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Rebuild your spaceship

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How to unlock the Ready for take-off achievement

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    Estimated time: 10+ hours (not a quick one).
    Story/campaign related.

    Achievement requires gathering specific salvage to complete the rebuilding of your Spaceship. You'll need 22 power cores, and 14 different and special blocks/tubes. For a full list of the salvage needed, refer to the in game template. Try the (interactive) map link below for all 156 salvage locations. Keep in mind, you won't have to gather every piece; only 36. Although some other salvage items will certainly assist you to help get them all much quicker; namely the mini-thrusters, gimbal jet and submarine parts.

    Not my map, so whole credit goes to Schizomaru.

    Take note of the height for each piece. Some salvage is below sea level while others are high above on floating islands.

    Power Cores are essential for upgrading your retrieval vehicles needed and go towards the "Power Core Collector" achievement as well as building your Spaceship. After returning salvage to base, upgrade your preferred vehicles when possible. The standard templates are pretty decent, so you can add to those or have fun creating your own. The magnet is an important one to get early, which also goes to helping unlock the "So Attractive" achievement.

    The most difficult salvage needed to retrieve is the Dragon Jet, which is in the middle of the (only) volcano. Flying into the volcano nets you the "Bring Marshmallows" achievement. There's a YouTuber (shoutout to ScrapMan) I saw get the Dragon Jet using only 9 power cores with Mini Thrusters. I did spend countless hours building and testing many fliers with helicopter/plane parts and boosters but had to abandon all of'm coz they were too hard to control. Finally, I tried the template of the Gimbal Car; with tweaks and additions it was relatively simple. I've uploaded my very basic but successful vehicle in game. It's titled "Easiest Dragon Jet Getter". You'll need 21 Power Cores and have availability to the Gimbal Car template.

    Have fun and happy hunting.
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    SHIN GRIMMI had to change the wheels on the gimbal to monster truck wheels to make the landing easier, Other than that worked like a charm.
    Posted by SHIN GRIMM on 29 Aug 20 at 13:13
    Boris l3Good to hear. I looked at the monster wheels but thought they'd be too heavy with the payload. Glad you got it all off the ground then and back down softly 😂
    Posted by Boris l3 on 31 Aug 20 at 06:50
    ALoneWolf42Any tips for underwater vehicles or reaching items high up?

    I’ve got the small propeller & tried to build a Amazon drone but it did not go well. Also I genuinely don’t understand the template submarine controls.
    Posted by ALoneWolf42 on 28 Dec 20 at 06:49
    Boris l3Yeah I eventually gave up on building and trying the drones... too hard to control. If you've got the small prop just try the template for the basic plane to at least fly up onto the floating islands, then change into a ground vehicle after landing. For the ABS (above sea level) islands directly above land, I was able to push non-explosive salvage over the edge; then collect from ground level. If the salvage lands into deep water tho, it will reset. If it drops into shallow water, you can retrieve with a sub or water vehicle... or just fly them down of course if you can. Ultimately, tho the mini-thrusters and gimbal jets will be probably your best friends for aerial retrieving.
    The submarine controls are difficult, sensitive and took a lot of getting used to; expelling air from buoyancy control device to enable decent, slow and steady progression while toggling boosts and trying not to nose dive too much. It was often easier just to slide on the sea floor. I'm assuming you've got the salvage to build the basic template submarine, so just add more underwater props for extra power if need be without trying to complicate it but yeah controlling will sometimes be a challenge. Uploaded subs (from other gamers) were less of a hit and more miss, so I just stuck to the basic template with my own simple yet balanced additions. Apols for the wordiness here but there's a bit involved as you know.
    Good luck.
    Posted by Boris l3 on 29 Dec 20 at 13:17
    DefEdgeI know the last post from this is old, but it might also have something to do with the update, I just started playing the game recently. Figured I would share what I had to do.

    I did not unlock the achievement when I went to the launching pad. I get there, and it goes into a cutscene building the rocket, leaving the planet, and then gives me the final count of what I had done. I ended up going back into the same game and starting to build the rocket myself before the achievement unlocked.

    I'm not sure if it was delayed unlock or what, but the 3 achievements I had before that one unlocked immediately (unlike Minecraft which can take about a minute or 2) but as soon as I turned on the blueprint build to put down the first item, that's when it unlocked for me. I built it anyway... you can steer it back and forth and spin it, but you can only use A to push it forward, a bit pointless, but it's the goal, so meh.
    Posted by DefEdge on 15 Feb at 18:58
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