All Aboard the Crazy Train! achievement in Gears 5

All Aboard the Crazy Train!

Complete all Acts of the Campaign on Insane

All Aboard the Crazy Train!0
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How to unlock the All Aboard the Crazy Train! achievement

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    For those looking to "CHEESE" Insane difficulty here's how to do it :)
    - I can confirm that this method works for both players only needing 1 play-through

    - Host plays on INSANE while co-op partner plays on BEGINNER with the co-op partner doing most / all of the killing (can use a 2nd controller w/ main on INSANE)

    **Kait MUST be the host as if Kait quit the game will end.** - Thanks @Onechien

    - PAUSE once at the end of a chapter (use the video below to see when they end)

    - Have co-op partner leave and come back on INSANE difficulty

    - When both are in the game and ready, have the host un-pause and have the co-op partner hit cn_RT to come back before the chapter ends

    - The video below will prove useful so you don't waste time backing out multiple times in a chapter when your unsure when it will end.

    - Timestamps are included so you can jump to any chapter you need, it also starts with showing you how to check you progress in-game as the tracking in this game has proven to be a little buggy

    (00:10) - How to check your in-game progress (can differ from achievement progress bar)
    (02:35) - Method Described
    (03:12) - Act 1 CH 1
    (04:22) - Act 1 CH 2
    (04:39) - Act 1 CH 3
    (05:03) - Act 1 CH 4
    (05:47) - Act 2 CH 1
    (06:29) - Act 2 CH 2
    (07:06) - Act 2 CH 3
    (07:35) - Act 2 CH 4
    (08:04) - Act 2 CH 5
    (08:26) - Act 3 CH 1
    (09:04) - Act 3 CH 2
    (10:09) - Act 3 CH 3
    (10:32) - Act 3 CH 4
    (11:06) - Act 4 CH 1
    (12:25) - Act 4 CH 2

    All of my Gears 5 Achievement Guides can be found here! :) (Mobile Friendly)
    GEARS 5 Playlist:

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    qwxxAnyone interested? I'm starting the game again since I haven't played much on release day. Hit me up.
    Posted by qwxx on 01 Feb at 15:12
    BiggerBFGcan this achievement unlock when using mutators?
    Posted by BiggerBFG on 16 Mar at 22:50
    Duffman GBI assume the answer is yes BFG 😂😄
    Posted by Duffman GB on 21 Mar at 12:32
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  • xxDAMRONxxxxDAMRONxx696,637
    22 Sep 2019 19 Nov 2019 19 Nov 2019
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    If you don’t want to cheese and are just looking for a video walkthrough to help you play through the game legit below is my video walkthrough separated by chapter.

    I know this site has people looking for easy ways to do things and this may get negative votes because this is not a shortcut, but if you find the videos helpful then that is good enough for me!

    -Damron Out

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    EIvisIf anyone need a partner Hmu on Xbox
    Posted by EIvis on 01 Jan 20 at 22:31
    iTz WheezeyCan you get the insane achievement if the second person still stays on casual and you don’t switch them back to insane towards the end? As that second person has already gotten the achievement and just wants to help or with the a second controller?
    Posted by iTz Wheezey on 06 Jul 20 at 22:02
    ODDYBALL64If anyone wants to help me do this in coop let me know, I’ve had experience playing gears 1 2 and 3
    Posted by ODDYBALL64 on 20 Jul 20 at 12:01
  • vK KnavevK Knave926,418
    02 Nov 2019 08 Sep 2019 09 Sep 2019
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    So I just completed the campaign on Insane and boy. Let me tell you. This has got to be the hardest campaign of them all. Honestly, the main problem is that it is too long and ammo is scarce but hopefully with the tips I provide you can get this difficulty out of the way.

    *First, and foremost, I'd recommend doing it solo. The reason for this being that most enemies always target the AI companion or Jack, making it far too easy to chill in the back and kill the enemies from a safe distance.

    *Be sure to explore every area to get Jack components and upgrade him. It is not necessary to find all of them, but fully upgraded Jack abilities can balance the odds in your favor.

    *Speaking of abilities, it is imperative that you have Stim and Hijack equipped at all times (Switching it with ricochet shield for act IV). This 2 abilities are the best in the game. Flash with its ultimate upgrade is also good for flocks and big mobs of enemies.

    *Always, and I repeat, ALWAYS carry a heavy weapon. (With the exception of a Buzzkill). You can mantle with this weapons, open doors and they can help save your live, specially in earlier acts were you do not have much upgrades.

    *Be sure to get relic weapons. They are not hard to find. During my playthrough I came across the Longshot relic (Act II) and it was amazing for battling Scions, then I heard that the Boomshot relic holds 15 ammo and that would've made it easier. And for Act III search for the Embar relic and Lancer GL relic. Honestly, the Embar must be the best weapon in the game it absolutely melts Swarmaks. Also, not a relic weapon but keep a Boltok with you.

    *It took me approximately 12 hrs to complete the campaign on Insane with most collectibles, you might see that I haven't unlocked the achievement. That is because the game is currently buggy as hell. I'd recommend waiting a couple of days until it is sorted out.

    As a final note, I am unsure if the Insane/Beginner co-op combo for campaign is available in Gears 5, but It'd save everybody a lot of trouble. If anyone knows if it works, please comment so that I can update the solution.

    Happy hunting!

    Edit: As confirmed by MushaConvoy, the Insane/Beginner combo works on this game.
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    AllysonDuckJust finished the game on insane.
    For some reason, 3 chapters didn't count as insane.
    On Campaign Screen it was shown as completed, but you have to look at the Statistics Menu.
    There you'll find the chapters left for the completion.
    Posted by AllysonDuck on 14 Oct 19 at 12:32
    kenjisugita7Solo or/and Co−op must be complete.
    Posted by kenjisugita7 on 12 Nov 19 at 10:31
    PhantomEwanSo I have a different problem. My achievement popped, but my counter is stuck at 86%. When I check the stats page it shows all chapters completed on Insane. I have quit out and restarted but the tracker is still fubar. Shouldn't be this difficult to make a game that works.
    Posted by PhantomEwan on 02 Feb 20 at 16:04
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