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Defeat all Delver Echoes

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Achievement Guide for Triplets

  • MarekVitMarekVit442,356
    02 Jan 2020 13 Jan 2020 13 Jan 2020
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    To get this achievement, you need to defeat three optional bosses called DELVER ECHOES:


    You will first be able to encounter them after the main world changing event (defeating Major General Ezra Shields).

    The Echos are better, stronger and faster versions of the Delver boss you killed earlier in Gideon's Rock. On the other hand, each of them is only one of the three phases of the original Delver boss.

    Delver Echo Alpha (1st phase of Delver boss) will attack you if you come close to a half-buried chest in a large cavern in the underground (soon after defeating Ezra Shields, right before you reach Creo Institute of Technology).

    Delver Echo Beta (2nd phase of Delver boss) - the same location, after resting in a MedBay

    Delver Echo Gamma (3rd phase of Delver Boss) - A small courtyard next to Gideon's Plaza, where you originally found the drone cargo for the fake Russian doctor.

    When you first come to the underground cavern, you might not be strong enough to face the Alpha. The good news is:

    All three are available until the very last boss in the game! So there's no rush, if the challenge is too big, just come back later when you've levelled up a bit and upgraded your weapons.

    Alpha and Beta won't attack you if you steer clear of the half-buried chest. Gamma will attack you if you enter the courtyard, so to avoid him, take a detour (through the underground).
  • FalsefurrFalsefurr305,900 305,900 GamerScore
    07 Oct 2019 21 Oct 2019
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    Although the Achievement is titled 'Triplets' you actually have to defeat four Delvers!

    The first is story related and located in Gideon's Rock.

    The second and third are accessible after defeating General Major Ezra Shields and after you wake up in the Underground. When progressing through the area you will eventually get to a large cavern with a chest located in the middle. Running up to the chest will cause Delver Echo Alpha to crash down on top of you, he will be in the wolf like form (second phase of Gideon's Rock delver)

    The third is located in the Underground and is optional, after defeating Delver Echo Alpha rest at a Medbay and return to the cavern and interact with the chest again, this will cause another Delver to attack you.

    The fourth is located in Central Plaza in Ruined Downtown Jericho, where the large Zebra graffiti is located. Upon entering the courtyard Delver Echo Gamma will crash through a wall and attack you (third phase of Gideon's Rock delver).
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