Generally Awesome achievement in Gears 5

Generally Awesome

Reach the rank of General in Tour of Duty

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How to unlock the Generally Awesome achievement

  • DaChiefOfOwnageDaChiefOfOwnage514,973
    08 Oct 2019 13 Sep 2019 01 Oct 2019
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    For this achievement you will need to reach General rank in tour.

    From 1 October 2019 I will no longer be updating this guide/solution as I'm moving on from Gears 5. Please check the comments for further updates from the TA Gears community.

    General info
    Tour is accessible by pressing LT from the main menu and outlines your daily objectives, as well as ongoing medals that when completed, contribute towards that particular tour.

    You can complete up to 3 tour objectives per day plus roll for a 4th new objective (currently for FREE), and any you don't complete will carry over to the next day.

    Each objective or medal has a different number of stars that it can award you, and you need a certain amount of stars at each rank to level up and reach the next rank up.

    Each tour lasts for three months at which point the ranks are reset back to private - similar to a season.

    You can hold x to generate a new objective once you're hovering over one you don't like, beware this may cost iron to do. Your first one is free at this point in the game lifecycle.

    Custom created escape maps do NOT count towards objectives or medals.

    Featured community escape maps also do NOT count towards objectives or medals.

    Hosting an official escape map via your own lobby DOES count towards medals and objectives. (I was having mixed results but has been confirmed)


    Each Rank has 3 levels and so far each level needs the same amount of stars.

    Private - 5* stars required. (total stars for rank: 15)
    Corporal - 6* stars required. (total stars for rank: 18)
    Sergeant - 7* stars required. (total stars for rank: 21)
    Staff Sergeant - 8* stars required. (total stars for rank: 24)
    Sergeant 1st Class - 9* stars required. (total stars for rank: 27)
    Master Sergeant - 10* stars required. (total stars for rank: 30)
    Sergeant Major - 11* stars required. (total stars for rank: 33)
    Officer - 12* stars required. (total stars for rank: 36)
    Lieutenant - 13* stars required. (total stars for rank: 39)
    Captain - 14* stars required. (total stars for rank: 42)
    Major - 15* stars required. (total stars for rank: 45)
    Lieutenant Colonel - 16* stars required. (total stars for rank: 48)
    Colonel - 17* stars required. (total stars for rank: 51)
    Major General - 20* stars required. (total stars for rank: 60)
    General - No stars required. Unlocks after finishing Major General III

    The total stars required to reach each rank related achievement are cumulative and are as follows:

    Corporal - 15
    Sergeant - 33
    Lieutenant - 204
    Captain - 243
    General - 489

    If you average 5 stars a day, that will get you to 450 within each three month tour, so you should be aiming to get at least 5 or 6 a day and if you have more time, then try to average 7 or 8. This will help you build a buffer in case you miss out on days.


    To get this as soon as possible you should be logging on each day to complete 3 objectives. You can complete them in online versus, including against AI, in horde, and in escape.

    A plausible method to speed up the grind would be to complete your daily challenges, then take a look at your medals and try finish off any that you are close to completing, as they will give you additional stars without feeling like too much of a grind.

    Remember that anytime you play on beginner in horde or escape, you can turn on auto aim assist in the accessibility options. This will auto target the enemy head/weak spot when you aim your gun. It makes headshot kills and kill grinding much easier and more efficient.

    Reddit user Raacz has compiled a great list of each medal and the quickest way to achieve it:

    Team Medic - Get 70 Revives
    Play as Jack in a 5 man premade Horde. Set wave to after they deal more damage (31 is a good shout) leave a final few enemies to one hit melee and keep reviving.

    Executioner - Preform 150 executes
    Play as Kait in horde and retro charge the enemies as the retro execution counts toward this challenge and Kaits horde execution challenge.

    Finish them - Kill 9000 enemies
    I didn't go out of the way to get this but horde or escape are your best bets. See below for a video on an escape run to farm Juvies that will also help this challenge.

    Marksman - Get 1000 headshot kills
    Set up a custom Horde game on wave 31 or higher with no bots and play as Marcus. Starting at this wave will give you power to spend on his upgrades allowing the Ult to come back faster. Make sure to also but the retro lancer as it pops heads as apposed to the default lancer.

    Body Count - Get 15000 Eliminations
    Again I didn't farm this but doing the escape run listed below or playing lots of horde will get this up in no time.

    Carnage - Do 15,000,000 Damage
    Same as above.

    Lancer GL Body Count - Get 100 kills with the Lancer GL
    Play a custom horde as JD on wave 41 as this will give you enough money to keep buying the Lancer GL from the fabricator so you can get this challenge and JD's GL challenge done at the same time.

    Talon Body Count - Get 300 kills with the Talon Auto pistol
    Play a custom Horde as either Kait or Emile as they spawn with the Talon pistol. Turn off AI and play from wave one.

    Claw Body Count - Get 100 kills with the Claw LMG
    Play a Horde either with friends or AI or solo and start at wave 21 as it's around this wave drones spawn in with the Claw and from there just farm the AI. Fahz might be a good character for this as his Ult allows him to shoot through walls.

    Cryo Cannon body count - Get 100 kills with the Cryo Cannon
    Iv'e seen a lot of debate on this one but it took me about 20-30 mins. Open a custom Escape game on The Decent. During the mission Sion's drop cryo cannons and they also spawn in weapon rooms. The Cryo cannon can freeze and kill the leech's but for other enemies you have to down the first (just melee them) and then you can either execute them which uses no ammo or use it normally and they'll die.

    Breaker Body Count - Get 100 kills with the Breaker Mace
    Open a custom Horde on your preferred map and start on wave 15. If the Warden doesn't spawn leave are re try until he does. From there make sure it doesn't run out of durability/ammo by picking up the ammo packs situated on the map.

    Frag Body Count - Get 250 kills with Frag Grenades
    Open up a custom Horde on wave 41 of your preferred map. Play as Sarah Connor if you have her and she has the cards for more frag capacity and larger explosive radius and more damage. Buy the grenades from the Fabricator, sling them and rebuy and repeat.

    Juvie Hunter - Kill 2500 Juvies in Horde or Escape
    Open up a custom game of escape on The Mines as this level spawns the most Juvies. Kill them normally or follow the video at the bottom of this list.

    Drone Hunter - Kill 2000 Drones
    I got this from playing a lot of horde but my best guess is to open a custom horde and play without bots so they don't take your kills. I think Marcus would be a good shout as you can buy the retro and pop heads with it with or without combining it with his Ult.

    Scion Hunter - Kill 100 Scions in Horde or Escape
    I don't know the best way to do it but they spawn on the later waves of Horde a lot so my best guess is to start a custom Horde on a later wave. Kill the scions and kill yourself to force a round restart and repeat.

    Boss Hunter - Eliminate 30 Bosses in Horde or Escape
    Open a custom Horde on wave 10 with bots and kill the boss early on as it should spawn another one if you kill him before enough other enemies have died. Might have to put it on wave 20 as sometimes on lower waves it only spawns one regardless of how quickly you kill the boss.

    Creature Hunter - Kill 5000 Enemies in Horde or Escape
    Follow the video for Juvie Hunter at the bottom of this list and this will combine the two as well as Breaker Body Count.

    Escape Challenge - Escape challenge hives 50 times
    Open a custom Escape game on the current featured escape hive and play as Mac if you have him leveled up or Emile as they he does good melee damage if not whoever you're comfortable with. You can run past most of the enemies. The only enemies you have to worry about are the Warden or Flock, just trap them in the next ammo room. And the end Scions, take them out as you enter the last room, they will be walking from outside when the extraction is. If you pick up a sniper on the way you can active headshot kill one and kill the other with 2-3 normal sniper shot's or just use an active Boltok to make them bleed to death.

    Past Hive Veteran - Escape 50 past hives
    Same as above but on the other maps. I believe the Gauntlet is the fastest.

    Escape Body Count - Get 3000 Eliminations in Escape
    Follow the Juvie Hunter Video found at the bottom of this list.

    Escape Attempts - Survive 150 acts of Escape
    Each safe room counts as an act and I believe The Decent has two safe room levels, so fire up a custom Escape on The Decent and run through it the same way you do for the Escape Challenge.

    Hive Master 1 & Past Master 1
    TBA in future once completed and will be updated with tutorial.

    Veteran Hivebusters - Escape 15 times each as Mac, Keegan & Lahni
    You have to complete am Escape 15 times as each character, so get sprinting to the end. The Mines is probably easiest for this.

    Lahni The Executor - Preform 75 executions as Lahni
    Load up a custom horde on The Hive as it spawns Rejects at the start, make sure you walk up to them and they won't activate, other than that just melee down the enemies and execute as normal.

    Keegan the Eliminator - Get 1000 Eliminations as Keegan
    Follow the Juvie Hunter video found at the bottom of this list. If you can't be asked to watch it just load up a custom Escape and play on the mines at the end of the level after you active the doors to close, the closest room on the right spawns a load of Juvies in, maybe 30-40+.

    Mac Veteran - Get 250 Headshots kills in Escape as Mac
    Load up a custom Escape on The Decent, you can headshot the leeches with one Boltok bullet or 2-3 from any other gun.

    Scorpio Body Count - Get 3000 Eliminations in Escape as Mac, Keegan or Lahni
    Follow the Juvie Hunter video found at the bottom of this list.

    Horde Veteran - Complete 5 Horde Matches
    Load up a custom Horde on a map of your choice on wave 50. beat the wave and repeat 5 times.

    Wave survivor - Survive 250 Waves of Horde
    Load up a custom Horde on level 1 with bots. Do waves 1-10 or 1-20 as they are the easiest and repeat.

    Horde Carnage - Do 10,000,000 Damage in Horde
    Play a game of Horde with more health modifier turned on as Del, build those fucking turrets and level them up. This will take a few games but it's the quickest way. Also place the fences lengthwise not widthwise as the enemies only have to pass a foot or so to get past it normally but have to wade through the whole thing if it's placed lengthwise.

    Power Hoarder - Collect 1,000,000 Power in Horde
    Play as Jack or or a character with bonus move speed and be a greedy fuck and take all that power.

    Horde Body Count - Get 5000 kills in Horde
    Load up a custom Horde game on wave 41 with or without bots your choice but if the bot gets the kill you only get the elimination if you've damaged the enemy. Last hits count. So it's worth playing a bleed character.

    Veteran Team - Complete a Horde game as each Horde character
    Load up a custom Horde game on wave 50 as each character (Kait, Del, JD, Marcus, Fahz & jack) and win.

    Unstoppable Force - Get 500 headshot kills in Horde as Marcus
    Load up a custom Horde on your preferred map. If you start at level 1 save for a retro Lancer from the Fabricator as it pops heads. If you start from a later wave let's say 41, you can buy the Retro straight away and upgrade your skills to get your Ult back faster.

    Kait's Revenge - Execute 150 enemies in Horde as Kait
    Load up a custom Horde with no bots and Retro charge everything when your ult isn't up.

    Del the Builder - Build 300 fortifications as Del
    Load up a custom horde on wave 50. Place the fabricator down and buy the fences, place them behind or to the side of you, once you're out of money leave to lobby and repeat.

    Here to help - Get 1000 assists as Jack
    Load up a custom Horde map on wave 1 with bots and damage every enemy and let the bots do the rest. Swarm enemies can be downed for the bots to kill with the exception of the Scions.

    Officer Training - Kill 500 Enemies in Horde with the Lancer GL Grenade as JD
    Load up a custom Horde on any map (Reclaimed is a good one) place the Fabricator on the high ground, rebuy your Lancer Gl from it when you've used all the GL ammo. Once you run out of money leave and repeat.

    COG Victories - Win 25 Matches as COG
    Go into a vs A.I match as you can only play COG. Win 25.

    Swarm Victories - Win 25 Matches as Swarm
    Load up any but vs A.I and hope you get Swarm.

    Competitive Co-Op - Win 10 Matches in co-op vs A.I
    This will be completed via completing COG Victories medal.

    Season Slaughter + Versus Body Count + Versus Carnage
    Play Arcade as this will get all three up the fastest

    Quickplay Veteran - Win 10 Classic Quickplay Matches
    Self explanatory.

    All these just take time. Search for groups under social under the friend list to find players to make a group of 5 that have mics as you'll be against some coordinated teams.

    Juvie farming vid:

    Happy hunting, gears toast.

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    kenjisugita7If you're missing a character, it's most likely Hivebuster Fahz Chutani.
    Posted by kenjisugita7 on 26 Jun 20 at 11:12
    kenjisugita7computetoast You may need to unscrew the control.
    Posted by kenjisugita7 on 26 Jun 20 at 11:15
    Posted by kenjisugita7 on 26 Jun 20 at 11:17
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  • SkinnyBinSkinnyBin680,826
    07 Oct 2019 16 Sep 2019 10 Nov 2019
    43 6 16
    Update: 10/11/2019

    With the latest update TC confirmed that the Operation will run for 12 weeks and the spreadsheet has been updated to reflect this

    I've created a tracking spreadsheet so you can keep on top of how many stars you need to be earning a day to get to General before the end of Operation 1.

    You can either download it or use update it through google sheets.

    I've left my data in to hopefully make it clearer how it all works, but to update you'll only need to update the "Progress" column on the first sheet, and the "Done" column on the second sheet. Please note the medals page purely helps to display how many stars are available from those medals and does not update the progress on the first tab.

    Please also note this will only apply to Operation 1 as the medals and challenges will change. The calculation is based on 90 days of the Operation starting from launch on the 10th September so is subject to change slightly, as there is a finalised end date yet (as far as I know).

    Any issues let me know.

    PLEASE NOTE : This spreadsheet was designed to be used as a tool, for a more in depth guide of what the achievement entails please refer to DaChiefOfOwnage’s very detailed guide. No idea why anyone has given him negative reviews
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    z0rrofoxLooks like they've changed it to 12 weeks now. Is this a week less than when it started?
    Posted by z0rrofox on 07 Nov 19 at 20:44
    Homunculus FuryYeah my average is back up to 5 per day again was at 2.7 😞
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 09 Nov 19 at 18:07
    Bootybandit1I am now on general IV and still not got the achievement
    Posted by Bootybandit1#751 on 25 Oct 20 at 07:06
  • MustangNightsMustangNights392,676
    25 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019 26 Dec 2019
    12 1 0
    Wanted to add to prev guides, that the medals do change for separate tours, but General can be obtained within a few weeks if you are doing the 3 dailies plus you can get an extra challenge everyday for free along with the medals. After the first free additional challenge it will cost iron with the first being 10, second 20, etc. * If you dont feel you can complete a challenge use your free or use iron for another one to remove it as otherwise it will stay there until you complete it or the tour is over wasting challenges you may be able to complete from coming up.

    For tour II I hit general in 2 weeks and 1 day while having 53% medal completion and did the 3 dailies, the additional free daily, and 1 additional (10 iron) each day so it's very obtainable. The first tour I started halfway through second to last week and hit Lieutenant without using iron.

    Also dont forget that just because you hit general doesnt mean you wont get any other items as there is still an item if you complete general at 25 stars + whatever items for each page of completed medals.
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