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Master Survivalist

Complete the game on hardest possible settings

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How to unlock the Master Survivalist achievement

  • XBU PhilippeXBU Philippe408,357
    28 Sep 2009 28 Sep 2009 28 Sep 2009
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    Another tip: When playing on the hardest difficulty, you don't have much ammo, nor grenades. The enemies have more health, too. As already stated by elSmitmyster, playing with the shotgun is the way to go (apart of the Hammer, which should be used as soon as possible). But what if you go out of ammo? That's something, many people seem to forget: You can go in to your PDA (pressing "Back" on the Xbox 360 Controller), and change your secondary weapon. I recommend the following order of weapons, assuming you go out of ammo: 1. Shotgun, 2. Assault Rifle, 3. Submachine-Gun. The other two weapons are crap - you better take your two pistols out.

    Also a tip: Use your adrenaline head-shots as often as possible. They are very handy against robust enemies such as soldiers, tigers or zombies. When riding on the bike: Press and Hold B (brake), RT (gas) and with the Left Analog-stick left or right simultaniously. You'll turn around in a circle doing a doughnut. With that technique you're practically invulnarable and can destroy any enemy coming to you.

    And don't forget: DO NOT go into the options menu and change the difficulty in the "Challenges" section (by adjusting your ammo etc). This affects the achievement!

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    WyndoI found that just the pistols were enough, even with the hardest settings set. Sure, this turns every enemy into a bullet sponge, but for the most part you just need to run around, lock on with LT, pump a few shots in, strategically dodge away with B, and it'll go fine. Then, the cool weapon you get late in the game helps a lot too, making other guns unnecessary.

    I had trouble with headshots at first, because I just wasn't "getting it" from the onscreen tip you get just before the second set of tigers. You have to get really close to the enemy so that the headshot meter (which needs to be full -- but a few distanced shots first will fill it up) starts flashing. Once it's close, just hit X. At that point, you can left off the trigger and just focus on the thumbstick. Move the slow-mo reticle over the enemey's head (which will have a gray circle so you know) then RT to instantly kill. Once you figure that out, it's a time-saver on hard mode.

    Late in the game, you can just run past the large enemies that block you way, so the difficulty doesn't really matter. Actually, you could probably do that most places, provided they're not blocking you and the goal.

    The only other thing that becomes a little more difficult is the Y for saving grabs, because it only appears for maybe half a second (if not less). There aren't many places where you need saving grabs though, and I found that I really didn't lose much progress (maybe a few seconds from the last checkpoint) and would be prepared for the saving grab the second time.

    All in all, one of the easier games to finish on the hardest settings. As XBU Philippe said, though, just don't tweak the player preferences after you start, since that's what this refers to.
    Posted by Wyndo on 16 Apr 12 at 14:02
    WyndoAlso, I never needed to do the bike trick to shoot pursuing enemies. I'd just drive around and run over them, and even when they got up close, it wasn't enough to kill Lara. There's one spot where it helps to shoot from the bike, but I didn't need to do anything special -- just RB or LB to take out some guys up on ledges.
    Posted by Wyndo on 16 Apr 12 at 14:05
    netstrykerI know about a lot of people that used "in game cheats". This game is easy in any difficulty. Why use cheats? I hate cheats, I never use cheats under any circunstances.
    Posted by netstryker on 03 May 19 at 01:31
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  • British LegendsBritish Legends773,435
    27 Sep 2010 06 Apr 2010 10 Dec 2018
    20 10 12
    Update: This solution is only applicable for Xbox 360. Since you can't remove the title update on Xbox One.

    Using cheats obviously takes away the skill needed to get certain achievements, however using them will make things slightly easier. Not everyone will want to do this but for those looking for an easier way out these cheats codes will help!

    First you must remove the update from the game by going to the system settings, then to Memory and then hit Y where its lists the hardrives etc. Then Clear system Cache. This will remove the updates. Start up the game DON'T update and then when you are in the game enter the following:

    Invincibility - hold LT and press A, RT, Y, RT, X, LB. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

    One shot kills - hold LT and press Y, A, Y, X, LB, B. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

    Display enemy health - hold LT and press X, B, A, LB, RT, Y. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

    I hope this helps !!!
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    New ParalyzerYou can't do this on Xbox one.

    Cheat codes opened up the game to a bunch of weird glitches. The devs title updated the game to just remove cheat codes all together.

    Since Xbox One can't remove the title update you can't get cheats working.
    Posted by New Paralyzer on 06 Feb 18 at 20:23
    count023So if I run this off my 360 and remove hte TU, i can do the hardest run with the invincibility cheat? I guess i will not get a timestamp on the achievement if i did it that way, but i figure as well that if i get "Close" to the end and then just update at the last checkpoint or so, it should be fine.
    Posted by count023 on 17 Dec 18 at 13:19
    British LegendsI don't know, it makes sense, but I can't confirm.
    Posted by British Legends on 17 Dec 18 at 13:31
  • PuritanSoulPuritanSoul759,822
    20 Oct 2011 21 Oct 2011
    7 1 2
    As this game is based on puzzles and lots of climbing, everyone should really try and play on hard, as TBH it isn't hard at all. After all, jumping from one ledge to the next is the same on easy as it is hard. The only issue is that the enemies you fight are tougher, but they are few between, there are no end of level mega tough bosses and you have sufficient ammo to deal with them all anyway.
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    Yes. This.

    I'm not always one for going on the hardest setting, but Tomb Raider is platformer enough not to be all that hard even on the hardest settings. I don't care for people immediately going for cheats with these kind of things.
    Posted on 20 Aug 13 at 08:24
    WilliamRSPOAThe only hard part for me was saving the jumps in the ledges because in the hardest difficulty you have less time to save it
    Posted by WilliamRSPOA on 28 Jun 16 at 14:27
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