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...Between The Eyes

Assisted in escaping the Storage Room ..and no the answer is not a nose

...Between The Eyes0
28 September 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for ...Between The Eyes

  • BiLLzuMaNaTiBiLLzuMaNaTi1,949,835
    30 Aug 2019 16 Sep 2019 16 Sep 2019
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    ‪This is a 2 player online only co-op game.
    One player plays as the explorer and the other is the librarian
    You need to do 2 and a half playthroughs to get all the achievements
    The game takes about 15-20 mins to finish a playthrough
    You have to playthrough once as the explorer then once as the librarian
    Then you need to play up to the dungeon for the last achievement
    You need to do each puzzle perfect the first time for an achievement
    You also need to do a play through without dying
    My video is 18 mins long and it will guide both sides through simultaneously
    The explorer does most of the work

    For this achievement you need to solve puzzle 1 (eyes) as the librarian. See in video at 1:30

    Achievement Walkthrough:

    Invite: 0:40
    Puzzle 1 (Eyes): 1:30
    Puzzle 2 (Paintings): 2:50
    Puzzle 3 (Valves): 4:00
    Puzzle 4 (Dungeon): 5:00
    Puzzle 5 (Chess): 7:50
    Puzzle 6 (Spikes): 9:25
    Puzzle 7 (Theater) 11:15
    Ending: 15:35‬
  • Cheevo GuidesCheevo Guides67,078
    14 Sep 2019 16 Sep 2019
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    You must ask your partner the Colors of the eyes on the wall. You will take those colors and look at the chart on the wall. Explain the symbols associated with those eyes.
    Once your partner presses the correct symbols on the wall. Your Cheevo will unlock🏆
    Librarian Walkthrough:
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