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Rewards Card

Earn a Loyalty Package from each weapon manufacturer.

Rewards Card+0.7
30 September 2019 - 4 guides
This achievement may unlock after the requirements have been met or not at all.

Achievement Guide for Rewards Card

  • RuneSlayer4421RuneSlayer4421272,415
    13 Sep 2019 13 Sep 2019
    78 2 42
    To earn Loyalty Packages, you need to get ~100 kills with that manufacturer's weapon. There are 9 manufacturers that you need to complete to get this achievement.

  • GrowShahGrowShah474,928
    15 Sep 2019 15 Sep 2019 22 Sep 2019
    28 4 3
    You must get 100 kills with a weapon from each manufacturer.
    The messages that you will get afterr gettimg 100 kills:
    Company - (subject) - "kill text"

    COV - (WE ARE ALL SUBJECTS BENEATH THE TWIN GODS) - "kill one hundred enemies"

    Hyperion - (Mandatory Employee Assessment[Satisfactory]) - "eliminated 100 competitors"

    Atlas - (Reward, Reinforced, and Retention Protocol) - "eliminated one hundred enemies"

    Tediore - (FWD:FWD:FWD:fwd:re:RE:Loyalty Reward) - "killed 100 enemies"

    Vladof - (TO ARMS! TO GLORY!) - "one hundred kills"

    Jakobs - (Salutations and Congratulations from the Jakobs Corporation) - "kills 100 competitors"

    Dahl - (Competency Rewards Program [CLASSIFIED - PREMIUM CUSTOMER EYES ONLY]) - " ONE HUNDRED (100) hostiles"

    Maliwan - (Welcome) - "eliminated 100 enemies"

    Torque - (F**KIN GREAT JOB) - "exploded 100 bad guys"
  • I Drakonian II Drakonian I250,492
    20 Sep 2019 20 Sep 2019 20 Sep 2019
    13 3 2
    To add on the rest already up, I found that the best way to do this is to wait once your first playthrough on Normal is finished, stockpile on weapons of each manufacturers you still need to do and go back to The Droughts zone on Pandora.

    Since all enemies will still be low levels, you simply have to roam around obliterating everything in sight, and change to a different weapon once you get the 100 kills needed.

    If you cleared out too much of the enemies and still need some more kills for the achievement, simply quit the session and get back in to respawn everyhting.
  • KillerPsycho14KillerPsycho1449,871
    17 Oct 2019 18 Oct 2019
    5 5 0
    To my knowledge there is no way to see in game what you have already gotten the mail from so what I did is I wrote on my notes app on my phone the company's that had already sent me something it's very helpful when you play days apart hope this helps
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