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Update #14 - The Anniversary Update

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German Efficiency

Earn 30 stars on ''The Car Files''.

German Efficiency-1.4
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Achievement Guide for German Efficiency

  • SantaUndercoverSantaUndercover356,058
    25 Sep 2019 25 Sep 2019 16 Oct 2019
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    File 001: 1 min 25 - Follow the racing line and stay on the road. There is one corner where I drifted through. Slowing down here will cost you too much time.

    File 002: 1 min 5 - Turn directly left and right afterwards, following the big road. You should be on the needed speed before 35 seconds else you need to retry. There are no hard corners, so it is easy to stay 30 seconds above the speed target.

    File 003: 122M or 400ft - Turn around and make a clear path back through the castle gate you see in front of you. When you see the stone fence, stop and turn around. Try to go as fast as you can by following the road through the castle gate. You will need to ride on the grass a little to not lose too much speed. This should give you easily enough distance when you make the jump.

    File 004: 227 KM/H or 141 MPH - Turn around and follow the road back till you are about 1.1 or 1.2 KM away from the destination. Now hit the pedal and you should be able to hit 227 or higher.

    File 005: 2 min - Follow the route from start till end. You only have 10 seconds to get of the road, which won't allow you to take big shortcuts. You are able to take smaller ones. Break on time and use the rewind when needed.

    File 006: 32 sec - Drop down from the start and go straight to the destination. Use the rewind to avoid losing too much time. Shouldn't be too difficult.

    File 007: 204 KM/H or 127 MPH - A speed zone with 2 corners at the end. Make sure you are going full speed at the begin of the zone. Try not to lose your speed in the corners and make those last 2 corners count. Use the rewind when needed. You should have not much trouble maintaining a high enough average.

    File 008: 1 min 50 - Another one where you have to stay on the road, the dirt road this time. Follow the track, because there isn't much opportunity to really gain an advantage. When you are around 2.0KM away from the destination take a shortcut. After this there is one more option to take a shortcut, this is around 1.3 KM away from the destination. Simply go straight instead of following the driving line. You should be on time without a problem.

    File 009: 200,000 - Turn around and make your way west while getting some points. Do drifts and hit things. It will become easier when you are at the strip. Don't stop till you have 40.000x5, you need the multiplier!

    Tip: your streak can end by hitting an non-destroyable object or by not getting another skill on time. You will see your score flashing when you are close to losing your streak. Make a quick (e-)drift to get 100 points if needed.

    File 010: 28 Speed - It is time to say goodbye to Hans, but we will do this with speed! 28 times to be precise. Simply follow the road, and use your breaks wisely. Avoid hitting things and using rewind. This will cost you some speed skills. To give you an indication, I was at 15 before hitting the speedway and I made some minor mistakes. I was over 30 when hitting the destination.

    If you are more a visual person. MotoGamesTV recorded all 10 files.

    Thank you WELL DONE BAKU for adding the non metric numbers and units.

    Feedback is appreciated. If you vote negative, please let me know why so I can adjust this solution appropriate.
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