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Relic Hunter

Equip 3 Relic Weapons at one time in Campaign

Relic Hunter-0.3
08 October 2019 - 4 guides

Achievement Guide for Relic Hunter

  • MiZ DoveMiZ Dove229,530
    16 Sep 2019 16 Sep 2019
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    EZist way to get this is Act 2 Chptr 4. Super quick , very little effort. But dont forget to shoot something with these relics as it will apply towards the other relic achievement "Relics of the Past".

    I went back in after compaign was complete and set it on Beginner. For this achievement specifically, you will be picking up the Longshot Relic, the Lancer Relic and the Boltok relic because u need to equip all 3 at once, ONE HAS TO BE A PISTOL, obviously.

    Load Act2, Chapter 4. Go past the Outsider camp on your right, keep going down path to your skiff.

    Go in the direction the Skiff is pointing (briefly SW), bearing left, hug that cliffside on the left, going around it completely like a U turn, the buried traincars will be on your right. You will drop down onto the frozen lake and will see the red boathouse immediately to your left. The LONGSHOT RELIC is inside the boathouse on a table to the right as u enter.

    For the next two, you have to open the Old Cog Wall. To find Old Cog Wall, just continue on east past the boathouse, hugging that cliff wall on the left, and it's right there.

    Once u get thru the Old Cog Wall on your skiff, hug that cliff wall on the left again and see that tiny rock island with a circle of ice around it? Just before it on the left is a rock formation, the one with trees? Stop in front of that one, get off the skiff and face it. Your RETRO LANCER RELIC is at the bass of the tree on the right.

    This one was hard for me even tho there are plenty of guides. I couldn't seem to find it using any of the directions in the written guides, and is the main reason I wrote this solution.

    Find the East Tower SUBSTATION by heading east from that last Relic pick up. Go under the square shape ice bridge (the one that leads to abandoned Mine). You will see the substation in front of you. Once there, turn left and go thru the ice tunnel. Hug the ice wall on your left and follow it around. (Get fairly close to Condor Crash site but dont go under ice bridge). Just before you would go under bridge, you will see the Red Gears omen on the ice wall on the left and the Boltok Relic is on the ground just past it on right.
  • MrWilliamThorMrWilliamThor8,341
    07 Sep 2019 07 Sep 2019
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    There are 17 Relic Weapons in the Campaign of Gears 5 but for this achievement you only need to have equipped 3 Relic Weapons at one time.

    To get this as fast as possible there are 2 relic weapons in Act 2 Chapter 2 and 5 in Act 2 Chapter 4.

    Location of the 3 fist relic weapons you can find:
    Act II - Chapter 2
    [0:00] Enforcer relic - Found on the cliff side before opening the Northern passage wall;

    [0:27] Longshot relic - Found on the north-side of the ice lake between the Northern Passage and the Old COG Wall;

    Act II - Chapter 4
    [0:49] Boltok relic - Found beneath the the Condor Crash Site closest to the East tower substation.

    Video with all the Relic Weapons:
  • OnsidicOnsidic768,590
    24 Sep 2019 24 Sep 2019 30 Sep 2019
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    I found a much easier solution, that doesnt require loading different chapters. All you need to do is skiff a little.

    Easier area i found...
    Red Sand Skiffing Area from UIR Airfield. (Act 3)

    Get Talon Relic - at the very start, before you get on Skiff, believe it was left side on plane looking at it from the front, close to outside hangar wall. .
    Gnasher Relic - On the north wall of the map... if you go all the way north of the water tower then just slightly east (water tower, all the way north, look for little grey marking on map in sand, or use the relic kills video, find cog symbol and )
    Hammerburst Relic - from the transport sitting outside the City Ruins (which is South East of Convoy) follow the wall east-south-east, till you come to the wall(railing/edge of a drop), just to the right you will see a building, get close you'll see the gate is open, there is a body with hammer retro.

    Ive included a link to Maka's Guide video just for those people that are getting lost trying to find items and also the timings.
    [07:30] - Talon
    [08:25] - Gnasher
    [11:14] - Hammerburst

  • xTGExTGE305,385
    08 Sep 2019 10 Sep 2019
    4 2 1
    Relic Hunter Achievement Guide

    To earn this achievement you must first reach ACT 2 CHAPTER 2 in the main campaign. From this point, you will be able to collect upgraded versions of the game's main weapons but with unique abilities and weapon skins. While there are 17 in the game, the following written and video guide will showcase the quickest 3 for this achievement.

    The enforcer relic can be found just after you reach the giant gate that blocks your path. Head through the cave on the right and take another right when overlooking the next area and you'll find a RED GEARS SYMBOL painted on the wall (Similar to the ones that indicated a cog tag nearby in Gears 1-3) and the Enforcer Relic under it. The enforcer relic weapon deals more damage but fires slower.

    The longshot relic can be found after opening the previous giant gate. Head on down into the large open area and you'll come across a Red Boathouse on your way to the next objective. Inside this boathouse, you will find the Longshot relic weapon. The longshot relic weapon will give you a bonus shot in the mag upon getting a perfect active reload.

    BOLTOK RELIC - 1:30
    During ACT 2 CHAPTER 4 the game will open up and you'll be given multiple places to go at once. However, you will want to make your way to the Condor Crash Site which is just north of the first COMM TOWER that you see when you enter the area. Below the crash site, you will find a Red Gears Painting and the BOLTOK relic weapon near it. The boltok relic weapon has increased hip-fire accuracy.

    Now that you've collected all 3 weapons you simply need to have them on you at the same time and the achievement will unlock.
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