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Arena Excellence

Succeed in all the challenges of the arena

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How to unlock the Arena Excellence achievement

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    To start the Arena you will need to visit the Coin Tavern in Teer Fradee. You will need to have at least 25-50 gold to pay the fee to gain access to the downstairs area where the Coin Arena is at.

    Once you get to the arena you can speak to the Arena Master who will explain to you that to pass the Arena you have to beat all 5 challenges in one go. Leaving the Arena or abandoning the current challenge will reset your progress and you’ll have to start from the beginning of the challenge again.

    You get to fight with two companions so you do have some help. I did this as a Mage with Siora (for her healing abilities) and Vasco.

    After you successfully complete a challenge you are healed back to full HP / Magic and put back in the Arena lobby area where you can craft potions or upgrade armor if needed before jumping back in for the next challenge. There are 5 total challenges you must complete to earn this achievement and become the Arena Champion. Each challenge has 3 separate rounds of different smaller challenges and difficulty.

    SAVE AFTER EVERY VICTORY! If you die it’s a game over and you have to load your last save. So save after every Round that you win.

    If you find yourself having a lot of trouble or frustration, you can change the difficulty to Easy in the game’s settings.

    Round #1: This one is easy. There’s 4 bandits you’re up against and you should be able to make short work of them quickly without incident.

    Round #2: This time there are 5 bandits, but one of them will have a skull above his head (depending on what level you are) since he’s high level. He also uses a rifle which can hit you pretty hard and stun you from a distance so I focused all my spells against him first and then mopped up the rest.

    Round #3: This one pits the three of you up against a giant beast called an Andríg. This one is quite simple. The beast will charge at you like a bull. Just be quick about dodging out of the way before it hits you and lay into it with as much dps as possible.

    Round #1: This round will pit the three of you against 5 bear looking creatures called “Black Ulg”. These are similar to the Andríg, but can maul you and pounce on you if you’re too close. Be sure to dodge and be accurate.

    Round #2: This round pits the three of you against 6 Black Ulg. Same as before just an extra thrown in.

    Round #3: This round has the three of you go against 5 Vailegs and one Alpha Ulg. Focus everything you have on the Alpha first and then business as usual on the remaining 5. Vailegs are similar to Black Ulgs, but more wolf than bear. Dodge when the get close and they should be as easy as the Ulgs.

    Round #1: This round pits you against 5 winged beasts called “Vampire Dosantats”. These will be a whole lot tougher to kill. Keep your distance as they hit extremely hard and will swarm you if they kill your companions. I ended up having to hit cn_LB to pause and use a Resuscitation Powder to revive both of my dead companions. (I first attempted this at level 5.) Focus all your dps on a single Vampire to kill them faster. The less there are the better chance your team has of surviving.

    Round #2: This round pits you against 2 more Vampire Dosantats and 4 Viperous Dosantats. You need to be very careful with the Vipers as their main attack is spitting acid at you from a distance and it hits hard while also draining your health quickly. I would suggest taking out the Vipers as quick as possible while dodging the vampires. I found spamming stun attacks against them as a mage to be the most effective.

    Round #3: This round has you up against 5 Viperous Dosantats and one Queen Dosantats. Focus on killing the Queen first as she can let out a scream that sends all the other Dosantats into a frenzy which buffs them. She is resistant to magic, but not invulnerable from it. You can spam Shadow Impact if you’re a mage to stun lock the queen until you run out of magic. Using firearms to finish the Queen quickly is recommended.

    Round #1: This round will pit you against 5 Tenlans. Tenlans are thick-shelled creatures that can roll up into a ball and charge you, knocking you down and feeling high damage. They attack similar to the Andríg with their charges and regular attacks. Dodge their rolls and keep attacking and you should have no problem with these.

    Round #2: This round has you up against 3 Spitting Brass Tenlans and 3 Yorglans. The Spitting Tenlans are the real threat here as they can spit corrosive acid that does high damage on impact and overtime. The Yorglans act similarly to regular Tenlans. Focus on killing the spitters first.

    Round #3: This round you’ll be fighting 5 Yorglans and an Ancient Tenlan. I suggest taking out the big Ancient Tenlan first as it can do the most damage and similar to the Queen Dosantat, it can buff the other Yorglans. The rest will be the same as before. Watch out for the rolling attacks and be ready to dodge often.

    Round #1: This round you’ll be fighting a Lewolan and an Albino Lewolan. Be extremely careful with these as even at level 17 they had skulls above their head for me. These beasts have long tails that they use to throw you to the ground and deal damage. Sometimes it’s tricky to dodge out of the way. They also have poisonous bites that can drain your health if you’re not careful. Luckily there’s only two so try and gang up on the same one as your companions to kill them quicker. They are quite vulnerable to magic.

    Round #2: This round pits you against 6 Coin Guard Masters. Most of them will be using two handed weapons that hit for huge damage and have a long reach. You need to be very careful and dodge almost perfectly every time if you want to make it through. If you’re a mage or can use firearms, keep your distance if possible. A few of them have short swords and are easier to dodge, but can make short work of your health and armor if you’re not careful.

    Round #3: This is it, the final round! Now you’re up against the ultimate challenge, a Mountain Guardian. This Guardian has a ton of health, decent armor, a large sword and wings that allow it to fly around and swoop in quickly to attack you. I suggest taking out the Guardians armor as quick as possible so your companions deal more damage. The Guardian can summon rock spikes from the ground in a straight line that deal heavy damage. Make sure to dodge out of the way as soon as you see these coming for you. If the Guardian hovers in the air for a moment, back up as it’s about to spin in a circle damaging everything within melee range. If you’re a mage then the Guardian should mainly focus on your companions while you keep a distance and DPS. Just be careful as the Guardian can fly up and come at you at any moment. Remember, if you’re having trouble you can always change your difficulty to Easy.

    Once you kill the Guardian you’ll obtain the achievement for completing all 5 Challenges in the Arena as well as the achievement for defeating a Mountain Guardian.

    GreedFallSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in GreedFall worth 19 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

    The Arena Master will also reward you with some good and a Unique two handed sword called “Broadsword of the Deceased Kings”.
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  • Sir PafrroSir Pafrro322,048
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    Once you reach Teer Fradee make your way to the Coin Tavern (story quests will send you there early on anyway) and head to the stairs in the back corner. Once you've made your way downstairs talk to the guy standing in front of the double doors and then through the doors. Man standing in front of the area will get things started for you, Just work through all 5 challenges for this to pop.

    I've been playing on the hardest difficulty (as a mage) and wasn't strong enough to clear out the final wave until around level 25.
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