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A better world

You have managed to reconcile all the factions and restore balance

A better world-0.9
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How to unlock the A better world achievement

  • Decaying DeadDecaying Dead692,097
    06 Oct 2019 08 Oct 2019 08 Oct 2019
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    i just got this... i did a run-through being as passive as possible and succeeding at every charisma and intuition check. If there was a fight after a conversation, i reloaded before it and changed my party to include whomever was associated with that group to avoid a fight if possible. i dont know if this all matters. I also elected Duncas as high king

    The only difference between my last 2 playthroughs was
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    this leads me to believe the only things necessary to get this ending are the things spoken about in the ending, which are all associated to the different side quests. You may not need to get everyone to friendly as long as you finish all the side quests to the proper conclusions (proper as in best for everyone as a whole). This, at least for me, was achieved by bringing the people associated with the faction the quest was from, and always picking/succeeding the options for charisma and intuition. I dont know for sure if this is the concrete solution, but thats my conclusion about it from my experiences.
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  • Its DanIts Dan446,722
    22 Aug 2020 23 Aug 2020 25 Aug 2020
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    Hey, This will be a guide to unlock ALL ENDING ACHIEVEMENTS in one play-through with certain saves made at points through the story.

    Spoilers Ahead Be Warned

    Make sure you get Level 3 Charisma and Intuition ASAP as these will also give you a diplomatic approach to have the best outcome towards faction reputation. There are scenarios that you cannot avoid combat for example Ciera and you will lose faction points so always SAVE so you have something you can fall back on if things go array.

    To get all endings you first will need to have all five factions Natives, Nauts, Bridge Alliance, Theleme and Coin Guard as FRIENDLY, and you must make several important choices throughout. The best way to get all factions friendly is to be diplomatic when possible and in stealth missions don’t lose reputation by getting caught.

    Completes Kurt's side quest’s Immediately

    The importance choices are as follows:
    - Follower Quests
    All followers must have there quest completed and all followers must be ‘Friendly’ status.
    - Egon’s Face
    Do not complete this quest until you have completed ‘Together for Teer Fradee’ as the coin guard will help you even as ‘Nice’. There’s a lot to this quest, you need to cleanse its corruption, arrest Egon and have Sieglinde as the new commander. You must have Kurt as a companion and you cannot have him betray you in ‘Prince’s Secret’ & ‘Treason’.
    - Saint and Wild
    This side quest you need to complete where you find the origins of their God make sure you DON’T give the tablets to Virgil but you MUST give them to Eugenia and then you must convince the Mother Cardinal to reform their religion.
    - The Experiments of Dr. Asii
    This quest must be completed by capturing Dr Asili during the quest and winning the following case against him, this means when rescuing the captives you DO NOT kill him but you CAPTURE and then win the case against him following the next mission.
    - A New High King
    This main quest you need to pick Dunncas as the King, do not give Derdre the crown when she comes to battle you for it in the cave, select the last option to keep it for yourself.
    - Kill Constantin
    Self explanatory, do not side with him as this always gives you the bad ending.

    You also need to complete all of the side quest available in the game! It is recommended you complete all quest when you see them as some quest can get blocked or automatically fail depending how far you have gone through the main quest!

    Here’s the full list to cross reference with your log in the game.

    The Children of Teer Fradee
    - An Aspiring Merchant
    - A Peculiar Alliance
    - Inquisition
    - Logging Expedition (Make sure to complete this before ‘Water Trials’ main quest otherwise it automatically fails)
    - The Price Of Blood
    - Camp of the Ordo Luminis.

    The Shadows of the Guard
    - The Man With the Silver Coin
    - Champion Of The Arena
    - Contraband
    - Human Trafficking
    - Egon's Face (Do not complete this mission until you have completed ‘Together for Teer Fradee’ main quest)
    To get Access to all of these missions talk to the guard in new serene in the barracks on the ground floor, you get no indication he has missions for you as you must go out of your own way to talk to him.

    In the Name of Science!
    - Attack on The Caravans
    - At The Centre of The Rebellion (You will need to talk with the Governor of Hikmet to get this quest after ‘Aphra’ has become a companion. This part is easily missed as the game does not give you an indication this mission exists. You have to go talk to the Governor on your own)
    - The Experiments of Dr. Asili's (Make sure you capture the Doctor and take him to trial it is vital you don’t kill him, and he dies at trial with Aprha watching)

    The Origins of Theleme:
    - Trouble in Eden
    - Theological Conflicts
    - In the Footsteps of Saint Matheus
    - Saint and Wild (Make Sure you don’t give Virgil the tablets and you DO go to Mother Cardinal)

    The Naut's Secrets
    - The Admiral's Secret Service
    - The Spy from Theleme
    - Sub Rosa
    - The Enemy Within

    You also need to complete all companions side quest too!

    Kurt's Quests
    - Missing in Action
    - Amongst the Ghosts
    - Settling the Debt

    Vasco's Quests:
    - A Name for a Family
    - Family Reunion
    - Forever a Naut

    Siora's Quests:
    - Find Queen Bladnid
    - Promises Set in Stone
    - The Queen's Farewell

    Petrus' Quests:
    - The Vices of the Mother Cardinal
    - Dangerous Bets
    - Sins Of Father Petrus

    Aphra's missions:
    - Islander Knowledge
    - The Cave of Knowledge
    - The Linking Ritual

    Now after you have completed all side quest I’ve shown and are on the main mission ‘A New High King’ make a MANUAL SAVE here! You will have to choose who to give the crown too, for our first ending make sure you select Dunncas.

    Go now and finish the remaining MAIN missions (Remember do NOT complete Egon’s Face), be sure all factions are FRIENDLY status besides Coin Guard which should be ‘Nice’, and then unite all 5 factions in Together for Teer Fradee. As a note you will get two missions to defend Theleme and Bridge Alliance so if they was at nice before these missions they both should now be at friendly.

    You do NOT need to finish Egon’s Face for the 5 factions to unite as the Coin Guard should join as Nice as long as Sieglinde is in command. Do NOT complete Egon’s Face until after finishing Together for Teer Fradee.

    Now after finishing Together for Teer Fradee, Make another MANUAL SAVE here, Then go Finish Egon’s Face. Make sure all other Side missions are complete for the factions, then go and beat the game and KILL CONSTANTIN. This will give you A Better World ending and the corresponding achievement.

    Now load up the manual save you made before completing Egon’s Face just after you finished ‘Together for Teer Fradee’ and finish the game again without completing Egon’s Face. This will give you your second ending, A big step towards peace.

    Now load up the manual save we made at ‘A new high King’ and choose someone else to give the crown too, for this ending we will choose Ullen. Then go and complete the game again, making sure you kill Constantin. This will give you your third ending, Island for sale.

    Now for the last time, load up the manual save we made at ‘A new high King’ and choose the last person we haven’t yet given the crown too, Derdre. Then finish the game as fast as you can still killing Constantin to get our fourth ending, Back to the roots.

    As for the last ending, load up any auto-save you had before heading into the final fight, the game should have made one for you. Choose to side with Constantin and this will give you all our last ending, New gods.
  • Nutty AuthorNutty Author985,961
    17 Sep 2019 18 Sep 2019
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    To achieve this ending you have to elect either Duncas or Ullen as the High King and reach the final confrontation with all of the factions formed into an alliance. When faced with the final decision make sure you kill Constantin. Achievement should unlock once the final cutscene starts.
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    Scotty x360aNot sure what is expected for this achievement, i got all factions to join my alliance, but the coin guard were hostile, so im guessing the alliance you make at the end doesn't matter? and it simply refers to being friendly with all factions? Kind of annoying, gonna need another playthrough to get this set up
    Posted by Scotty x360a on 03 Jan at 19:27
    Cellar AtticI believe that you MUST choose Duncas for this achievement to unlock. I tried it with Ullen under the exact same conditions and received Island for Sale instead. I had a friendly relationship with all factions (minus the inevitable hostile rating re: Constantin) AND a friendly relationship with all companions. I don't know if this makes a difference or not, but I opted not to tell Constantin about what I learned from the Natives' tree. I also made sure Dr. Asili was not killed by me, but instead was executed through The Trial quest (collecting all evidence therein). I've read elsewhere that making sure this outcome happens is essential for this achievement, but can't say for sure.
    Posted by Cellar Attic on 08 Feb at 19:40
    Bootybandit1How are you supposed to get all factions friendly at the same time?
    Posted by Bootybandit1#751 on 06 Apr at 08:13
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