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Complete a Versus match with a team of four Level 5 Gears Allies

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How to unlock the BFFs achievement

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    Operation 4 Update has made this easier.

    Thanks to Davis 888 for the update The new xp requirements are below.

    0-1 = 25 ally xp - At level 1 ally you will get an extra 2% xp
    1-2 = 125 ally xp - 4% xp
    2-3 = 250 ally xp - 6% xp
    3-4 = 750 ally xp - 8% xp
    4-5 = 1000 ally xp - 10% xp
    5-6 = 2500 ally xp - 11% xp
    6-7 = 5000 ally xp - 12% xp
    7-8 = 7500 ally xp - 13% xp
    8-9 = 10000 ally xp - 14% xp
    9-10 = 20000 ally xp - 15% xp

    The article also talks about the patch note which is here:
    Gears 5 Operation 4 makes some achievements significantly easier to unlock

    This is excellent news for those who were discouraged about grinding this with the same 5 people for over 50 or so hours it took before. A welcome change.

    A good method of getting you Ally xp is to play Gridiron in co-op vs ai. Thank you to Hooded Claw 006.

    You will earn 70 ally xp per game.

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    SKRILLA VILLAINFrom Uk looking to get this have a friend as well.. add me SKRILLA VILLAIN
    Posted by SKRILLA VILLAIN on 23 Aug at 14:05
    My Phantom PainI'm on and playing most days from 5pm EST or weekends. Working for this and all other achievements. GT: My Phantom Pain
    Posted by My Phantom Pain on 30 Aug at 12:37
    LuentrixIm always on after 6pm eastern time please add me
    Posted by Luentrix on 20 Sep at 17:40
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    06 Apr 2020 06 Apr 2020 20 Jul 2020
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    As of Operation 4 the honor required to reach level 5 has been drastically reduced. It is now less than 1/10th the amount previously required to unlock the achievement and a huge slap in the face to those of us who earned this pre-update.

    The new levels are as follows

    LVL 1 Needs 25 Ally XP Totalling 25 Awarding 2% XP Bonus
    LVL 2 Needs 125 Ally XP Totalling 150 Awarding 4% XP Bonus
    LVL 3 Needs 250 Ally XP Totalling 400 Awarding 6% XP Bonus
    LVL 4 Needs 750 Ally XP Totalling 1150 Awarding 8% XP Bonus
    LVL 5 Needs 1000 Ally XP Totalling 2150 Awarding 10% XP Bonus
    LVL 6 Needs 2500 Ally XP Totalling 4650 Awarding 11% XP Bonus
    LVL 7 Needs 5000 Ally XP Totalling 9650 Awarding 12% XP Bonus
    LVL 8 Needs 7500 Ally XP Totalling 17150 Awarding 13% XP Bonus
    LVL 9 Needs 10000 Ally XP Totalling 27150 Awarding 14% XP Bonus
    LVL10 Needs 20000 Ally XP Totalling 47150 Awarding 15% XP bonus

    The new lvl 5 requirement for BFF's is now 2150 honor. It appears that some of the Ally XP rewarded for game modes has been altered as well. Guardian pays out 5 honor per round (half what it used to). Gridiron now pays out 10 honor per round (more than double pre patch). Will verify soon

    BFF's can now be earned in 31 games of Gridiron, 144 games of guardian or 136 games of dodgeball. Given the changes Gridiron is the clear choice as BFF can now be earned in a single sitting.

    Anyone who earned this before Operation 4 will now be Level 8 or 9 Allies which comes with a nice XP boost. A lobby with your BFF's can net you an additional 52%-56% additional XP. Let's hope they never release an "Ultimate BFF" achievement on a future update. The idea of having to earn an extra 21000 Ally XP is depressing.

    The original solution will be kept available as a testament to how difficult this achievement once was.


    Allies are people on your friends list who who've played Gears 5 with. As the description states "four Level 5 Allies". This plus yourself is 5 people. All 5 people need to be friends and level 5 allies with each other to get BFFs to unlock.

    This is the Ally XP requirement as of operation 2.

    LVL 1 125 honor +2 % xp
    LVL 2 500 honor +4 % xp
    LVL 3 3000 honor +6 % xp
    LVL 4 7500 honor +8 % xp
    LVL 5 15000 honor +10 % xp

    Total honor required 26125

    Each level of Allies is accompanied by a 2% xp boost per person. A match where all your teammates are LVL 1 allies with you will result in an 8% bonus xp per match, LVL 2 is a 16% bonus and so on


    You must choose a committed group for this. One person stops playing, everyone must start over. I can't stress this enough. It has to be one for all and all for one. Otherwise don't even attempt it. Its a waste of time. Special thanks to my LVL 5 Allies. xEaglEXAssassin, spxyu02, Maxiimum Chaos, EaglesFan520. Thank you for being good, honorable people.

    Complete a Campaign chapter = 10 honor
    Win a Versus Multiplayer round = 8 - 10 honor
    Complete one chapter of Escape = 10 honor
    Complete one wave of Horde = 3 honor

    There is some debate over the fastest method.

    Co-op Vs AI on Beginner leaves little to chance and in my opinion is the most efficient. Unfortunately, since Operation 3 was released the AI is more aggressive and doesn't group together. Taking them all out on Icebound with a single Dropshot will not happen anymore.

    Dodgeball yields 32 honor per 4 round match averaging 450 - 480 honor/hour. This was how we started during operation 2. It was the highest honor value, however the extra round resulted in an average match over 4 minutes.

    Guardian yields 30 honor per 3 round match averaging 480-510 honor/hour. As it is 1 fewer round we averaged under 4 minutes per match.

    Either way it is a 55 hour grind minimum (about 880 matches). Realistically, 80 hours due to lag outs, dropped games, longer rounds, tardy allies, etc. Thus the importance of a committed group. It will take time to figure out the patterns of the AI on each map, As you do the matches per hour will increase and hopefully minimize the hours required.

    This will take days if not weeks of cooperative playing. Always play together as a group. If there is a day where one person cant make it, skip the session. Grinding honor with less than the full squad will not get you any closer to the acheivement as everyone needs to be LVL 5 with each other for BFFs to unlock.

    Best of luck.
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    Out of curiousity, if people were to have a second box, could you not put 5 allies on one team and secondary accounts on the second team and play a game that is quick to crush the other team, staying in a rolling lobby to get the most XP? is it really 10XP per round of gridon or guardian?
    I'm certain you could double box it. You'll probably average over 500 honor per hour as well since you aren't chasing AI around the map. You'll need to be wary of being kicked for idling, I believe its a 1 minute timer. Our quickest rounds were 14 to 17 seconds against the AI but anything under 30 seconds was good. if you can average 20 seconds or under per round you'll definitely reduce the time investment. I have no idea how much honor gridiron pays out but Guardian is 10 points per round. There is currently no way to do Gridiron in Co-op vs AI. Co-op V AI Guardian is the most efficient means to farm honor short of double boxing.
    Posted by SPARTANKING8675 on 26 Apr at 04:54
    Kanchanaburii am currently looking at the allies and my level 2 allies state that i need x/3625 XP and my level 3 allies say X/11250 XP. it seems they increase the needed XP for allies.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 07 May at 05:20
    spxyu02Nothing has changed (yet). Those numbers are the cumulative honor you need to reach the next level with your allies. 3,625=125+500+3,000. 11,260=125+500+3,000+7,500(+125). (Not sure why the math is a little off on the second equation). The level requirements at the top of this solution are the incremental or per level honor amounts.

    It can be a little confusing because, if I remember correctly, the game will show different numbers between the main menu / social tab, and the post game ally screen. In one place it may show the incremental honor for that level (3,000 honor to go from level 2 to 3), and in other places it will show the cumulative honor to the next level (3,625 total honor to reach level 3).

    I believe the main menu / social tab shows per level honor, and the post game screen shows cumulative honor. Nice and confusing.
    Posted by spxyu02 on 07 May at 10:11
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