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Who You Gonna Call? Hivebusters!

Complete 5 Escape Hives as each one of Mac, Lahni and Keegan

Who You Gonna Call? Hivebusters!-0.4
22 September 2019 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for Who You Gonna Call? Hivebusters!

  • Lurking LawyerLurking Lawyer385,038
    10 Sep 2019 10 Sep 2019 23 Sep 2019
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    Easily done solo.

    Follow the solution for I Made It All By Myself and create your own Escape map with just a starting chamber and an exit chamber. It doesn't need you to add any enemies, so you can have a simple 30 second run from spawn to Raven.

    Gears 5I Made It All By MyselfThe I Made It All By Myself achievement in Gears 5 worth 42 pointsCreate and publish an Escape Hive

    Just run it five times each with each of Mac, Lahni and Keegan and voilà! The loading times are longer than the actual runs.

    EDIT: The tracker was very hit and miss before full launch. Even now (as at 23/9/19) there still seem to be periodic issues with progress tracking. Keep persevering - while it's better than it was in the early release period, achievement tracking is seemingly still less than perfect.
  • EnAN0 ERSEnAN0 ERS242,055
    14 Sep 2019 08 Sep 2019 08 Sep 2019
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    This can be done on any difficulty, obviously beginner will be the easiest option.

    This can be done solo:

    Load up escape, go into map sharing and search for the map called Reinforcement Rush.
    This map is pretty straight forward, and you can beat it in about 2-3 minutes if you follow my guide below.

    Click on host game with map, Choose one of the three characters:
    Mac, Lahni, or Keegan.

    I choose to go in order so I started with Mac, finished the map five times, and if your achievement tracker is working, after finishing the map five times with one character it should be at 33%, second character 66% and so on.

    When you have chosen a character press cn_X to start the game.

    For some reason when you die and chose to restart the act, the only enemies that will spawn are the ones in front of the doors you have to go through, so:

    When you spawn don’t move and when the timer hits zero, the explosion will kill you, and choose to restart act after this.

    After spawning again:

    Go through the first door you have to open and go to the right supply room and pick up the boom shot.

    Open the next door and If you go straight you will see a group of 3 enemies use the boom shot and finish them off any way you want. Go through the door and repeat the last step, killing another group of 3 enemies and going through the door. Keep going straight and you will see the end of the level.
  • lI LA KINGS IllI LA KINGS Il354,460
    11 Sep 2019 11 Sep 2019 11 Sep 2019
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    A fast way of getting this is to start by going to escape , then map sharing then search for maps with cn_X and search out the map I have made with the map ID 6BFWZ0 the map is called , who you gonna call. Each escape should only take 30 seconds plus load times. So just run to the escape 5 times each with Lahni and Keegan and Mac. Can be done solo or with other players.
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