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Back on Your Feet, Soldier!

Use Jack's STIM upgraded ability to revive a DBNO friendly in Campaign

Back on Your Feet, Soldier!-0.1
28 September 2019 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for Back on Your Feet, Soldier!

  • MasterIJMasterIJ361,101
    11 Sep 2019 12 Sep 2019
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    You can complete nearly all Jack's achievements @ Act IV Ch 1.
    At this point you should have alot of component points left to get
    Barrier (Take all 3 abilitys)
    STIM (Just Revive; cost 8)
    Cloak (Speed + Duration)
    Hijack (Duration)
    Shock trap (Nothing needed)
    Flash (Range)

    Load it up, get to the point where the swarmak is, and rush to the warden
    -> Use Barrier and reflect bullets of some drones - you should leave at least one
    Gears 5Back AtchaThe Back Atcha achievement in Gears 5 worth 34 pointsGet a kill with ricochet bullets using Jack's Barrier Ability

    -> let ur Teammate get downed by the warden and use STIM for revive
    Gears 5Back on Your Feet, Soldier!The Back on Your Feet, Soldier! achievement in Gears 5 worth 20 pointsUse Jack's STIM upgraded ability to revive a DBNO friendly in Campaign

    -> Hijack him and let the warden get a kill, thats why u should leave a drone
    Gears 5An Enemy Among UsThe An Enemy Among Us achievement in Gears 5 worth 59 pointsGet a kill with a Hijacked Pouncer, Warden, Stump and Elite Hunter in Campaign

    Proceed further to the Rejects
    ->Use Cloak , and get the 3 kills for
    Gears 5SeraninjaThe Seraninja achievement in Gears 5 worth 26 pointsUse Jack's Cloak ability to cloak and execute 3 enemies before de-cloaking in Campaign

    ->Reload checkpoint . rush in, take right path until you come to this room and use Shock Trap to hit 6 enemies
    External image

    Gears 5Shock and AweThe Shock and Awe achievement in Gears 5 worth 18 pointsUse Jack's Shock Trap ability to shock 6 enemies at once in Campaign

    ->Reload, repeat and use Flash instead - hit atleast 3, you can do it earlier too.
    Gears 5I Was Born in a Crossfire HurricaneThe I Was Born in a Crossfire Hurricane achievement in Gears 5 worth 15 pointsUse Jack's Flash ability to stun 3 enemies at once in Campaign

    ->Reload if you want to get 100 Reject Execute - takes about ~15 min
    Gears 5A Good Plan, Violently ExecutedThe A Good Plan, Violently Executed achievement in Gears 5 worth 47 pointsExecute 100 Rejects (any mode)

    In the next Room you can Hijack the Stump and get a kill with it (2/4 Enemy Among Us)

    Proceed, you will open a door an see the next enemy you are going to Hijack. Wait till the Pouncer jumped down and Hijack him and get a kill (3/4 Enemy Among Us)

    Clear the Area, then you need to defend the area. In the first wave the last enemy for the achievement appears, the Elite Hunter (invisible/cloaked Torque Bow Drones). Hijack one , let him kill a drone and you are done. (4/4 Enemy Among Us)
  • BradLeafsFan9BradLeafsFan9361,040 361,040 GamerScore
    18 Sep 2019 20 Sep 2019 22 Nov 2019
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    Unlock Jack's Stim Ability and buy the "Revive" upgrade

    - Once unlocked press cn_Y near a downed friendly to revive his using the ability
    (Will unlock for BOTH players if playing in Co-op)

    - I started Act 4 Ch 1 w/ 2 controllers. Me on Beginner and the other on Experienced (Insane won't let you get DBNO, you just die)

    - Then just walk the 2nd player to the car cover, make sure to buy the "Revive" upgrade, then press cn_Y once he/she is downed before your friendlies pick him/her up

    All of my Gears 5 Achievement Guides can be found here! :) (Mobile Friendly)
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  • OEhnsky81OEhnsky81412,787
    10 Sep 2019 10 Sep 2019
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    You will get the Stim Upgrade in the middle of Act 1 to walk through fire.

    Upgrade Stim 3 Times

    When your Partner is down walk over to him and press Y --- NOT X!!!

    Note: Of course Jack must have equipped the Stim Ability!!!
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