Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 1 achievement in Gears 5

Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 1

Insane Campaign, Master Horde & Escape Launch Maps & Characters, 20 Re-ups, General in Tour

Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 1+130.3
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How to unlock the Seriously 5.0 - Chapter 1 achievement

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    These are the requirements for the Seriously 5.0
    *Work In Progress Pls comment if something is off :)*

    -----1. INSANE CAMPAIGN----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    *Complete the all campaign Chapters on Insane difficulty*

    - Can be easily beaten with a co-op partner / 2nd controller using the method in the video. Host on Insane - Co-op partner on Beginner (until end of chapter)

    You will know you have full progress when you unlock this cheev, more details including timestamps included in the guide for this one.
    Gears 5All Aboard the Crazy Train!The All Aboard the Crazy Train! achievement in Gears 5 worth 136 pointsComplete all Acts of the Campaign on Insane

    -----2. MASTER HORDE & ESCAPE LAUNCH MAPS---------------------------------------------
    *Complete these maps on Master Difficulty, check stats for progress*
    *Can start on Wave 50 Master Difficulty on each map!*

    "Leave Jack in the corner invisible and you can keep dying with other accounts. The person who is Jack can pause and invite you back into the match" - @xLGNxWKD MAN

    "Only wave 50 still works. Restart your game afterward and you can see that your achievement tracker has progressed though the box for mastering the map (under stats-horde) is not ticked."
    - @jacky chaud

    7 Horde Launch Maps:
    - Asylum
    - Bunker
    - District
    - Exhibit
    - Icebound
    - Training Grounds
    - Vasgar

    4 Escape Launch Maps:
    - The Descent
    - The Gauntlet
    - The Hive
    - The Mines

    -----3. MASTER LAUNCH CHARACTERS------------------------------------------------------------
    *Get all of the Launch Characters to Level 15*

    Horde Launch Characters:
    - Kait
    - Del
    - JD
    - Marcus
    - Fahz
    - Jack

    Escape Launch Characters:
    - Keegan
    - Lahni
    - Mac
    *Can use the idle Re-Up method down at #4 to help with Escape Character Levels

    You will unlock these along the way, visit these guides for more info on character leveling.
    Gears 5Compulsive HorderThe Compulsive Horder achievement in Gears 5 worth 157 pointsReach Character Level 15 with Infiltrator, Demolitions, Mechanic, Veteran, Marksman and Jack

    Gears 5Master Escape ArtistThe Master Escape Artist achievement in Gears 5 worth 143 pointsReach Character Level 15 with Tactician, Anchor and Blademaster Class

    -----4. 20 RE-UPS-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    *Get to Lv100 and "Re-Up" to Lv1 20 times*

    "If they really did patch idle xp boosting, here is method I used to get 4x more xp than idling to get my seriously (with boost of course).

    Load up [The Mines] on Master. Open the pod, leave the beginning room and then melee a juvie/reject. Once they are dead, you will get the "First" ribbon. You can then pause and press return to lobby. Once you load out, you will have gotten around 1650 xp (825 xp if you don't have boost). The whole process takes about 3 minutes between loading in, breaking out of the pod, killing the enemy and loading out.

    At 3 minutes per 1650 xp, you are netting around 33000 xp per hour. In the later reups that probably 2-5 levels and hour."
    - @Ace Annihilates

    Idle XP Grinding has been patched unfortunately :( You can try the old method to see if that still works
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Old Method for Anyone Interested:

    For more info on Profile leveling visit this achievement's guide.
    Gears 5Once More From the TopThe Once More From the Top achievement in Gears 5 worth 52 pointsRe-up!

    -----5. GENERAL IN TOUR------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    *Reach the Rank of General in Tour Rewards*

    Now your rank stays from week to week but you have to get General before the current "Operation" is over!

    For more strats on completing Tour Objectives go to the guides for this cheev that you will unlock once you become "General"
    Gears 5Generally AwesomeThe Generally Awesome achievement in Gears 5 worth 205 pointsReach the rank of General in Tour of Duty

    --- Info of PERCENTAGES can be found HERE ---
    Seriously 5.0 percents?

    * Again I encourage you to let me know if you find out any more information as no one has unlocked this yet obviously, but i hope it helps to clear things up and at least get started on working towards this tough cheevo :P

    Great people who helped complete this --> @WhitestAFI2ICAN, @FuzzyRabbidDogg, @Shanevolution, @Ex GHOSTface, @The SCHWARTZ 00, @Tom Live v7, @xLGNxWKD MAN, @jacky chaud, @Auraid, @Kanchanaburi, @TTerBNZ, @Radiant Flames, @Ace Annihilates, @FaceTheCarnage

    All of my Gears 5 Achievement Guides can be found here! :) (Mobile Friendly)
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    Posted by kenjisugita7 on 12 Dec 21 at 13:52
    LORD E MCATEERLooking to do all the hordes/escapes, message me on Xbox LORD E MCATEER
    Posted by LORD E MCATEER on 10 Jan 22 at 12:02
    kenjisugita7You need to level with Swarm Rager and Jace Stratton. thanks! toast
    Posted by kenjisugita7 on 10 Jan 22 at 18:53
    Clutch SignifyThis achievement took a few days to drop for me, but it did eventually. I want to note that in my in game Gears 5 Stats Vasgar is not listed in my "mastered maps", even though I have the achievement and it is a launch map that you need to master. The in game tracker and the achievement tracker are different.
    Posted by Clutch Signify on 21 Mar 22 at 17:42
    Wazowskii TimeMessage me on xbox if you want to master the escape and horde maps. Ready to help
    Posted by Wazowskii Time on 28 Jul 22 at 04:36
    Waynimus@BradLeafsFan9 or anyone else, can someone please provide some clarity on this achievement?

    This guide is slightly outdated and muddled now due to an update a year or so back.

    The issue is that the guide here references Horde characters for example and levelling them to 15. The update split characters away from their class, so if I am going for Seriously at the moment, I kind of have to guess what class JD, Kait, Del, etc. would have been.

    I assume (hope) the achievement is still obtainable.
    Posted by Waynimus on 28 Jul 22 at 21:19
    SilllllllMessage me to Master Horde and Escape maps
    Posted by Silllllll on 13 Aug 22 at 17:12
    KnightSlasher83Do I need to level up launch characters to level 20 now since that is the new max
    Posted by KnightSlasher83 on 01 Nov 22 at 22:09
    TuftyAlx312does this have to be done in one season? can get general and not do the other requirements and it still keep the progress?
    Posted by TuftyAlx312 on 02 Nov 22 at 19:25
    ASpartan 0506Can confirm, jingle Juvies DOES count towards seriously chapter 1, it DOES count for seriously chapter 2, AND the Master Horde and Escape maps from operation 4 (haven't tried an operation 2 or 3 map yet)

    Edit: I finally received my progress for Jingle Juvies, so it does count for all achievements requiring Horde Mastery so far
    Posted by ASpartan 0506 on 31 Dec 22 at 18:38
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