The Wanderer Update

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The Wanderer Update

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The First Discovery

Use the Probe Scanner to find one of the mysterious Vintage Probes.

The First Discovery+0.5
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Achievement Guide for The First Discovery

  • VittrorVittror391,336
    26 Sep 2019 26 Sep 2019 01 Oct 2019
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    This new update adds two new achievements, in order to get this one you will need to purchase the "Probe Scanner" for 4000 bytes. You can craft said scanner with 1x Steel off your backpack.

    You will need to purchase the "Probe Scanner" for 4000 bytes. You can craft said scanner with 1x Steel off your backpack.

    After building the scanner place it on one of your aux slots (the backpack "shoulders") and press the corresponding aux button LB/RB to activate the scanner. Once the scanner is on it will start spinning and playing some sort of music like a broken fax machine. When the scanner is spinning it will occasionally slowdown and ping in a direction (it can ping multiple times per revolution), these indicate the direction of a Vintage Probe.

    On your way to the Probes the Scanner will occasionally chime at you and the little dots on it will begin to light up, blink, then stay on the closer you get lighting up more of the dots. I didn't realize this until the last few planets as I was chatting with someone during the travels.

    After traveling to the Probe you can place the Scanner onto its slot and it will consume the Scanner and give you the Achievement along with a cosmetic. There are at least 4 or 5 in any given area.

    Fair bit of warning, these Scanners are consumed per Probe

    EDIT: These CAN be used on vehicle aux slots, at least the spin up, I am not sure that they would work well because they are set at a 90 degree angle so they might not work correctly

    External image

    Here is a picture of one of the Probes on Novus, note that all of the ones that I found on every planet looked different and varied in size (yours will look similar to this, but with a holographic Scanner coming out of a tier-1 spot somewhere on the chassis, I had already gotten this one so there is no hologram)

    External image

    External image

    Here is the Probe on Calidor (for me), as you can see I had to bury into the mountain and make a cave to find the Scanner Node and place the Scanner onto
  • Paul LaserbeamPaul Laserbeam1,577,004
    27 Sep 2019 25 Oct 2019
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    I just want to clarify something just in case there is any confusion while you're out looking for your probes. There is only ONE Probe per planet.

    I know a lot of you hate links but bare with me.

    This is a link that shows what each probe looks like and the sort of biome they spawn in. The only RNG you have to worry about is the layout of all of your generated planets. The probe will always be the same, and the biome it's in will always be the same. you just have to use your scanner to find out where. Please refer to Vittror's solution for any more info.
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