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Time to Seriously Go Outside

Promote 20 characters to the rank of Master

Time to Seriously Go Outside-20.3
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How to unlock the Time to Seriously Go Outside achievement

  • evil terrorrevil terrorr1,339,117
    22 Sep 2019 11 Sep 2019 16 Feb 2020
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    As of october 31st they nerfed the xp gains across the board and bounty rewards took the biggest hit making this an even longer grind than usual
    Bounty reward xp has been lowered from 625xp to 55xp with the leveling up perk wich is a massive decrease in xp.
    As of October 1st the xp farm spots listed under the spoiler have been patched

    To get this achievement you will have to promote every character 5 times. There is a total of 20 characters that you'll need to do. 10 for the plants and 10 for the zombies
    You can promote a character after every 10 levels. When every character is fully leveled you wil have a total level of 901
    To promote a character you need to go to the promotion station in the hubworld in giddy park.
    External image

    External image

    When going for this achievement and you want to make the grind a bit shorter i reccomend equiping the Leveling up Perk this gives you more xp for everything that you do.
    External image

    And dont forget to use the XP station. This can be used 5 times every 24hrs for 2.000xp per time for 15.000 coins each. this is 10.000xp for 75000 coins.
    Thil will make the leveling go slightly faster.
    External image

    Ive highlighted some tips from the comments but ill also recomend to look at the comment section on this solution for some tips and tricks offered by the community

    DiegoCaldo said:
    I was thinking about a method using the Giddy Park that may help us. I'm looking for people to test it during the week. The method is the following:

    - If you kill another player in Giddy Park, you receive from 164XP to 194XP, plus some extra XP (up to 27XP) depending on how you kill them (critical shot, max zoom, ZPG etc.);
    - Apparently, if you create a group of 4 players, in a private Giddy Park, it is possible to have one plant against three zombies or vice versa. The "lone wolf" can kill two enemies and then wait for the third one to revive the dead. Kill both enemies again, wait them to be revived, rinse and repeat. Using these method, the killer player will receive around 400XP per double kill in seconds and the "necromancer" 100XP per double revival;
    - While the players are revived, gold targets might be destroyed for some extra 82XP.
    - I have been playing in Giddy Park with snipers to gain XP and both Cactus and Captain leveled pretty fast. I think in a Private Game, it will go faster since everybody is grinding together.

    according to UNDEADZ3LD4 this works.
    DiegoCaldo - I can say that this truly works, i used my main account with a random profile to split screen another friend who wanted cheevo, and a dummy account on seperate xbox to just die, had the 2 dummy accounts to die, and me and friend switched between killing and reviving best way I have found so far

    Here is a video for the Bitey Bros bounty in the Town Center for the zombies

    vl Insane lv said this
    I found a super quick way to get xp with plants. About 2k xp every minute. Do the plumbing gig in town center. It costs 75 tacos per go. But really only lose about 30 tacos since pick up some from the enemies. You have to kill 15 yetis in the time frame. With leveling ability equipped you get 125 xp per yeti. Plus whatever from the super brainez and mini yetis you kill. And you practically 1 shot everything so with vampiric ability you wont die and it's super quick. I farmed about 3k tacos using that method above with space cadet fighting the bitey bros. Tacos from zombie side of town center carry over to plant side of town center. I went from novice snapdragon to master in less than an hour.
    The xp has been nerfed so the yetis will only give 100xp now.

    Here is a tip from Lythiris
    I recommend always doing the plumbing gig split screen. Your dummy will get tacos also, reducing your net loss drastically. Once your primary account runs out, your dummy will be loaded up on tacos. Start it with your dummy and siphon tacos back into your primary. Repeat. You can also farm bitey Bros coop for double taco gains. Get your space cadet to max rank and you will be set on tacos forever if you do it split screen. For characters like cactus, rose, make your dummy sunflower and connect the heal once it starts. I placed the sunflower on the opposite side up high next to some pipes. It usually worked well enough
    ive also found a video for it to show a bit whats it about

    This method has been patched
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    If you feel like something is missing from this guide? Feel free to let me know so I can adjust it accordingly
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    OneChicago51 Can anyone tell me how people are getting split screen and joining a friend? As soon as a friend joins or i join them the option to join goes away. This is how we did it on garden warfare 2 but as of this week on this i can't do it.
    Posted by OneChicago51 on 09 Mar at 11:51
    evil terrorr As far as im aware you can’t play 4 players with 2 xboxes. You’ll need a minimum of three i think
    Posted by evil terrorr on 09 Mar at 16:37
    True Delirious For zombie I highly recommend doing the solar sisters bounty hunt in weirding woods as you can get 1.7k to 2k every 3 minutes it does take time but it's the quickest to get them max
    Posted by True Delirious on 11 Mar at 02:21
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  • creeping montecreeping monte526,456
    24 Mar 2020 26 Mar 2020
    1 1 0 New
    Short and sweet! But not really. Ugh.
    You need to rank 20 characters up to 5 Stars for this insult of an achievement.
    NOTE- Every day(24hrs.) you can spend 75,000 coin to buy XP if you play and earn it.

    The quickest way seems to be:
    -Get a buddy with a second controller with a Gold tag and meet in the park. The host doesn't seem to be able to bring in a split screen companion. Be sure you're on Private with No AI.
    -For the second controller use the Imp or Acorn because they only have 75 Health and put it against an object to keep it from moving. One tag kills it for 192xp and the other revives for 55xp. Most characters have a special kill that gets you an extra 27xp. Rinse and repeat. Over and over and over....
    -During those down moments shoot Red Targets for 5xp and Gold ones for 82xp plus some coin to buy XP that spawn randomly about every 1-2 minutes.
    -It took about an hour to go from 4 to 5 Stars being the killer. Quicker for 2 to 3 and 3 to 4 Stars
    SWITCH yea!
    -All in all it took 2.5hrs. To bring one character from 3Srars to 5 switching rolls with a buddy. So saved about a half hour per character which adds up.

    -Solo boosting works too. A guest sign-in works here. Go Private with NO AI. Put yourself where the other character lands from respawning so you can see about 7 Targets. You'll figure out a rhythm so you can one hand the dummy's controller and take out 3-4 Targets inbetween respawns. It takes a little less than 1.5hrs. this way to go from 4 to 5 Stars this way but it's sooooooo tedious.

    -Bonus! I was getting about a dozen Prize Bulbs and 20k coin along the way from 4 to 5 Stars. I wonder if they put "Seriously" in this cheevo as a salute to GoW? Mfr's!
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