05 Sep 19

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Pennies from Heaven

Scavenge supplies from all fallen Condors in Act 2 and Act 3

Pennies from Heaven+0.1
26 November 2019 - 2 guides

Achievement Guide for Pennies from Heaven

  • Little 3vilLittle 3vil535,906
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    14/09/2019: This achievement is gllitchy at the moment due to server issues or bugs in the game.

    There are four fallen Condor sites total. One is unmissable because you'll pass through it during a required mission, The others will show up as question marks when you get close to them.

    Two can be found in Act 2 - chapter 4; one way up north and the other around the center of the map.
    There is another crashed Condor with a safe in the North communication tower mission.
    The fourth can be found in Act 3 - chapter 2 and 3 in the South East corner of the map, it's in the storm on the way to the Turntable station. Keep as much to the right as possible on the way and you'll run into it automatically. You can also go back after you finished chapter 2.

    There is a good amount of enemies found at these locations and after you've killed all of them you have to open the save with Jack and loot the content to complete that location.

    A tip from Sashamorning: wait until it says the objective is completed before leaving

    Tip from TheLightMaster: The story related Condor in the Cosmonaut facility mission (main mission) is not required for this achievement. I can confirm because I got the achievement before I did this mission. The one on the way to the North comm tower is probably not needed either but you need the components so it can't hurt either.

    Here is a great video explaining it all in detail by Maka91, make sure to give it a like on his channel!

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    Must be done in One Play-Through!
    *This may have changed as my friend just randomly had this pop for him when he started up Gears 5 [Oct 31/19] and he hasn't played campaign in weeks prior (I can confirm that). If anyone else could help confirm this that would be much appreciated :D

    - Start on Act 2 Chapter 4 "The Source Of It All"
    (Beginner is recommended) and play continuously up up Act 3 Chapter 2 "Rocket Plan"

    -- ACT 2 CH 4 "The Source Of It All" (2) --
    (0:20) Condor Crash Site #1 - NE of “Old COG Wall”
    (1:57) Condor Crash Site #2 - N of “Condor Crash Site” #1 (Close to North Com Tower)

    -- ACT 3 CH 2 "Rocket Plan" or CH 3 "Some Assembly Required" (1) --
    (3:06) Condor Crash Site #3 - Just before “Train Turntable” to the right

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