The Three Musketeers achievement in Gears 5

The Three Musketeers

Inflict 9000 damage in Escape while 3 Ultimate Abilities are active

The Three Musketeers-0.4
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How to unlock the The Three Musketeers achievement

  • xNSHDxNSHD1,330,263
    11 Sep 2019 11 Sep 2019 04 Feb 2021
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    easier method than the OP is this, go on the map gauntlet on beginner with 2 other friends (no need for higher difficulty) get to the end and make sure you have a rocket salvo with 20 bullets. get a rocket salvo from one of the salvo scions that spawn in the map. if you don't have 20 bullets then use one of the weapon lockers to recharge your ammo.

    when everyone has their ultimate ready have the person with the salvo stand on the ramp just outside the exit door and look at the little side room (this is where all the enemies will spawn). have someone pull the lever start the door closing and then everyone pop their ultimates.

    go ham with the salvo and achievement will unlock. simple as that.

    Also would just like too add that anybody panicking that once the gauntlet has expired they will not be able to do this method don't worry. you can go host a private game and select gauntlet from there once it goes from the public matchmaking.

    EDIT: you can also use the Breaker Mace from the warden just before the end aswell to get the achievement. also only one person do it per run to ensure that they get 9000 damage then rinse and repeat for the other 2 players.

    please if voting negative comment why so i can improve the solution.

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    Darth Hawk CZUsing 3 pilots is the best in my opinion, they have a very long ultimate. Also, I'd edit the solution and specifically write that this must be done by one person only per run. We both unleashed our Silverbacks on the spawned horde and were surprised why it hasn't unlocked. I had to check other solutions to confirm my suspicion it's player based, not team based.
    Posted by Darth Hawk CZ on 04 Feb at 06:01
    xNSHD@darth hawk DZ done, ive edited the solution. thought it was pretty clear in the description of the achievement that it was individual but hopefully people wont make that mistake anymore since the edit.
    Posted by xNSHD on 04 Feb at 12:23
    MadaAnyone test if this can be done in a custom Hive? Was thinking about using the one called "Unlimited Imagos" ID: 7PWBL7 from You Better Run achievement. There is a Safe Room after everyone charges their Ults, so one person could get it, then all die, respawn at the Safe Room with fully-charged Ults and go again, repeating until all three have unlocked. Might save time.
    Posted by Mada on 08 Feb at 18:36
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  • Deadmas7er6Deadmas7er6751,030 751,030 GamerScore
    07 Sep 2019 09 Sep 2019 12 Sep 2019
    14 6 9
    I have a guaranteed method for this seemingly tricky achievment.
    Start by having 2 other players your chatting with, as you need communication for when you all pop your ultimate.

    Next up, out of the 3 chooseable characters Lahni is your best friend. As she is all melee and that is exactly how you are going to get this 9k damage needed. Make sure to have the brawler card as high level as you can, mine was only 50% Gives extra melee damage.

    Edit: Thanks to Mattyl22l and mi2good4u, they pointed out you can do this on intermediate difficulty. Not only That, All players can get this in 1 run. Simply get 1 person the achieve, then all go down to restart checkpoint back into the safe room. Then go kill warden agian, and knock it out for the 2 others.
    Tip:Mac's bleed card for the boltok is extremely deadly to the warden. He can solo the first few rooms if you manage your actives.

    Finally, start up your match on The hive playlist under escape and get to the part where a boss will spawn about 80% the way through. It's either gonna be a swarm of little fishies,(What I call them) or the warden, dual wielding hammers. Warden is what you want. Kill him, have Lahni (person getting the achieve) pick up the hammer and run to the last room before the final room with the escape doors.

    There should be 2 storage rooms on the left and right, and the way forward straight ahead. Have everyone go into the right room and wait, have 1 person run into the escape room only a few feet is needed. Just to spawn the scions and enemies. Then run back to your buddies and wait for the scions and a cluster of enemies to get very close to your doorway. Once you see the scions close enough, along with their buddies, say 3,2,1 pop everybody's ultimate and the person with the hammer unleash RB (not RT)on every enemy you see including the scions and you should net the 9k after a few swings.

    Doing it this way insures close quarters which is what you need, and more safety from going down as it's a tight area so you ain't getting hammered from afar. Theres Probably going to be a very easy strategy later on, but for now ill leave this up in hopes it'll help all of you as this game releases.

    NOTE:The playlist I mentioned cycles after every week or 2, so it may not be there in 8 days from time of writing this. Either way, should help some people out and get the idea that the hammer is a good option for this achieve.
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    Sin OgarisOne thing I was curious about with this achievement, does the 9000 damage all have to be done in a single go, or is the damage cumulative over every time all three ults are active?

    In other words, if say you tried this and for whatever reason you only did 7500 damage would you only have to do a further 1500 on your next try, or still have to do the full 9000?
    Posted by Sin Ogaris on 16 Sep 19 at 09:26
    Toski2Is anyone willing to help me get this achievement?
    Posted by Toski2 on 18 Sep 19 at 01:56
    ONE CEL JUGGALOAnyone trying to go for this hmu, maybe knock out plenty more gears achievements too..
    Posted by ONE CEL JUGGALO on 17 Jul 20 at 14:37
  • Raptor DEM0NRaptor DEM0N612,207
    01 Oct 2019 01 Oct 2019 01 Oct 2019
    9 2 2

    Play The Hunters on intermediate. (enemies have more hp)
    Choose Lahni and play it until the end. When you see the warden at the end of level, everybody active their abilities and kill it. I got the achievement while I just killed the warden only.

    Good luck!
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    slycooper20Just to clarify, the achievement will only unlock for the one playing Lahni. You will have to trade off with players so everyone gets it.
    Posted by slycooper20 on 10 Oct 19 at 02:41
    mudder85Did this but changed the map to guantlet
    Posted by mudder85 on 11 Oct 19 at 18:35
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