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100-Proof achievement in Borderlands 3


Clear all the Eridian Proving Grounds.

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How to unlock the 100-Proof achievement

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    The Proving grounds are survival areas that require you to defeat all enemy's in 4 different rooms within a 30 minute time limit. (Don't worry though the 30 minutes is very lenient and very easily achievable)

    *edit* "to clarify this is 30 minutes per area not 30 minutes to complete everything" credit quorumz *edit*

    Each proving ground has extra objectives that can be met to get a better reward but these are not required to get the achievement

    There are 6 Proving grounds to complete in total but these can't be reached until you have completed the story. Once the story has been completed you need to activate 6 different missions found across the different areas (please see below for locations)

    Once you have beaten all 6 grounds your achievement will unlock

    Trial of cunning - Pandora - Splinterlands 1:26
    Trial of survival - Pandora - Devils razor 1:51
    Trial of disipline - promethea - merdian outskirts 2:11
    Trial of instinct - Eden 6 - floodmoor basin 2:27
    Trial of Fervor - Eden 6 - Jakobs Estate 2:49
    Trial of Supremacy - Nekrotofeya - Desolations edge 3:21

    *edit* This achievement has been glitchy for some people and not popped when the specification has been met. Make sure that you complete all proving grounds with the same character and on the same play through. If your still having problems try joining a friends game and running through them all on their game, this worked for D0NTMoCKMe. If its still not working and you still want to go for this try getting to this point with a new character and completing all 6 trials. I can't guarantee any of these methods will work though as once an achievement glitches getting it to unlock can vary person by person. *edit*

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    quorumzThis is not very clear: The Proving grounds are survival areas that require you to defeat all enemy's in 4 different rooms within a 30 minuet time limit. (Don't worry though the 30 minuets is very lenient and very easily achievable)

    You mean you have 30 minutes per Trial, not for all 6
    Posted by quorumz on 25 Oct 19 at 06:19
    Burburnator88Does this update in the tracker because it shows no progress for me. Also can I just go to the Proving Grounds in matchmaking if I already did them in story?
    Posted by Burburnator88 on 30 Oct 19 at 07:00
    burtondude33I’ve completed all of them but it hasn’t unlocked for me, is anyone having the same issue or heard of a solution yet?
    Posted by burtondude33 on 08 Nov 19 at 06:52
    dysystem97Alright, so, not sure if this'll work for anyone else, but one tip I've got since I was just having this same problem is: **make sure that you've done every single proving ground mission on not only the same character, but the same playthrough as well** I've got 3 different characters and I knew I'd definitely done each at least once at that point; but then I went through my characters and it occurred to me that I hadn't actually done all of them on any given one of them; I had just been kinda splitting it up between them. So I got on my FL4K profile and did all the ones I hadn't done with him up to that point on TVHM thinking that would solve it, but then I did the last one and it STILL didn't unlock (and at this point I was just about ready to throw my Xbox out the window lol!!) but then finally I realized that I'd only done 5 of them on TVHM; 'cause the 1st one I did on Normal mode right after I finished the story; so I re-did that one on TVHM too and that's what finally unlocked it for me. Hope this helps!
    Posted by dysystem97 on 08 Nov 19 at 09:47
    D0NTMoCKMeI ran proving grounds over 100 times on my one character and this achievement was glitched for me. I boosted a second character to 50 had another player host and we ran them all in one sitting in his game. Achievement unlocked along with my ultimate vault hunter no issues.
    Posted by D0NTMoCKMe on 19 Nov 19 at 13:00
    Braindrain42xyep its definitely glitchy i just finished the last one and no achiement sadly (i only have one playthrough and one charecter)
    Posted by Braindrain42x on 02 Apr 20 at 01:00
    NOTOR1OUS T1TOI just got this achievement with no issues, as othe have stated you dont have to complete each little time challenge it gives you. At the end of my 6th one the achievement did take about 10 secs to pop which had me worried but as soon as it did, Boi!!
    Posted by NOTOR1OUS T1TO on 17 Apr 20 at 02:53
    Chris HirschyMy Coop-partner and me stucked at 94 of 95 missions (we completed our "last" proving ground at least) and our quest-log said, that we completed all 6 proving grounds. No Cheevo popped for all proving grounds neither for completing all side missions. Before starting a new game with new characters, we decided to run through all proving grounds again in one session. Indeed, we found a proving ground which we haven't accomplished.(unexplored grey area and the alien-guardian at the beginning started its monologue). Both cheevos (all side missions and all proving grounds) popped up for us.

    I hope, that this hint might help players who stucked in side missions or proving grounds (maybe this counts for circle of slaughter, too) .
    Posted by Chris Hirschy on 23 Aug 20 at 13:52
    Th3 Col3 TrainDidn't unlock for me. Ughh.
    Posted by Th3 Col3 Train on 03 Nov 20 at 14:44
    Charger360I can definitively say if the achievement is stuck, start a brand new character and you will be good. My buddy's was stuck and he tried running it again on his own, with me, with me on his first time with tvhm, with me on one of my other characters who hadn't done it before, and nothing.. He started a brand new one, never before used, jumped into my game and I ran through them and he got it.
    Posted by Charger360 on 05 Dec 20 at 04:23
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