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Update #14 - The Anniversary Update

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How Hard Could it Be?

Earn 21 stars on ''The Top Gear Horizon Special''.

How Hard Could it Be?-1.4
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Achievement Guide for How Hard Could it Be?

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    This is for 3 staring all 7 Top Gear horizon special challenges. Some of these will have driving sections before the challenge begins. If it doesn't tell you a star requirement in the top left you are not to the challenge yet. The 3 star requirements and tips are as follows.

    Welcome to the Festival: 1:40. Do Not follow the suggested path. Instead look at the map and pick a shorter route. You can turn left off start and go across the water, or what I did was U-turn off start and go that way. This is the hardest challenge to 3 star in my opinion.

    Faster than 87.2: 124mph. Full throttle the entire time. Try not to turn any more than you have to. Other drivers are complete idiots but at least they indicate before they cut you off, just be aware of them.

    The Austin F-Extreme: 1:14. This challenge can be deceiving. You not only have to get to the destination, you then have to turn around and make it back to the start. Full speed until you get somewhat close to destination then slow down and U-turn to head back to start. Try not to fly past the first destination.

    All the Off-road you can E-AT: 5:10. Like the last challenge this has two destinations. Ignore the driving line and head straight for the destination. You should be to the first destination at about 2:20ish. When you get to about 3 miles from second destination hang right until the round about to avoid the impassible brick wall between you and the end. The end is on a cliff you will need to take a ramp to the right to get on.

    As Grown-Up as You Feel: 220,000 points. For this one I turned around and headed for the windmills in the distance. For one chain you will need at least a 44,000 x5 bonus. Kangaroos, air time, wreckage are your best friends. You pretty much just have to dive in a hilly area for them to carry your combo. If you feel like it will run out try a quick drift or E-drift to keep it going.

    Edinburgh Afternoon Drive: 3:25. There are 7 total destinations. This one is straightforward. Follow the line and use rewind if you accidentally hit something.

    One More Thing: 2:15. There are 7 total destinations. You can generally keep to the driving line, but don't hesitate to take a shortcut if you see an opportunity.

    MotoGamesTV has a video guide on youtube for those who desire.

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