bench you sub on late or however you see fit. The achievement is very simple, however, I thought this could help those less experienced with FUT to get the achievement the least-stressed and probably easiest way possible.

    As an additive, here's the math:

    Each game has two six-minute halves: that's 12-minute games. You need to play 200 games, so that's 2400 minutes. Each week, you play 46 games, or 9 hours and 12 minutes each week. This achievement will at the very minimum take you a minimum of 40 hours of consistent play total. However, that's not considering how much time you spend opening packs, buying players, perusing menus: this will take you about a month. At a minimum unless you play online.

    Some tips to speed up games and miscellaneous tips:

    - Press A for opening cutscenes, every goal kick, throw in and foul. This skips the thematics.
    - Press LB + RB after you score a goal/concede. It takes you immediately to kick off instead of having to watch the goal scored.
    - The less action, the quicker the game is over. If you score five goals, you've reached the maximum amount of points given for goals, so there's no point in scoring more: hold the ball, the AI rarely presses you.
    - Stockpile plenty of fitness cards. When the player you're trying to reach 200 appearances with reaches 75-80 fitness, apply one. They can be packed in bronze packs (400 coins) or bought on the market each for 200.
    - If the player gets injured, when you get back to the squad menu, flick RS left or right until it shows the status of the player on the card as "Injured: type of injury: Out for X games" and use that to determine what type of card to buy for him. Injury cards also go for 200 coins. The alternative is to put him in the reserves, but that will take him out for however many games he is out for.

    Hope this all helps. If you have any other questions or need more advice, I can reply here to comments or DM me. Good luck, footballer!

    Edit: (Thanks, Unique Hatton!)You can also back out of games after starting them and at least kicking off. Those will count toward player appearances. Sounds really useful if you’re getting closer later on :)
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